No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2085

Derek had an immediate realization when he heard this. He stretched out his hand and slapped himself instantly. Of course, his slap was nowhere harsh; it was out of realization, too. A smile crawled to his face. “Agh, what a fool I am! You’re right. If news about this gets out, it won’t benefit us at all. These people aren’t strong, and we alone will be sufficient in handling them.”

Dudley and Damian jumped on the bandwagon and said flattering words, much to Robin’s pleasure. His cold expression was nowhere to be seen after that. You guys are thinking of notifying the eldest senior brother when these are just a couple of losers. The eldest senior brother will say we’re losers if we trouble him with this. Three of them are in the final stage of the innate level while the other one is in the initial stage, and another useless one who’s in the acquired level. On top of that, one of them in the final stage of the innate level was badly wounded previously. Even if there were only three of us, they’re no match for us!”

All four of them were in the final stage of innate level, especially Robin, who was about to break through into the spring solidifying realm. These people laid out their plan without even making it discreet, thinking as though Jackie and his company were like slabs of meat on a chopping board.

Although Jed was extremely furious when he heard what they said, he could not refute it, anyway. These men had a point: they were no match for Robin and his team. They were considered weak soldiers, too.

Jed inhaled deeply and could not help but take a couple of steps back. He stretched out his hand to grab Albion’s arm. Senior Brother Albion, we need to retreat. I don’t know if we can get rid of them, though.”

A bitter smile appeared on Albion’s face. “How’s that possible? On top of that do you think that they’d allow us to escape? We’ve escaped the tiger’s den just to enter the wolves’ territory. It looks like we’re fated to die.” Albion would never say such discouraging words under normal circumstances. However, the continuous problems had caused him to slowly lose his will to fight. Together with the fact that he had not recovered from his wounds, he became disheartened.

Despite keeping their voices hushed, Robin saw through their thoughts and laughed maniacally at them. “Are you guys thinking of escaping? Do you think you guys can do that? The combat power of your team combined is only two people in the final stage of the innate level. You guys are fated to die if you plan to fight the four of us!” Robin grew increasingly excited as he spoke, and his smile grew wider.

Jed’s expression faltered. “We’re done for, this time. I’ll never leave Senior Brother Albion and escape on my own!”

Dwight rolled his eyes at Jed. “What do you mean when you say this? You sound like I’d leave our senior brother here and escape alone! I won’t escape on my own; we’ll die together if that’s our fate. It’s just quite unfortunate… After all, we’ve just escaped from the Ten Absolutes Trap Array, and we even thought that peace was at hand. Who would have expected…”

Jed tightened his fists and raised his head to look at Jackie. “We shouldn’t have left the place as this place Is filled with danger. We should’ve waited inside for a couple of months until the masters of our sect broke the trap array and got rid of these asses. We would’ve been safe by then!” He was obviously complaining about Jackie’s idea, and Jackie could tell what he really meant. He was not a fool.


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