No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2106

However, when he stepped into the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, he felt the obvious difference. The place where they, the informal disciples lived, was just west of the entire sect. If they wanted to go from the main gate to the informal disciple’s residence, they had to make a few turns and walk through a few outdoor corridors.

These outdoor corridors extended in all directions, and the disciples could go back to their residence through the outdoor corridors or to the most central Martial Art Techniques and Martial Skills Hall and the Seven Stars Hall.

Under normal circumstances, there will be many disciples passing by the outdoor corridors, sometimes it would even be bustling with disciples. However, on that day, he was the lone person walking through them. He raised his head to look at the sun and estimated the time to be around noontime. There was nothing special about this time and yet why was he there alone?

He started making wild guesses in his heart. However, he became even more shocked when he discovered that there was no one in the residences of the informal disciples as well. After thinking for a while, he went back to his room, changed his clothes, and then walked in the direction of the Soul Hall. He did not know if Noel was on duty today but hoped that he was so that he could ask him all the questions in his mind.

On the way to the Soul Hall, he happened to meet Brook, the runner disciple. They had a good relationship with each other and when Brook sported Jackie, he greeted him from afar.

At this time, Brook was holding two brick-sized boxes in his hand. “Brother Jackie, you’re finally back! Let’s see if they still dare to say anything this time.”

After hearing this, Jackie arched his brow in surprise.” What are you talking about?”

Brook snorted and said disdainfully, “Remember when you beat Wesley into a pulp before? Well, he and his lickspittles had been spreading around the rumor that you’ve died on Mount Beasts.”

Jackie was taken aback, not because of the rumors but because of the timing of the rumors. He started to think there was a deeper meaning as to why Wesley would choose this time, of all time, to spread a rumor about this death.

Coupled with the things he experienced during this time, he started to boldly link everything together. He stretched out his hand and patted Brook on the shoulder, and said mildly, “To prove that I’m not dead, can you please help me spread the news?”

Brook looked curiously at Jackie and felt that this was out of his usual behavior. Although he had not known Jackie for a long time, he knew that Jackie had never cared about what the others thought of him. However, he said nothing.

Jackie knitted his brows together and said, “Help me spread the news, and remember not to spread it too deliberately, that is, when you are chatting with others, you pass it on in a casual tone.”

When he said this, Jackie’s tone turned solemn, making Brook straightened up a little as he quietly listened to Jackie’s instructions. “You said that I came out after staying in Mount Beasts for only one day because the innate monsters suddenly appeared in the acquired monsters’ frequently active areas for some reason. It was too dangerous inside, so I came out early. And why didn’t I return here until today? You tell them that my family came to see me in the Dual Sovereign City and so I stayed in the city for a few days.”

Brook nodded, not really understanding the point of all this. After giving it some thought, he finally asked, “Are these all true?”


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