No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2107

Jackie arched his eyebrow and said in a heavy tone,” What is true?”

Brook shook his head quickly, knowing that Jackiehad misunderstood his question. “I’m not asking whether the words you’re asking me to spread are true. What I meant was, is it really true that something weird is going on in Mount Beasts?”

Jackie nodded. Of course, it’s true. The changes there are enough to turn the world that we know upside down!’ He wanted to say these out loud but knew that he should not. Besides, he presumed that the high-ups in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion had already known about it.

“I can’t tell you much right now. Please do as I say and after that, go tell Brother Noel to come to my place when he’s free. You can come too. I need to discuss something with the two of you,” said Jackie.

Brook nodded seriously, and the two exchanged two or three polite remarks before Brook took the boxes and walked toward the Seven Stars Hall. Since Brook would spread the news, Jackie did not need to go to the Soul Hall anymore. He had a stomach full of questions and wanted to figure out these problems before planning his next practice.

Less than an hour later, Noel and Brook were already knocking on his room door; he invited the two people into the room and poured tea for both of them. On the way, Noel had already caught up with Brook.

He took a sip of his tea and asked, “How many days did you stay in Mount Beasts?”.

Jackie arched his eyebrow and said, “Give or take ten days.”

Noel raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Then why did you say that you’ve only stayed there for a day? Did something happen?”

Actually, Jackie did not intend to keep it a secret, because he felt that everyone would eventually hear about what was going on there. However, he did not directly answer Noel’s question. Instead, he turned to ask, “Why is the outdoor corridor so empty? Did something happen in the Clan association?”

Noel leaned toward him with excitement showing on his face. “It seems that the affairs with the Muddled Origin Clan have not yet been settled. I don’t think the elders plan to let it go at that, even though the Thousand Leaves Pavilion gave a temporary truce between the two Clan associations.

“Didn’t I tell you before that our Clan association is planning to recruit another batch of disciples? I’m surprised at this. Obviously, your batch is already more than enough. Why do they want to recruit more disciples? Didn’t they say that there will be no more wars in the foreseeable future? The two just don’t make sense. What’s more, do you know when they started the recruitment?”

Jackie shook his head. Noel widened his eyes and held up three fingers. “On the third day after you went to Mount Beasts. They’ve been at it non-stop. Every disciple found this really odd and we had been talking about it since.

“However, there’s been no conclusion since the elders did not give a proper explanation. Anyway, the new disciples were recruited, and after recruiting new disciples, we started to practice the combined battle formation. That’s the reason why there’s no one walking around in the outdoor corridor.

The combined battle formation is formed by the cooperation between disciples. Once this kind of formation is deployed, not only does it increase the attack power of the disciple’s skills but also enhances their defense.”


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