No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2094

Derek’s face turned pale when he saw the dagger returning back to Jackie’s hand. He took a step back and the sword in his hand quivered, not from the infusion of true energy, but from fright. His two brothers, who were less powerful than him, were even more frightened than him that they hid behind him, treating him as a shield.

Their previous cockiness was now replaced by fear and caution. They were looking at Jackie as if he was a devil who had climbed out from the deepest depth of hell and could rip off all their heads in an instant.

Derek swallowed and the sword in his hand quivered even more violently that the tip gave off a low hum.” I warn you, it’s true individually we’re not as strong a s you, but you won’t be our match if the three of us work together!”

Jackie’s lips curled up. With a flick of his wrist, the black dagger floated mid-air again. Its blacklight transformed into a swirling light gray mist akin to the venomous gas given out by a swamp. He stared coldly at Derek and said, “I hate it the most when others try to threaten me so you leave me with no choice but to kill you.”

He then turned to Jed and Dwight and said, “I’ll take on Derek and leave his two brothers to you two.” The black dagger floating in the air released a black light once again. The black light was like a beast opening its mouth, wanting to devour everything in its path. It was a death sentence for the three brothers.

Perhaps it was being pushed to the extreme, or perhaps it was because of the contempt in Jackie’s words, but Derek pulled out the last of his courage and shouted between gritted teeth, “I’ll make sure to skin you alive first before I die!”

With a wave of Derek’s right hand, runes flowed between his fingers. His long sword began making clicking noises like a skeleton that had suddenly come back to life and was struggling to move.

He gave out a low grunt, and thumb-sized skulls appeared on the long sword. These skulls released a bright white light, and their big mouths gave out a rattling sound that made everyone’s scalp crawl.

By Jackie’s rough estimate, the skulls amounted to more than fifty. These fifty or so tiny skulls revolved around Derek’s longsword and a closer look made him realize that the skulls were ignited with tiny white flames.

“Be prepared to fight to your death!” shouted Derek.

The next second, Derek’s entire body was covered with a cold flame. Each of these tiny skulls encased a resentful spirit struggling in hell. These resentful spirits filled everyone’s eardrums with their shrill screams.

Jackie arched his eyebrow. “He’s using resentful spirits as the lead?

The skill that Derek had conjured up obviously contained a lot of power from the resentful spirits. It seemed that to cultivate this skill required killing the cultivator and absorbing his resentment and spirit energy. This kind of insidious skill was in line with the Corpse Pavilion disciple.

Jackie flicked his wrist and the ten Soul Swords unattached themselves from the gray-black dagger and converged together, transforming into a long sword. The long sword was black, with gray-black fog swirling around it. Those are not the real fog of course but the spirit energy.

“Take this!” shouted Derek as he charged toward Jackie with the sword pointed at him.

The long sword was aimed at Jackie’s head, with floating skulls opening their mouths wide, releasing the fire of spirit! Jackie scoffed, stretched out his hand, and pushed forward, and the long sword condensed from the spirit energy rushed out.


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