My Vampire System Chapter 2100 Walking Out

The two masked figures were incredibly strong, Edvard already knew that and he had a feeling that even if he was to face one of them on his own, he would most likely lose, but the question was, how were such strong people by Jim’s side? It was just confirming more and more, what Jim had most likely done, and how much he had changed.

Because the vampires would have never worked with the werewolves, not unless one was just obsessed with strength.

Jim had finished drinking the X tier liquid, and dropped the flask on the floor. He looked toward Edvard, and there was a slight smile before he rushed over and grabbed the back of Edvard’s head. It was too fast for Edvard to do anything.

“You originals are so arrogant you think you are on top of the world!”

Edvard went to claw at Jim’s hands, but in a similar fashion to a person before, the red aura around Jim slammed down both of the hands. It was being controlled well, and the power was strong enough to hold back an original.

“You know, the reason why I kept you all alive was so you could all know your place. Just because we came from you doesn’t mean we are under you.”

With his hand holding onto Edvard’s head, Jim dragged him over to the table that was in the room, and slammed it right down breaking the table and his sunglasses as well.

He then lifted his head, looking at his face with the broken sunglasses, looking at the glare in his eyes.

“You want to do something, but you can’t, right?” Jim said, as he pulled his head and shoved his knee right into his stomach.

“Screw it!” Edvard said, as he pushed off the ground and tackled right into Jim’s stomach. The hair strands from his head had been ripped out, but Edvard didn’t care. However, Jim wasn’t pushed far as he lifted both hands and slammed them into his back.

It felt like he could feel his bones snap for a second, and when Edvard fell on the floor and looked up, he saw Jim looking down at him.

“This makes no sense?” Edvard said. “Even if you took a higher-tier green liquid, why are you so much stronger… you shouldn’t have this much power.”

It was strange from the beginning but when Edvard was getting attacked, it didn’t just feel like strength from something like blood aura, or natural strength. It was almost like beast crystal energy, the natural power when fighting a beast but that didn’t make sense. Which made Edvard question something.

“What… did you do to your body?” Edvard asked, as he pushed off the ground with both of his hands jumping back, and quickly got back into a fighting stance. “You… I now know you are someone that needs to be stopped.

“I know I might not be able to beat you, or the two guards behind you, but with my luck I might be able to do something.”


Quinn was in the air, floating down as his shadow made wings were allowing him to float in the air. While in this position, he was getting ready to use his soul weapon. He wasn’t so sure how it would work, as he had only used it on beasts and such during his times out once in a while, but against a strong opponent like this.

[Nitro accelerate has come to an end]

Just as Quinn was about to use his soul weapon, his Nitro accelerate had come to an end. He could use its effect to power the armour again from using his blood, however at that moment Ray was right in front of him.

” I was waiting for this!” Ray shouted as he threw his fist down, from above aiming for the top of his head. The shadow wing moved, blocking the attack. But the large amount of energy forced Quinn right into the ground.

His whole body slammed onto the ground, and a dust wave went out shaking the buildings that were nearby. The bottom floor of the buildings started to break and the buildings started to fall.


‘I blocked it with my shadow, and Qi and it still hurt so much.’ Quinn spit out blood from his mouth. ‘I didn’t have time to use my soul weapon either.’

Another large crash happened on the floor, as Ray landed and crashed his feet onto the ground, a shockwave had travelled under hitting Quinn from underneath, and lifting him in the air. Before Quinn could react, Ray had grabbed him and was now holding him by his throat.

“Has this ever happened to you before?” Ray asked. “Someone who has more power and energy over you, someone who is physically stronger, faster and better than you in every way, and now your life is in my hands?”

When asking this question, there was a memeroy that had appeared in Quinn’s head. A time when he did feel so helpless. It was when Arthur had betrayed him. The fight back then was overwhelming and it felt the same way here.

‘I never thought I would feel so weak again, I never thought this would happen after all this, and from all people.’ Quinn thought, as he looked toward Ray and looked into his eyes.

His energy felt unlimited, his power was far stronger. He wasn’t even sure if he was still using the dragon body, maybe most of the Green liquid was coming from the body that Ray was using now.

“No!” Quinn said. “I will… kill Jim for what he has done.”

Moving his fingers Quinn was wondering if there was anything he could do, and that’s when he could feel the shadow that was directly underneath his foot. From there, he started to extend it out and move it and purple ripples could be seen.

It continued to move, and was heading towards Ray shadow, towards his arm shadows that were holding onto Quinn’s neck.

“Quinn!” A voice shouted, it didn’t sound too far and it was a voice that caused all of Quinn’s blood to boil. His worry was turning into anger.

“Will you look at the situation the two of you are in.” The voice continued to say.

Ray, glanced behind him, the original leaders that had avoided getting so hurt were taking a look and they could see it. The person that Quinn had been looking for, the one he had been searching for, was right here. Jim Eno had arrived, and he wasn’t alone.

“I wanted to tell you in person that your little plan, has failed.” Jim lifted up a bloody Edvard by the scruff of his shirt. There were wounds covering his body from head to toe, deep cuts that weren’t quite healing, large numbers of holes in his clothes from blasts of energy or whatnot. At the same time, a faint weak heartbeat could be heard.

‘Edvard… he got in that state… because of me?’

His anger at Jim, was turning into regret, regret for getting other people involved in this mess of a situation. In the end, this fight had accomplished nothing. Nell was dead, Edvard had been defeated and they were still none the wiser as to how memories were being changed.

The leaders on the side seeing Edvard like so were confused as well. Why was Jim holding him, had Edvard betrayed them, if that was the case, why would he? Things weren’t making complete sense to the original leaders, but in this situation where there wasn’t much they could do, they decided to keep their mouths shut.

“I don’t know how you managed to convince him to work for you, but you can see the result. The best thing for you to have done was disappear, because trust me, no one is on your side.”

Two masked figures had come out from the building and landed by Jim. One was large while the other was regular human sized. Jim said a few words, and they soon started to remove their masks revealing who they were.

“Peter… Chris.”


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