No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2092

Dwight and the others immediately retreated and at the same time used their true energy to block the shock waves. Jed wrinkled his eyebrows and his face became pale when he heard the clicking sound coming from his attached spirit. He could not believe that the shock wave from a technique alone could shatter his attached spirit. Fortunately, the shock waves did not last long and soon dissipated.

A scream broke the silence. A figure was retreating from the center of the energy impact, followed by a gray-black dagger. The gray-black dagger was moving extremely fast. It was so fast that it seemed to have teleported to where Robin was in a blink of an eye.

All the colors drained out of Robin’s face. He tried to block it with his staff but the gray-black dagger dodged it effortlessly and immediately sank itself into Robin’s stomach. The pain that followed felt like his flesh was being eaten by the poison.

“How could this be!” shouted Robin. He was both shocked and furious. Never in a million years would he think that his most powerful attack would be defeated by a dagger. The dagger was less than a palm‘s length while his staff was five-feet-long for crying out loud. He had no idea why all his techniques were useless against the dagger.

What was worse was the dagger not only damaged his physical body but his soul as well! He could feel his soul hurting and this made him tremble nonstop. It was as if a million ants were biting on his soul.

Pull it out! Pull it out now!” screamed Robin as he collapsed heavily to the ground. He tried to pull out the dagger but he discovered that the pain in his soul became even more intensified as soon as he tried to do that. The pain ate away all his courage and the only thing he could do now was to beg Jackie for mercy.

Everyone gasped and their jaws nearly dropped to the ground. They could not believe what was happening. There was no way that Robin’s most powerful attack was no match for Jackie’s. They thought that Jackie’s fate was sealed before the fight even began but in the end, the person who should have won was lying on the ground, heavily injured. They were so shocked that they forgot to breathe.

Jed’s lips turned white. He was shocked to the extent that he forgot how to blink. He stared fixedly at the scene before him and saw that Robin was rolling on the ground with pain as if he was a stray dog nobody wanted.

Jed took a deep breath and in a shaky voice said, “Is this really happening? But he’s only at an initial stage of innate level while Robin is at the final stage of innate level. Not to mention, his intermediate red level is at the perfection level. Not to mention, we are no match for him, and yet this kid. He could not go on because his throat had gone dry.”

Albion felt that he had seen one miracle after another ever since he met Jackie, who had surely opened up a whole new world for them. He used his divine senses to check Jackie’s cultivation again and came to the same result. Jackie was indeed an initial stage of innate level but then how did he manage to conjure up such a powerful attack? Could it be that he had attained an earth-level technique and cultivated it to the perfection level? Even so, that would still not explain it…unless he had a heaven level technique!


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