No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2109

Noel looked at Jackie in surprise, not understanding why he suddenly asked about Elder Godfrey, but he still answered his question, “We have a total of eleven formal elders. Based on ranking, Elder Godfrey is the eleventh formal elder. However, he is quite talented. The ranking of the formal elders is ranked according to their strength. It is estimated that it will not take long before Elder Godfrey becomes one of the top three formal elders.”

Jackie nodded, and after a light sigh, he continued to ask, “Then, have any of the formal elders had a conflict with each other?”

Noel picked his teacup and took a sip. “Why do you ask? How do you know Elder Godfrey anyways?”

Jackie cleared his throat, touched his nose, and said, ” I saw Elder Godfrey while I was in Dual Sovereign City. It’s funny now that I think about it. I knew him to be a formal elder by the way he was dressed but didn’t know which formal elder he was. I only found out his name when the person next to him told me.”

Noel seemed to be satisfied with the explanation and did not press any further. Instead, he answered Jackie’s previous questions. “If you’re looking for the reason for conflicts within the formal elders, my guess is the fight over who gets to be the head of the Clan association.”

Jackie’s eyes widened. Seeing this, Noel laughed. He was sure Jackie knew nothing about this and proceeded to tell him the whole story. It turned out that the head of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion was already advancing in age and intended to abdicate. He would then be promoted to a supreme elder allowing him to focus on his cultivation, so the position of the head has become the goal of the formal elders.

The head has always been the strongest elder among the formal elders and by logic, should go to the top ranking formal elder. However, the relationship between these eleven formal elders was complicated, especially in the past few years, the second formal elder’s reputation was in a roll, making his strength and prestige comparable to that of the first formal elder.

There were even people who said that the second formal elder was stronger than the first formal elder and that the second formal elder should be the first formal elder. Therefore, the news that the head wanted to abdicate had become the fuse that blew apart what was already a fragile relationship between the formal elders.

The first and second formal elder was vying to become the new head once the old head abdicated, Out of the remaining nine formal elders, four of them supported the first formal elder while the other four of them supported the second formal elder, leaving Elder Godfrey, a newly promoted formal elder, holding the vote that would tip the scale. Unsurprisingly, both the first and second formal elders had been courting him to their respective teams.

Jackie finally knew what was at stake for the formal elders. He laughed ironically and said, “In other words, Elder Godfrey holds the winning vote to who gets to be the next head?”

Noel nodded but then shook his head. “Yes and no. While his vote is important, it’s still too early to say that whoever he chooses will for sure be the next head but as long as Elder Godfrey makes a choice, the scale will be favorable toward the side he had chosen.”

Even Brook could tell what was at stake for everyone.

Realization suddenly dawned on Jackie, when he recalled Elder Godfrey’s strange expression and the way he was asking whether Thousand Leaves Pavilion did anything about the Corpse Pavilion.

He was sure that the Dual Sovereign Pavilion had long known about what was going on in Mount Beasts and that was why they did not do anything about it.


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