No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2087

In the end, Albion was the one who spoke. He lowered his voice and spoke as he narrowed his eyes. “Brother Jackie, what do you mean by saying that?

Jackie raised his eyebrows and did not plan to continue wasting time talking to them. He replied confidently, “Leave that guy in the middle to me and you guys can focus on holding the others off.” Jackie pointed at Robin, who stood in the middle. His lengthy finger shone under the remaining light from the sun and looked powerful instead of showing off its delicateness.

Robin almost wondered if he had been experiencing hallucinations. If not, how did this guy dare say such absurd words? He was actually daring enough to challenge Robin for a duel. A person in the initial stage of innate level with clothes that obviously indicated his position as a disciple in a third-grade sect was actually daring enough to challenge him, someone, who was in the final stage of the innate level. On top of that, he was already in the completion stage of his innate level and was about to break through into the spring-solidifying realm after some time!

Derek laughed so loudly that he was unable to stand up straight. He pointed at Jackie and said, “Young man, have you gone crazy? How dare you challenge our senior brother in a one-on-one duel! Who gave you the courage to do that? Open your eyes and take a closer look! My Senior Brother Robin is in the final stage of the innate level. He’s capable of defeating you single-handedly. Do you even think that you can defeat him within a short period of time before coming at us? I’ve seen some idiots throughout the years but this is the first time I’ve seen someone as bad as you!”

Dwight subconsciously exchanged glances with Albion. In Dwight’s opinion, what Jackie said sounded ridiculous and he felt that Jackie had gone crazy. Dwight had unexplainable confidence toward Jackie because of how they managed to get out of the Ten Absolutes Trap Array depending on Jackie. However, there was not any basis for him to place his confidence in Jackie under such circumstances.

Albion exhaled deeply as a darkened expression appeared on his face. He was thinking that their best bet right now was to let everybody get a chance at escaping. Staying back to fight those four seemed like a suicidal move.


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