No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2100

Jed kept talking nonsense along the way. As long as Jackie said something wrong, he would ridicule him with harsh words. Jackie was not the type of person who allowed others to bully him. The fact that he had endured Jed for so long was mercy enough.

Jed looked at Jackie’s cold face. Although his tone was calm and there was not a hint of anger on his face, he also knew that if he defied Jackie’s orders, he would leave him there without hesitation.

Albion wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere but was held back by Dwight. Dwight was obviously smarter than Jed. He knew that if Jackie did not get his revenge on Jed now, there would be more hell to pay later, down the road.

“Why do you find me displeasing?” asked Jed, flushed with humiliation.

“Think about all that you have said to me before. As I said, it’s up to you whether you want to do what I say or be left alone here,” said Jackie with a smirk.

He then called Nash over as if getting ready to leave the place. Seeing this made Jed panic. “I’ll do it! I’ll bury the bodies!”

He immediately began to deal with the dead body on the ground and restored the place to its original appearance, leaving no trace of the previous fierce battles. After doing all this, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and though his face was a little stiff, he still did not dare to say anything.

Jackie nodded in satisfaction. He tied up Dudley’s and Damian’s hands firmly and sealed their meridians with true energy. Finally, the group of people left the place. Through Dudley’s guidance, they found the shortest way to leave the mountain.

They remained alert even though they had tasted victory. Dwight walked in the forefront, his perception on high alert. They walked cautiously, for fear that they would meet one or two disciples of the Corpse Pavilion, though, with Jackie there, they were not particularly afraid.

Still, Dudley had told them that there were not only powerful clan brothers in the mountain but also several elders and deacons stationed in the mountain. They were afraid of attracting the attention of these people, so they moved very slowly, taking every step carefully, and after four hours they finally came to the border of the mountain.

Standing on tiptoes and looking out, they could still see the spring smoke from the town outside. The trap array was like an invisible barrier, and the entire mountain was trapped inside.

They sighed with relief at finally having reached the border. The past few days had passed by in a nervous haze; it was as if a shackle had been locked around their throats, making it difficult for them to breathe.

“We can finally leave this place!” said Jed, overcome with emotions.

Just when he wanted to say a few more words, there was a sudden movement from the field in the distance, as if something was rubbing against the grass, and the nerves that had just loosened tightened again.

Several people glanced at each other and suddenly looked in the direction of the sound. It was a thick eucalyptus tree, its trunk spanned ten arms width. Jackie frowned and shouted, “Who’s there?”

One could not blame him for behaving like a frightened bird. After all, they were all so close to getting out of the mountain and desperately wished for things to go smoothly.

Albion stretched out his hand and patted Jackie on the shoulder. “Calm down. Maybe it’s just a small animal. The mountain is known for its abundance of beasts after all. It’s probably just a small animal wandering on the edge.”

Jackie glanced at Albion, hoping what he said was true. It was then that an old voice came from behind the big tree. “Are you all disciples from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion and the Dual Sovereign Pavilion?


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