No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2104

Taking into account the injuries of Elder Godfrey, they did not rush toward the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. Jackie rented a horse-drawn carriage in a nearby town and used the most common way to go to the Dual Sovereign City.

Inside the carriage, Elder Godfrey rested with closed eyes while both Jackie and his father remained quiet, for there were some things that could not be discussed in front of a third party.

Nash did not mind but Jackie was feeling a little uneasy. Elder Godfrey was injured very badly and could barely remain conscious. As an elder, he had no shortage of pills, but even after taking the best pill, his injury still did not show any signs of recovering. This just proved how seriously injured he was.

Jackie had a lot of questions to ask him but stopped himself, after all, this was their first meeting. All the recent events did not sit right with him; it was as if Jackie had been unknowingly dragged into a conspiracy ever since stepping foot in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

Suddenly, Elder Godfrey, with his eyes still closed, asked, “Did the Thousand Leaves Pavilion do anything about it?”

The question caught Jackie off guard, but without hesitation, he shook his head. Although Elder Godfrey did not ask clearly, Jackie knew he wanted to ask if Thousand Leaves Pavilion tried to attack the trap array.

The corner of Elder Godfrey’s lips curled up into an ironic smile, but he quickly returned to his former expressionless face.

This made Jackie even more puzzled. Now that Elder Godfrey had opened up a conversation, it would not be too rude for him to ask some questions. He cleared his throat and asked, “Elder, when did you enter Mount Beasts?”

Elder Godfrey sighed lightly, and a trace of anger flashed through his tired eyes. “Nine days ago.”

Jackie still remembered that Dudley once said that they had set up the trap array nine or ten days ago. That was to say, Elder Godfrey had entered the mountain about the same time as the trap array was set up.

Jackie sighed and said, “What do you think the people of Corpse Pavilion are planning to do?”

Elder Godfrey kept quiet after hearing the question. The carriage was still swaying in the intended direction, and the sound of ‘clop, clop’ came from the horse’s hooves. From time to time, they could hear the horseman whistling and shouting.

Finally, Elder Godfrey spoke, “My guess is it has something to do with the secret resource place.”

Jackie frowned. He had heard of this secret resource place before. It was what sparked the war between the Muddled Origin Clan and the Dual Sovereign Pavilion but if it was really because of this, then they have a big problem in their hands.

The fact that the Corpse Pavilion had spared no expenses to get their hands on the secret resource place meant that whatever was inside was very valuable. There was no way the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, as the true ruler of the north, would let two three-grade Clan associations get their hands on it.

Jackie was quite puzzled by all this, Elder Godfrey laughed and said in a low tone, “This is just a guess that I pulled out from thin air.”

He closed his eyes again as if this issue triggered him. Jackie thought it was best to stop questioning him, but there were just too many questions in his mind. He would die overthinking if he did not get some concrete answers now.

Besides, this concerned his future as well. After all, a member of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, a huge war between Clan associations would no doubt affect him as well. He took a deep breath and his voice was a little low.


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