No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2101

The question froze everyone. It was really not a small animal but a real person instead, who deliberately made the rustling sound to gain their attention. Judging from the voice, it was obvious that it came from an elderly person. If he was a lone cultivator, he might not be strong but if he was a cultivator from the Corpse Pavilion, then he must be of extraordinary power.

None of them would have survived except Jackie. In other words, the enemy would not bother to ask them a question like this unless…he had too much time in his hands. All kinds of thoughts flashed through his mind, as he remained on high alert. He exchanged glances with the others and made his way to the other side of the tree. It only took him a dozen steps or so to finally see the person behind the tree.

To Jackie’s surprise, this person’s age did not match his voice at all. He looked like he was in his thirties, his abdomen was stained red with blood, his face paler than normal, and breathing heavily. He was seriously injured.

“Are you a formal elder of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion?” asked Jackie.

He asked that question because the person in front of him was wearing a dark blue shirt with a few dazzling begonias embroidered on his belt, and anyone who had begonia on his waist was an elder. Moreover, he was dressed in dark blue, and only the elders of the formal elder in the entire sect were qualified to wear a dark blue outer shirt.

After hearing Jackie’s words, the others rushed over. Albion saw the man leaning on the tree, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes. “You wouldn’t happen to be Elder Godfrey from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, right?”

Elder Godfrey was a little surprised that Albion had recognized him. He turned to look at him and saw him in the disciple uniform of the Thousand Leaves Sect. Seeing this surprised him even more. “Do we know each other?”

Albion cupped his fist in salute excitedly. “One year ago, at the tea party held by the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, I had the honor of meeting you, Elder Godfrey.”

Elder Godfrey nodded slightly. He did go to the tea party held by the Thousand Leave Pavilion a year ago. There were many disciples at the tea party. Any disciple, even those with little strength could show up at the tea party. There were many deacon disciples and their faces all blurred into one so naturally, he would have no impression of meeting Albion at all.

Jackie coughed softly. He was a little embarrassed that he, as the informal disciple of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, could not recognize a formal elder. It was unreasonable, but the fact was thus. After all, he had just entered the Dual Sovereign Pavilion not long ago.

Now that the identity has been determined, the danger was of course resolved. Jackie crouched down and took a look at Elder Godfrey’s injury; a hole was punched into his abdomen by a sharp weapon.

He was now meditating, adjusting his breath, and recovering from his injury, but even so, it would take him at least three or four months to fully recover from an injury of this degree.

“Elder Godfrey, I might as well take you out of here. Don’t worry, I am indeed a disciple of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. The reason why I don’t recognize you is that I’ve just joined not too long ago,” said Jackie decisively.

Edler Godfrey suddenly raised his head and stared intently at Jackie. There was a trace of vigilance and helplessness in his eyes. Finally, he was completely relieved. This complicated look made Jackie a little startled.

‘Why would he be wary of me? It seems like he’s reluctant to come with me. Logically speaking, he shouldn’t have such a look on his face. After all, I’m indeed a disciple of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion and besides, my cultivation is only at the initial stage of innate level. I bet he’s still stronger than me, his injuries are not withstanding.’

Before he could figure it out, Elder Godfrey nodded slowly. “I am now seriously injured and unable to break through the trap array. If you have a way to break through the array, then take me with you. I will reward you accordingly when we are back at the sect.”


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