No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2079

Dwight gradually realized what was happening after he heard the explanation. Jed, on the other hand, obviously did not understand it. “What does this mean? Does this mean that time flows slower or faster on the inside? If the flow of time is slower, Elder Gardner should still be alive unless he had been driven mad and had chosen to end himself. However, his body had already decayed, and only his bones remained. This indicates that he had died a long time ago, not recently. Doesn’t this prove that the time flowing inside is much faster than outside? The setting sun on the outside proves that the flow of time inside is faster!”

The more Jed spoke, the more confused he became.

Jackie glanced at Jed and said, “Don’t worry about this problem. Let’s meditate and adjust your breathing. It’s easy to get out of this place, but it’ll be difficult to get out of Mount Beasts. We have no idea what happened to the outside world as we speak.”

With that, Jackie ignored the three men and went straight to a patch of fairly flat ground. He then sat down, cross-legged, and began to meditate.

Nash sat right next to Jackie and muttered, “This isn’t like you… How many days do you plan to meditate here?

Jackie had mentioned that they had to adjust themselves to be in the best condition. If one did not understand Jackie, what he said would be considered a reasonable move. However, based on Nash’s understanding toward Jackie, Jackie was already in his best condition. According to his usual temperament, Jackie was not one to dilly nor dally. At the very least, he should be exploring the outside world.

The corners of Jackie’s mouth curled upward as he smiled helplessly. “My father knows me best.”

Suddenly, he lowered his voice and spoke, barely audible, “Please cover for me and notify me if something’s wrong. I’d like to…absorb something.”

The Shattered Soul Crystal contained a large amount of pure soul power and was a great treasure for a person who practiced the soul attribute. It was not rational to break through and absorb the crystals under such circumstances, but Jackie had run out of choices and was willing to take the risks.

Who knew what they would face after they left this place? At this moment, improving his strength was the most advantageous move!

Jackie gave Nash a summary of information on the Shattered Soul Crystal, to which Nash spoke his concerns, saying, “This is a bad idea. Based on what you said, you can’t simply absorb a treasure like the Shattered Soul Crystal. Aren’t you afraid that the power will make you burst?”

There were tens of thousands of precious treasures across the land, but this did not mean that everyone could break through their realm and become the most powerful master after obtaining such items. Every martial artist had a limit in their tolerance for such breakthroughs.

Exceeding this tolerance limit might burst individuals physically. The Shattered Soul Crystals were considered treasures even in the Divine Void World. Jackie was only in the initial stage of innate level, and absorbing such a treasure might not be a good thing. The more he thought about it, the more Nash grew worried about what Jackie was going to do. He was so worried that he grabbed Jackie’s arm.

“Since the precious item is with you and the others have no idea about it, let’s wait until we go back before you absorb their power after studying them. We need to at least study through the ancient scripts to see if there’s a way to reduce the danger while absorbing the power.”

Jackie lightly sighed. “I know what you’re worried about. Please know that I won’t put myself in a dangerous position. I know that it’s impossible to eat a whole cow in a bite. Isn’t there a small piece of Shattered Soul Crystal? It’s only the size of a fingernail, and it’s much easier to absorb that one.”

Nash exhaled deeply as he knew he could not persuade Jackie. This was indeed a helpless move as their future was unknown.


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