No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2084

The man with a pointy chin showed up in front of Jackie with three Corpse Pavillion’s disciples behind him. Luckily, the masked man was nowhere to be seen. The man with a pointy chin had been the one following the masked man previously, providing the masked man with ideas as he bad mouthed about them.

Who would have expected to bump into them not long after they left the valley?

Senior Brother Robin Mullins, are these the people our eldest senior brother is hunting.

Jackie raised his brows. So, this man’s name was Robin Mullins. Under normal circumstances, nobody would address their clan brothers with their full name unless this person’s surname was everywhere, Their name might be easily confused with other clan brothers unless they addressed him with his full name.

Robin had a sharp chin and looked like a treacherous court official, good at flattering others. Robin narrowed his eyes as he sized up Jackie and the others, seemingly trying to spot some great secrets from them.

Robin laughed coldly, shrugging as he said, “We can’t let them escape. I’ve never heard about anybody coming out of the legend under the Cliff of Sorrow, but these people had actually made it out. They probably know something very important.”

Robin suddenly turned around and looked to those three people behind him. Those three looked alike and were obviously brothers. “Derek Roffe, you’ll go to the left, and Dudley Roffe to the right. Damian Roffe, you’ll remain in the center with me.”

With that said, the four of them manage to surround Jackie and the rest in the middle. It looked like they planned to make Jackie and the others stay, not allowing any of them to escape.

Jed and the others turned pale. He immediately turned toward Dwight and barked, “What’s going on with you? How could you lead them here? How did they discover you?”

Dwight’s complexion darkened when he heard what Jed said. He turned around and glared at Jed angrily.” What’s this about? You speak as if I purposely led them here. I have no idea how they discovered me. That Derek guy discovered me when I was checking the path ahead of us.”

Dwight was slightly flushed, whether it be out of shame or frustration. He did not even lower his voice, causing the four men standing opposite them to hear his words, too.

Derek sneered and stared at Dwight with a mocking expression on his face. “Stop embarrassing yourself in front of us. You’re a Jackie of all trades but a master of none. You must’ve practiced a martial skill to hide your figure. Unfortunately, the martial skill you practice means nothing to me. In the entire Corpse Pavilion, nobody from the formal and informal disciples have better hiding and exploration abilities than me. You’ll only make a joke out of yourself by showing yourself up to me.”

Dwight flushed a crimson color, but he was unable to come up with any refutable words. From the looks of It, Derek was definitely stronger than him, or he would not have easily discovered how he hid himself.

However, Derek suggested to Robin, “Senior Brother Robin Mullins, should we send a signal to our eldest senior brother—”

Unexpectedly, Robin’s once prideful expression turned cold upon hearing this, like a wave of cold wind in December. He stared daggers, and Derek was startled by Robin’s reaction.

Robin sneered. “Hey, why aren’t you this foolish any other day? Did you not hear what I said just now? The five of them have great secrets! What can we get If we report to the eldest senior brother about this? We wouldn’t even get the scraps, let alone the main dish.”


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