My Vampire System Chapter 2099 The Legendary Armour

Ray’s fist had been thrown out, he was still in one position like a statue and in front of him, a large part of the city had been destroyed. It looked like a train had gone through, ripping everything apart that was in the way.

There were some Namriks that had been in that particular direction, and it was clear that they were no longer, not even a part of their body was left to bury. This was the power of Ray Talen. The ancient red dragon that had unmatched power on Earth and right now, had armour that had been made from his own dragon body.

Although he didn’t have the same amount of power as he had once before, the strength was on the same level, his power was unmatched, and strong enough to break through the shadow.

“Haha, you are quite fast.” Ray smiled, as he turned around,

and could see Quinn right there with two guns in his hands.

At the same time, the shadow was hovering over his back and had formed into wings, allowing him to use the shadow easily.

“Weapons… I thought we would be able to fight hand to hand!” Ray declared, but in the middle of his speech, Quinn had already pulled the trigger.

Several blood bullets came out right towards Ray, and holding up his arms the bullets had dinged off the armour. The blood bullets didn’t go through, nor did it seem to damage the armour at all.

‘What is that armour?’ Quinn thought. ‘The guns allow me to condense my blood into a single point. My blood aura has also evolved and yet it can’t do anything against that armour he’s wearing. Is it armour that Is on the level of a god slayer?’ Quinn thought.

Ray, rushed forward from where he was planning to throw another punch, the original leaders that were behind him decided to move after what they had seen last time, but the power was more condensed into Ray’s fist as he got the air again.

‘My shadow can’t block his attacks, but while I have the Nitro accelerate active, he can’t keep up with my speed.’ Quinn thought.

Now behind Ray, Quinn used the guns again, firing out a Qi bullet this time. The attacks hit the armour once more with Ray blocking the bullets from hitting his head, but when the bullets hit, it didn’t even push Ray back.

The armour protected him and his own strength was stronger than the power in the bullets.

“Oh, those felt a little different… that was Qi, right? Maybe I should try the same thing.” Ray lifted his hand. And energy started to gather in his fingers.

As he pointed it at Quinn, he started to do the same, as he imitated a gun with his hand. Condensed Qi was coming out, and Quinn’s shadow was unable to act quick enough, so he moved out of the way of the bullets instead.

‘Something has to work, I have to try everything I can!’

Although Quinn wasn’t so sure they would work so well, he still used all of the bullets that he had in his arsenal.

Avoiding the strikes from Ray, Quinn was firing away, shooting out the blood forest bullet, blood forest bullet, a blood fairy bullet, even the dhampir bullet but none of it worked. When the blood forest bullet hit the armour and tried to spread, it started to evaporate on the spot.

Quinn couldn’t figure out why this was happening, and at the same time he was running out of time. That’s when the shadow bullet was fired out, and when this hit the armour, it started to spread in spots over the armour.

Ray looked down at his armour as he could see the spot where he had been hit by the shadow bullet start to spread and join up covering more of the armour.

“Krad… it seems that you are giving me trouble even after you have passed.” Ray stated as he spread out his arms and stomped on the ground. The rush of energy covered himself and the armour, and even the shadow bullets had disappeared.

For the first time, since he had received the new guns, none of the bullets had worked. If he couldn’t hurt the enemy in front of him, then how could he beat him.

‘I have to… get close!’ Quinn thought, as he started to run forward. Firing a shadow bullet, one had missed Ray completely, while another was fired in front of him opening up a portal. Leaping through the portal, Quinn had appeared directly by the side of Ray, and he threw out a full hardened blood aura fist that hit him in the side of the head.

His body was flung to the side, and before his body was pulled away, the shadow wing had formed into a hand, grabbing Ray, and slamming his entire body into the ground.

Quinn charged in again, since he had made a successful hit on the head, he felt like he could beat him. The shadow hand had soon been cut by Ray’s sharp claw hands though, making it completely disappear.

Scales started to grow on his human-like face, and opening his mouth it had stretched as energy was starting to build up. It was glowing in the mouth, and the next second, a large blast of energy came out.

It was an attack that was similar to Laxmus’ blood breath, but the attack seemed to be a lot more powerful. The air was distorting everywhere, it looked warped and from the side when one looked, they couldn’t see the colours around the attack but only the attack itself.

The attack came out lighting fast, and Quinn didn’t even have time to enter his shadow space, so instead his whole body was made into the shadow body. While his wings moved in front of him trying his best to block the attack.

As the blast hit the shadow wings, Quinn could see that holes were appearing through the shadow.

“I have to move out of the way!” Quinn shouted, as he ran but the range of the attack was incredibly large, and as Quinn moved Ray was moving his head as well. The shadow moved away more and more. The shadow wings had practically been destroyed and now the attack was hitting his shadow like body.

[99/100 HP]

[98/100 HP]

[97/100 HP]

Every moment that passed the attack was hurting Quinn, and it felt like he was unable to do anything to stop the attack. His HP was going down each time he was in the energy.

‘The armour, I can surpass the time limit with my HP, but if I get hit by one of those punches from Ray, I think I’ll be done for. I can’t keep losing my HP like this!’

Quinn sprinted as fast as he could, and pulled out the gun, in the energy the weapon wasn’t getting destroyed and he shot a shadow bullet away and one in the ground disappearing and appearing in the air above the attack.

Now in the air, Quinn could see that nearly all of the buildings in one half of the city had been comely destroyed due to the energy blast from Ray.

[67/100 HP]

‘I… have to do something. I don’t have celestial energy, and I have to beat him… maybe there is something I can do.’

Out from his shadow, Quinn pulled out the tier 8 dalki blood, it would restore his health and would give him a power boost as well. Honestly he didn’t want to use the blood that was made by Jim, but in this situation what choice did he have.

Gulping the drink down, Quinn saw his HP restore back to what it was, but he needed to do more.

‘When I was a celestial, my soul weapon had changed, I’m no longer a celestial so I don’t know if my soul weapon will be the same as it was before, but there might even be a chance that it’s completely different, but I have to see!’

Quinn started to bring out his soul weapon, the twin tail chain.


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