No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2108

Jackie arched his brow and gently placed the teacup in his hand on the table. “So you’re saying that the Clan associations still plan to continue with the war?”

That was the most plausible explanation. If not, why would they be so anxious for the disciples to learn the combined battle formations? All these are signs that a large-scale war would soon break out since it was only at this time that the combined battle formations would have the greatest effect.

There were many practical reasons for practicing the combined battle formations. For example, if a group of disciples went out for training, deploying the combined battle formation would increase their chances of surviving should they encounter any danger. However, the combined battle formation would be most effective when it is used in a war between Clan associations.

Jackie took a deep breath. He did not associate the impending war with Muddled Origins Clan but instead asked, in a rushed tone, “Did any other disciples go to Mount Beasts during the days I was there? Especially the disciples who are relatives of the formal or informal elders?”

There were many elders in a faction and unless they were pure-hearted, they would definitely accept some of his own disciples into the Clan association. Brook and Noel looked at each other and shook their heads in unison.

“After you left, the Clan association suddenly issued an urgent order for the disciples to practice the combined battle formations and put aside other things at hand for the time being,” said Brook.

Jackie frowned and asked, “Are you sure not one of the relatives from an informal or formal elder went or had the intention to go to Mount Beasts?” Jackie’s insistence on getting to the bottom of this question puzzled Noel and Brook.

Brook frowned and he suddenly remembered something. “By the way, Elder Tony, who is a formal elder, has accepted his nephew as an elder disciple. Four days ago, his nephew asked me to help him exchange his contribution points for healing points at the Seven Stars Hall. He was planning to go to Mount Beasts, but two days later, I saw him again and asked him why he didn’t go. He said that Elder Tony would not let him go. I didn’t pursue further since I was in a hurry to do something.”

Jackie’s eyelids began to twitch. The elder disciple was stopped from going and not one elder or relatives of the elders went to Mount Beasts during this period. This is a huge problem.

He suddenly recalled the strange expression on Elder Godfrey’s face. It seemed to be a combination of mockery, anger, and resignation. What could have possibly happened to him to make such an expression? Not to mention, Elder Godfrey’s enigmatic tone he was speaking in.

At that time, Jackie had a few guesses as to why Elder Godfrey was acting that way. Now, he was even more sure of his guesses after confirming that the Thousand Leaves Pavilion did not make a move against the Corpse Pavilion and came back to discover that the Dual Sovereign Pavilion had recruited disciples, and even ordered them to practice the combined battle formation.

He scoffed and said, “Even a formal elder cannot escape the scheming of an organization.”

What he said stunned both Brook and Noel, and they glanced at each other to see if the other knew just what the heck Jackie was talking about. Jackie did not really want to explain himself but who else but the two of them could he discuss this matter with? “What do you guys know about Elder Godfrey?”


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