No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2099

“There’s no need for that. Just say whatever you need to say.”

Dudley’s face turned a little purple. He did not care about anything anymore. “I beg you. Please spare me. I will definitely take you out and keep our mouths shut as long as you let us go.”

Jackie nodded. They were his best shot. Jackie and the others should be safe as long as they kept watch over the two brothers to ensure that they could not send any message to the other disciples of the Corpse Pavilion.

However, Jackie keenly perceived the different meanings of what Dudley had just said. He turned around and stared at him with cold eyes. “How many days has it been since the trap array was set up?”

After calculating in his mind, Jackie realized that it had been more than ten days since he stepped foot into the mountain. He did not feel any obstruction coming in here, that was to say, the trap array had not been set up at that time.

“Around nine or ten days,” said Dudley after mentally calculating it.

“And not one Thousand Leaves Pavilion people came here during that time?” asked Jackie.

Dudley shook his head and replied very sincerely, “Not that I’ve heard of. The trap array we set up has never been attacked. Several cultivators who escaped our line of sight attacked the trap array from within the trap array.”

Hearing this made Jackie even more surprised. According to his statement, the trap array had been set up for at least nine days and yet the Thousand Leaves Pavilion never noticed anything strange during that period?

After all, would it not be strange if none of the disciples returned to the sect in those nine days? Under normal circumstances, they would definitely find something off about this so how was it possible that they did not send out men to annihilate the Corpse Pavilion disciples in the mountain?

If Jackie were a senior member of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, he would immediately send people to investigate after he noticed something amiss, and then launch an attack to rescue the disciples trapped In the array and destroy the plan of the Corpse Pavilion. However, nine days had passed and there was still no movement from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion.

Neither did they send anyone to rescue the disciples trapped inside, nor launched an attack. It was as if they were blissfully unaware of what was happening. Jackie’s expression became more solemn at the thought of this.

He glanced sideways at Dwight and the others and saw that their expressions were also very strange. This was definitely not a normal situation. Maybe the Thousand Leaves Pavilion was under attack right now or ran into some other accident. However, they had no way of finding out since they were still trapped there.

“Jed, bury the bodies and tidy up the surroundings. We will set off to the mountain border once all that is done,” said Jackie.

Hearing this, Jed became baffled. He pointed at the bodies on the ground and asked, “Why do I have to be the only one to do the cleaning up?”

Jackie chuckled and gazed at him softly, “Because I find you displeasing. You don’t have to do what I say. I just won’t bring you out with me.”

They were strangers, to begin with, and though Jackie found Jed to be friendly at first, he soon proved him otherwise. Besides, Jackie not only provided them with a place to heal their wounds but also took them out of their predicament. Without him, they would have been long dead.


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