No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2095

In an instant, the two long swords collided mid-air, and everyone heard a bang. When the gray-black long sword collided with Derek’s long sword, the fifty -odd skeletons that originally floated on the long sword instantly ignited like confetti, burning crazily in the air.

However, within one breath’s time, more than fifty skeletons were burned out, and the light on Derek’s long sword was instantly dimmed. He looked at it incredulously. “How is it possible? Why is my skill so weak?”

He did not think that he could compete with Jackie, he just wanted to buy some time, and then abandon his sword and flee. It never crossed his mind that his skill would be so weak and be disarmed in an instant.

Jackie scoffed. The move he cultivated, Destroying the Void, was at least a heaven level skill. It was a soul attribute which meant it had natural restraint on the soul and it just so happened Derek’s skill used spirit energy as an attack point. Derek was no match for Jackie in the first place and coupled with being restrained, it was only natural that his attack would be disarmed.

After the long sword broke through Derek’s moves, it straight away rushed toward his chest. Derek’s expression changed as he backed away but it was already too late. The black longsword pierced his chest in the blink of an eye. Under the impact, his attached spirit became as weak as a piece of paper, and there was no form of any obstacle at all.

The black longsword pierced through Derek’s heart. His physical body remained unharmed because the black long sword was made of energy but the same could not be said for his spirit. He felt the stabbing pain in his spirit, making his whole body tremble. He opened his mouth wide and wanted to shout, but realized that he did not even have the strength to make a sound.

He fell heavily to the ground, his eyes widened as if he could not believe he was dead. He looked to his chest and discovered there was not the usual falling and rising, meaning he could not be any deader than he was then.

The fight lasted less than five seconds, Derek was killed with just one move. Jed and the others had not even fully processed the shock of Jackie winning against Robin and now they had to digest what just happened before their eyes.

They knew in their hearts that Derek was not Jackie’s match, but they did not expect him to be killed with just one move. Originally, Dudley and Damian were still waiting for the best opportunity to escape but all this happened so quickly that the two of them stood on the same spot with widened eyes, speechlessly looking at their eldest brother’s body.

Jackie arched his brow and looked sharply at Dudley and Damian. His gaze was cold, like a razor, cutting out their flesh strip by strip. Immediately, the two of them fell to their knees with fright.


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