No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2105

“Elder, can you think of a reason why the Thousand Leaves Pavilion did not make a move? There’s no way they wouldn’t have known what the Corpse Pavilion was doing when they had caused such a huge commotion.”

Elder Godfrey gave a cold snort. This snort took a lot of his strength and his shoulders were shaking. He took a deep breath, in a bid to suppress the anger in his heart. “Of course, they know about it, and they probably knew about it a long time ago.”

Upon hearing this, Jackie was shocked. He could see the irrepressible anger on Elder Godfrey’s face. What happened to him? Why is he so angry?’ The fact that the anger seemed to be directed at the Thousand Leaves Pavilion instead of the Corpse Pavilion made him even more confused.

Of course, Jackie did not voice his questions out loud. After all, he and Elder Godfrey were still not so familiar with each other. Although he had saved his life, it was not as if he went out of his way to do it. Therefore, it was not surprising that Elder Godfrey was wary of an informal disciple who moments ago was just a stranger.

Silence fell over inside of the carriage once more. No one spoke but their thoughts were surging, and various thoughts burst into their minds. Nash was also curious but since Elder Godfrey was there, he did not think it would be suitable for him to discuss all the questions in his heart with Jackie.

About ten to twelve hours later, the carriage finally entered the Dual Sovereign City. Only then did Elder Godfrey break the silence. “When you’re back at the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, if someone asks, tell them that you actually stayed at Mount Beasts for only a day because you discovered that the monsters that are usually found in the deepest part of the mountain had come out to the periphery. Thus, you came out to get away from harm’s way. As for what happened between me and you, it’s best not to divulge this information. If not, you’ll be dragged into it.”

As for what ‘it’ was, Elder Godfrey did not say, and Jackie did not ask. He could tell that Elder Godfrey was telling him all that for his own good and that the elder was not the kind of selfish person who only cared for himself.

Jackie nodded vigorously. “Do you not plan to go back to Dual Sovereign Pavilion now?”

Elder Godfrey raised his eyes and looked forward. The carriage curtain blocked his vision, but his eyes seemed to be able to see the outside world through the curtain. “You don’t need to worry about this. I will go back in a few days. As long as you behave normally, others will not be suspicious of your relationship with me.”

Jackie nodded and did not continue to ask. It was just as Elder Godfrey said, they were strangers after all. Jackie was just an informal disciple with no background and would never have had a chance to meet Elder Godfrey if it was not for the recent incident. No one would ever associate them together.

In order to prevent people from discovering that, instead of pulling the carriage to the gate of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, they found an inn for Elder Godfrey, before Jackie returned to the Dual Sovereign Pavilion alone.

This time, Nash has stayed out long enough so it was best to return to the Mustard Seed Spirit Ship. Doing this would prevent his identity from being exposed.

To enter the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, Jackie only needed to take out his identity card. After he entered Dual Sovereign City, he kept observing people’s faces for signs that some huge changes had occurred and was surprised to find that people were still peacefully going about their daily lives, as if nothing had happened.


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