No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2102

Jackie arched his brow. He did not care about the rewards, instead he was curious as to why Elder Godfrey had looked at him with such complicated expressions. Although he tried to hide it, it still did not escape Jackie’s notice

Jackie nodded calmly, and exchanged a few more polite remarks, saying that he did not care whether there were rewards and that as a disciple of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, he naturally had the duty to protect the elders of the respected sect,

Elder Godfrey just nodded, and the complex look on his face never appeared again. He turned his head to look in the direction of the trap array, “Let’s drop the formalities and get out of here. I was injured by an elder of the Corpse Pavilion. If it hadn’t been for my life-saving means, I would have died in his hands long ago. He must be anxious to catch me now and I’m afraid things will not end well for us if we delay any longer.”

The group started to panic when they heard this, but then quickly composed themselves. Jackie looked at Dudley with cold eyes and he knew what Jackie wanted without even having him say it. He trembled and took out the entry token.

The entry token was found on Robin’s corpse, and Jackie deliberately asked Dudley to do the dirty deed to remind him of his possible ending if he dared to disobey Jackie. Therefore, no matter how unwilling Dudley was to do anything he asked, Jackie would only need to give him the look for him to change his mind.

Jackie reached out and helped Elder Godfrey up. Elder Godfrey’s face turned paler as getting up made his injuries even more painful. However, being able to achieve the position of an elder naturally meant he had his fair share of injuries along the way so although his injuries were severe, he could still bear it. He never once cried out in pain even though they could see that his sideburns were soaked in cold sweat.

Dudley’s hands kept trembling and in order to prevent him from playing tricks, Jackie stood behind him. Dudley performed a series of hand movements and injected these seals into the entry token. A dazzling white light was released in an instant as it floated slowly into the air.

The next second, it integrated into the trap array. The trap array was transparent. One would not notice it unless one had touched the barrier. However, after the entry token was integrated into the trap array, the transparent space in front rippled like the tide.

Everyone’s eyes widened, and the ripples became bigger and bigger and more frequent. Gradually, an empty brilliance was released from the trap array. Everyone understood that a space had opened up for them to exit.

Jackie arched his brow, and stared at Dudley with calm eyes, “You go out first and your brother stays. He will exit with us.”

Dudley was impressed with Jackie’s deep thinking. He smiled bitterly, and sighed inwardly, thinking that Jackie did not need to resort to doing this, for there was no way he would dare to play tricks at this time. Jackie was not that kind of soft-hearted person. Dudley would be the first to die should anything untoward happen.

Dudley closed his eyes and strode out of the open space. After he stepped over, there was only a breeze blowing over his temples, making his fine hair stuck to his face. Nothing else happened.

Jackie and others waited for a few seconds just to be sure Dudley did not do anything funny. Once confirmed, they nodded to each other and then walked out of the trap array one after another.

The outer space was actually no different from the space inside, but the feeling it gave was quite different. Jackie looked back and thought that the trap array was like a cage with invisible shackles.


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