No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2091

He clenched his staff tighter and began to infuse his true energy into it. The runes, from one end to the other, began to glow brightly. He then performed hand seals with his right hand.

A non-human roar erupted out of his mouth as he unleashed balls of golden light, similar to those of fireflies, which then condensed behind his back. In a second, the golden lights took on the form of a gorilla with sharp fangs. Its lightbulb-like eyes shone brightly on everyone, making them dizzy. The light-gorilla stared vehemently at Jackie as if wanting to swallow him whole.

In the end, Robin had been forced into using his most powerful technique. “This technique could only be used after I have cultivated the earth mountain staff technique to the perfection level. Many people have died from this technique and soon you’ll be one of them!”

His face then contorted savagely as he charged toward Jackie. The light-gorilla behind him roared as he charged toward Jackie too. Along the way, the light -gorilla slowly merged with the staff on Robin’s hand, and there was no doubt that this was his most powerful condition.

Everyone gasped when they saw this. The force alone was enough to suppress everyone present. They started to wonder what would happen to them if they were in Jackie’s shoes. After thinking about it, they shook their heads internally-they were sure that Jackie would lose and end up severely injured.

Which meant that Jed and the others would also die then. Thinking of this, Jed’s face became pale as a ghost and he subconsciously held onto Dwight’s elbow. Dwight’s face was similar to Jed’s and they were both praying for Jackie’s safety. At least, that way, they could come up with another plan.

Derek and his two brothers were so excited that they nearly drooled. Dudley was even waving his arms up In the air as he shouted, “Kill him, Brother Robin! Or at least make him a cripple!”

Jackie took a deep breath. He had expected this. He put his palms together and the ten gray-black daggers flew back to where he was. He summoned nine Soul Swords back and they immediately unattached themselves from the floating daggers.

Another round of hand seals and the tenth Soul Swords attached themselves to the remaining black dagger and countless runes started to circulate around it. Infused with the power of ten Soul Swords, it unleashed a dazzling black light with the power to devour everything in its path.

Jackie had cultivated Destroying the Void to the level of preliminary and could freely manipulate the Soul Sword to merge or unmerge as he pleased. The merging of all ten Soul Swords into one dagger was his most powerful attack.

A strong wind blew by, and golden light filled Jackie’s pupils. The staff had already come smashing down and Jackie quickly performed another hand seal to manipulate the gray-black dagger to block it.

The two tyrannical energies collided together again, and instantly wave after wave of energy shock waves swept around, kicking up dust all over the ground.


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