No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2083

Jackie turned around and walked toward Albion without any hesitation. He stretched out his hand and placed it on Albion’s wrist.

Jackie did not know much, but he was capable of judging Albion’s injuries through his meridians. Albion had recovered 40 to 50 percent already, but he would need a couple of months if he wanted to be completely healed.

Jackie did not want to waste those couple of months In this place. Jackie glanced past Jed and stared straight at Dwight, who stood behind Jed. “Your Senior Brother Albion’s wounds have stabilized, and he’s forty to fifty percent recovered. However, apart from time, he needs a peaceful environment if he wishes to be seventy to eighty percent recovered. Even if we continue to stay here for another month or two, nothing will change, and your senior brother will only have a fifty to sixty percent recovery. What we should do is think of a way to leave this place and cure your senior brother after that.”

Dwight exhaled softly and felt that what Jackie said made sense when he thought about it. Senior Brother Albion needed the help of other pills and herbs to have a recovery rate of 70 to 80 percent. However, they had already used all the pills and herbs they have on Albion, and none remained. If they stayed here, it would hinder Senior Brother Albion’s recovery.

Dwight stretched his legs and stood up from the ground when he had made up his mind. He patted the dust off of his body and picked the broken leaves off his arm before speaking without looking up.” You’re right. It’s a waste of time to continue lurking here. Let’s think of a way to leave this place.”

Jed’s expression faltered upon hearing this, but all he could do was hide his anger, unable to directly refute Dwight.

They did not delay their actions after they decided what to do next. For everybody’s safety, Dwight led the pack to check the path for everybody else while the others followed behind him. There was a stream flowing beside the gravel path. They just walked outward following the direction of the stream flowing. In fact, none of them were able to tell where they were or which way they should go; they could only march on.

Albion, on the other hand, could walk on his own without the support of others. Although it was slightly tiring, it did not affect his wounds. Jed walked beside Albion. As Dwight had gone checking the path for everybody, Jed could only mention his worries to Albion. “Do you think that we’ll bump into the Corpse Pavilion’s disciples? What do we do if we do? What shall we do if the trap array hasn’t been resolved?”

He did not forget that those lunatics from the Corpse Pavilion had secluded Mount Beasts and set up a trap array. Even if they did not run into any of the Corpse Pavilion’s disciples, they would also face the issue of the trap array. He had no idea if Jackie would be able to find the array eye this time.

Albion sighed helplessly and glanced at Jackie, who was walking right in front of him. “I have no idea; guess we’ll only have to wait and see. To be honest, I feel that we’re taking a risk by going out at this moment. Nonetheless, it’s a waste of time if we stay here for a long time. We can only try our luck and circle back if it doesn’t work.”

The grass under their feet was soft. The situation seemed to be extremely peaceful as the birds’ chirping and sounds made by other small animals traveled to their ears. However, none of them let their guard down, knowing very well that none of them knew what they would face the next second.

Right at this moment, Dwight, who had been checking the path for everybody ahead of them, suddenly turned around and came running back. His darkened expression obviously meant that he had encountered something bad.

Jackie immediately stretched out his hand to shield Nash behind him as his eyes stared at the space behind Dwight.

Sure enough, a familiar voice entered their ears within two breaths. “It’s you! How are you guys still alive? Was the trap array at the bottom undeserving of its reputation?!”


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