No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2110

It would explain why the Thousand Leaves Pavilion broke their usual rule to order the Muddled Origin Clan and the Dual Sovereign Pavilion to stop the war between them. At a critical time like this, it was best to conserve their resources to be used against a greater enemy like the Corpse Pavilion.

Jackie remembered that he had heard the news about the Dual Sovereign Pavilion wanting to recruit new disciples before he left for Mount Beasts. From this alone, he could guess that the higher-ups of Dual Sovereign Pavilion already knew what was going on in Mount Beasts.

It would also explain Elder Godfrey’s strange expressions and the odd tone in his voice. Nobody had told him what was going on in Mount Beasts and that was why he was ambushed there. He was wary of Jackie, for he was a disciple from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, and some higher-ups from the sect obviously wanted him dead! Ever since then, Elder Godfrey held a grudge toward the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

Finally, Jackie was getting somewhere with these mysteries. What was left to figure out was which of the party wanted Elder Godfrey dead. Was it the first formal elder’s party, or the second? Maybe it was both of them! After all, he alone possessed the power to tip the scale.

Jackie was frowning while all the thoughts surged around in his mind. He did not know what he should say. Seeing this, Noel chuckled and said, “Why are you being so mysterious? Did something happen to you while you were in Mount Beasts?”

Jackie sighed. He might as well tell them all about it since he had already revealed so much. He sat down and told a brief version of what happened to him in Mount Beasts. He left out the part about his true power and that he was the one who defeated Robin. No one would ever believe him if he told them he defeated a final stage innate level fighter.

Noel’s eyes nearly popped out while Brook’s jaw had dropped to the ground when Jackie was done. It was a long while before they snapped out of shock.

“It all makes sense now. That’s why the elders wanted to recruit more disciples and have been conducting training day and night. It’s because something more troublesome than the Muddled Origin Clan is hovering over our heads!” said Noel in a hoarse voice. His face darkened and the teacup in his hand was trembling, sending waves of tiny ripple across the surface of the tea.

Jackie sighed and said matter-of-factly, “Don’t worry. It’ll take the Corpse Pavilion a lot more effort and time to reach here. The two of you will be safe as long as you stay away from the battlefield.”


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