No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2098

“I knew they were definitely up to no good! I can’t believe they’re building transporters.. Could it be that they plan to launch a war against the Thousand Leaves Pavilion? But as far as I know, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion and Corpse Pavilion are on par with each other. There’s no doubt that it could end up with both sides suffering heavy losses and even if they win, the benefits would far outweigh the cost,” muttered Dwight.

Albion nodded in agreement. “You are right, even if the two Clan associations really fight, the final result will not be a one-sided victory. Unless…the Corpse Pavilion has some tricks up their sleeves…”

Generally speaking, two Clan associations of equal strength would not engage in a large-scale battle unless they have deep grievances or it involves significant interests. After all, doing so would result in a lose-lose situation. In the end, even if one side won, it was very likely that the gain will not be worth the loss, so there would be no war between the two Clan associations without a last resort, but it seemed like a war was what the Corpse Pavilion was aiming for. Otherwise, why would they go to such length to set up so many transporters to bring their disciples over?

Albion took a step forward, looked down at Dudley, and asked, “Is the Corpse Pavilion planning to launch a war against the Thousand Leaves Pavilion?”

Dudley shook his head. “Didn’t I just say I’m a minion that doesn’t know anything? Why would the higher-ups tell us what they’re planning to an ordinary informal disciple like me?”

Albion thought about it then nodded grudgingly. Dudley was indeed a minion and there was no way he would know any confidential information. He blamed himself for being impatient to ask something like that.

“And the second question?” asked Jackie.

Dudley frowned slightly as if he did not want to tell, but he knew that if he did not answer Jackie, he would be dead in a second. “You’ll need an entry token to get out.”

Jackie straightened up and asked, “Do you have it?”

Dudley shook his head. “Not everyone has an entry token to prevent this exact kind of situation from happening. You will be able to get out of the trap array once you get your hands on the array token but then you will also be found out…”

Jackie sighed lightly and stared regretfully at them. Seeing this did not make Dudley feel the slightest relief at all. Instead, his neck tightened, for he had immediately understood what Jackie was thinking.

In other words, he did not prove to be useful enough, for he did not have the entry token. In the end, death still found its way to him. He shuddered and quickly said, “But I know Robin has it. Not everyone has the entry token. It will only be placed with important people for emergencies. Robin is close to our elder clan brother since Robin had always fawned over him. He gave Robin an entry token which you can find on him. An opening will appear as long as this entry token is integrated into the trap array with a special method and then you’ll be able to get out of here through that opening.”

Jackie arched his brow. ‘Which means I still need to keep you alive.’ Time would tell whether Dudley was telling the truth. Lying still on the ground, Dudley took two steps forward with his knees and reached out to grab Jackie’s pants but his hand was smoothly evaded by him.


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