No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2096

Two pairs of eyes stared beggingly at Jackie. They were too shocked by what just happened before their eyes. The eldest brother, who was stronger than both of them, stood no chance against Jackie at all. Was Jackie even human? How could he be so monstrously strong when he was only at the initial stage of innate level?

This kind of blow made all their resistance disappear. They were not shy to kneel before Jackie. After all, what’s the use of dignity when one is so close to death? Dudley vigorously knocked his head against the ground three times. It was as if Jackie was the ancestor of his eighteenth generation. Instantly, his forehead was swollen and red.

“My Lord, please be the bigger person and spare our lives. We really had no intention of killing you and were just following orders,” said Dudley who was begging in tears.

Damian knocked his head against the ground too while begging, “I don’t want to die yet! I beg of you to chalk all this down to our youthful ignorance and let us go. We will definitely tell anyone what happened here. We will not stay here. We will immediately return to the Corpse Pavilion and never come out again!”

The two of them desperately knocked their heads a few more times. Jed curled his lips in disdain and said provocatively, “Are you sure the two of you are the disciples of a fourth-grade Clan association? How can you be so spineless? A man should only kneel down to heaven, earth, his parents, and his master. You’re not a man at all to kneel down at this moment.”

After hearing this, Dudley suddenly raised his head and stared at Jed with an angry look. “You shut your trap. My life is more important than my pride. I bet you’ll be kneeling too if you’re in my place!”

The words struck Jed’s nerves. Just moments before, he did not really care whether they live or die but now, he was a cock that had been defeated in a fight and was blowing up his feather.

“What did you say? Did you hear what he said, Brother Jackie? We should torture them before we end their lives!” He was shouting so loudly that Dwight had to cover his ears.

Dwight glanced sideways at Jed. He wanted to remind Jed how he treated Jackie before all this. It seemed as if he had made a hundred and eighty degree change of attitude after Jackie showed them what he could do.

Jackie ignored Jed. In fact, he did not even look at him. Instead, he walked two steps forward, looked at Dudley, and said, “Whether you can get out of here alive or dead depends on what you can do for us.”

He killed Derek because he was the strongest of the three brothers and also to use his death to frighten his two brothers. After all, he still had a lot of questions that needed answers from them.

Derek’s eyes lit up when he heard the underlying meaning of Jackie’s words. The corners of his mouth inched up to a placating smile. “Don’t worry, I will gladly answer all your questions. I will tell you whatever I know, as long as you let us go…”

Jackie looked at them with a half-smile and he retracted back his awe-inspiring murderous aura. Without it, he looked just like the friendly boy-next-door.

“Then tell me, why did the Corpse Pavilion take so much effort to come to the Mount Beasts and how can we deactivate the trap array you guys have set up?”

These two issues were the most important thing they had to figure out right now.


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