No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2097

“You two bastards better not say anything! I’ll haunt you to the ends of the world if you do!” shouted Robin suddenly.

Both Dudley and Damian trembled when they heard his threat. After all, they were of an inferior position to him and had to bow to him every time they saw him. Their faces were already pale, to begin with, but all remaining blood drained out of them, making them even paler.

Jackie frowned and then raised his right hand, and a gray-black light instantly stabbed Robin again.

“Ahh!” screamed Robin in pain. This time his screams were even more violent than before. His soul was already riddled with holes after being hit by Jackie’s Destroying the Void move and now his soul was rendered even more precarious with the latest attack.

This time he felt that his soul had been completely torn apart, and his consciousness gradually blurred. An injury of this degree could not be saved. He had at most another two to four hours to live.

His shrill screams reverberated in Dudley’s and Damian’s eardrums. Beads of cold sweat soaked their temples and neck. Both of them were breathing fast, and they seemed as if they would faint any time.

Jackie arched his eyebrow and said in a calm tone, “If you don’t tell me everything you know, I will make sure that you won’t enjoy a quick death like your dear brother. Robin is the best example. Do you know why he is suffering so much? It’s because I am destroying and stripping his soul with the Soul Sword. The most unbearable pain in the world is having your soul slain.”

Hearing this, the two brothers fell into despair. Both of their breathing had become stagnant because of the immense fear they were feeling. Dudley felt that his scalp was numb and his face was stiff. Only the trembling corners of his mouth showed that he was still alive.

He nodded heavily and said, “Rest assured that we will tell you everything we know. Just please don’t strip our souls!”

Jackie arched his brow and said, “Then you will do well to answer my questions now!”

With some difficulty, Dudley took a deep breath and said, “We are really just minions. We know little of the Corpse Pavilion’s plans but what I can tell you is that we came from other states to Mount Beasts using the transporter. We arrived a month ago. After entering the mountain, we set up the trap array and began building many transporters. I think they were hoping to bridge the gap between the north and the south so that the disciples of the Corpse Pavilion can come to the north without any hindrance…”

Jackie narrowed his eyes, pressed his chest forward, and looked down at the trembling Dudley who was kneeling on the ground. “You swear you’re telling the truth?”

Dudley nodded vigorously and even put up his hand. “I swear to heaven everything I said is true. I will die a thousand deaths if any of it is untrue.”

Jackie nodded, his expression still frightening. After hearing these words, Jed and others frowned, and the atmosphere became a lot more serious.


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