No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2093

Albion nearly bit his own tongue when the thought flashed across his mind. ‘No way! How can a kid who is at the initial stage of innate level be capable of using a heaven level technique!’

Even the immensely talented clan brothers he knew of could not cultivate heaven level techniques as they had not broken through their main levels. What Jackie did was akin to being accepted to a university with his elementary school’s result!

Jackie was capable of that because of the memories and experience left by Senior. What he had gotten from the Senior was a thousand times better than being trained by an elder personally.

“How did he do it? Can anyone tell me how he did It?” muttered Albion to himself. The more he thought about it, the more unbelievable he found the whole thing to be and this made his brain hurt.

Dwight could not even find the words to describe his feelings. He had thought Jackie to be exceptional but judging by the looks of it, that word was truly an understatement of the day. Jackie must be a monster! Only a monster could cultivate an earth level technique at the initial stage of innate level.

The three Roffe brothers were breathing haggardly while chills ran up their spine. They were looking at Jackie as if he was the devil himself. Although their combined power would be able to take down Robin, individually, they were no match for him so how was it possible for him to lose at the hand of Jackie?

Now, even with their combined power, they were not so sure whether they could take Jackie down. The more they thought about it, the more terrifying they found Jackie to be. They thought this was a simple cat and mouse game but it turned out that the mouse was actually a lion!

Both Derek and Dudley took a step back instinctively and when Damian saw his two brothers were scared shitless, he, too, quickly stepped back.

Jackie arched his eyebrow and stared at the three brothers with cold eyes. “Don’t think I have forgotten about you three!”

Everyone snapped out of their trance after he said that. They thought he was being arrogant and delusional to utter those words but it was only then that they realized he had the power to back up his words.

Derek shuddered and his words ran over each other as he said, “You’re a monster! A devil! I have never come across an initial stage or innate level as powerful as you! Even Brother Robin was not as strong as you when he was at that stage…”

He was not trying to compliment him but rather stating the fact.

Jackie chuckled and said breezily, “There’s a high chance I’ll be dead meat if you four attacked me at the same time but instead Robin decided to fight me on his own. I’m sorry but I can’t let the three of you go just like this. Who knows what will happen to us if I do that.”

Jackie’s words were like a curse to them. With trembling hands, Derek took out a long sword from his storage space and pointed it at Jackie, letting him know that he would not be going down without a fight.

“Let us go and we won’t tell anyone about this. If you don’t, we’ll make sure to fight you to the death.” The three brothers had no spare thought to give to the severely injured Robin. All they could think about was how to get away from this devil.

Jackie laughed coldly. He never expected them to threaten him again. Did they not see what would happen to those who threatened him? With a wave of his hand, the dagger that was in Robin’s stomach instantly flew back to him, dripping with blood.


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