No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2089

Robin smiled so much that the corners of his lips touched his ears. He winked at the people behind him, and the three brothers stepped forward to face Jed and the others. It looked as if they were there to prevent them from escaping,

Robin cracked his neck and shook his wrist; the joints made a crackling sound. “Okay! Since you want to fight with me so much, I will show you the true meaning of power!

After saying this, he felt that he was making a fuss out of nothing. He turned to the three brothers behind him and said, “You guys make sure those three don’t run away. I’ll take down this kid single handedly. I’m not taking this seriously of course, but this kid must be taught a lesson!”

Immediately, a golden light flashed in Robin’s hand, and a five-feet-long staff appeared in his palm out of thin air. The five-feet-long staff exuded bright golden light and there were mysterious and antiquated runes carved all over it.

His choice of weapon surprised Jackie. After all, he did not look like a power type of cultivator. Generally, cultivators who use staff win by strength, and their cultivation techniques and martial skills are also power-oriented.

Robin swept the long staff forward, and the ground was marked with an arc. “The martial skill He practice is the intermediate red level earth mountain staff technique. It’s been a long time since I have come across an opponent like you so I will use this technique to teach you the right way to live!”

Another intermediate red level technique?’ Jackie thought that Robin’s technique would at least be in the premium range. After all, Wesley was only an intermediate stage of innate level and his attainment was already an intermediate red level technique.

Robin, who was hellbent on torturing Jackie, did not say anything further and pointed his long staff at Jackie. The golden light undulated around the long staff like waves. With a low shout, he charged toward Jackie.

He lifted his long staff with golden light and smashed it toward Jackie. The stick carried the force of the mountains and rivers. Even from some distance away, Jed and others could feel the force of the earth mountain.

Jed gulped and said, “The force is so powerful that even I would not be able to withstand it.”

In an instant, the long staff appeared in front of Jackie, who was steadily moving his hands through the gray light then distorted runes began to float out of his palm. In an instant, the ten Soul Swords were injected by him into the gray-black daggers suspended in the air. With the Soul Swords attached to the daggers, it was as if the daggers had been infused with a soul and they immediately converged together.

Five gray-black daggers met against the long staff head-on as soon as it came smashing down and the gray-black light and the golden dazzling long staff slammed together. The energy from the two weapons collided together and the gray-black daggers did not retreat in the slightest, nor was it smashed into pieces by the staff.

Seeing this, Robin stiffened. His eyes widened with disbelief. While it was true he did not exert his full power just now, he did, however, used quite a lot of it to make it a speedy battle. It never crossed his mind that Jackie would be able to neutralize his attack and it destabilized him a little. He gritted his teeth and raised his staff for another attack.


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