My Vampire System Chapter 2098 Take Down Jim

Around the planet the pressure of the original energy that was released was starting to let up a litte. People were finding it easier to move as all of the energy seemed to be gathering back in one place, the heart of where the battle was.

Still, once in a while shockwaves of energy would still be sent out. The best way to deal with them was for Edvard to use his own blood aura to stop the attack.

‘Quinn, it looks like you’re holding out. I said I would do this for you, and that I will.’

Edvard was standing in front of the large government building that was built by the Namriks and he wasted no time as he burst through the doors and started to run in.

They were on the top floor before and running up the stairs would be quicker than taking the elevator. Edvard ran as fast as he could going up one after the other, but not without worry and thoughts running through his head.

‘As an original I’ve lived a long life, I’ve done a lot of things. Some I’m not so proud of and others that I was proud of, but it has all been for the sake of the vampire settlement. Now I’m doing the same again.

‘If I fail to take down Jim here, then it’s over, my whole life as an original is over, but at least I can go out in a proud way.’ Edvard thought as he burst through the final set of doors and into the office that was being used for the planet wide broadcast.

Jim was inside, seemingly he was speaking to a group of people.

‘There are others in here as well, I wasn’t expecting this.’

Jim wasn’t alone, and instead had several others that smelled like vampires in the room. They had masks on their faces, covering them up. When sniffing the air again, Edvard noticed there were a few other smells mixed in there but decided to disregard it as he needed to focus on the goal.

‘No, this doesn’t change anything. I can’t believe it, after all this time I’m nervous, me, a vampire original, the coolest of the vampire originals!’ Edvard told himself as he was still wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt and a pair of sunglasses, although his shirt was slightly ruined from the attack from Quinn earlier.

“What are you doing here Edvard?” Jim asked, as he turned around. Two of the masked figures were standing in front of Jim, both of them of different sizes, as one was quite a bit larger than the other.

“The others told me it was best if I made a report sir.” Edvard said as he continued to walk forward towards Jim. “The footage is no longer showing. The spaceships are unable to fly close to the situation due to the shockwaves of power. The leaders are unable to face the mysterious vampire… who is he?”

Edvard was putting on his best acting skills, as he showed a desperate face and was walking a little funny due to the marking that was made on his stomach. He needed to get close enough to make an attack right on Jim’s neck, killing him on the spot.

The truth was, Edvard didn’t know how skillful Jim was, no one did, which was why he was cautious. Another original vampire would be able to tell the second one tried to use blood aura clearly going for an attack.

“The man keeps telling us to bring out Jim Eno!” Edvard continued. “Who is this person, why do they want you?”

Jim placed his hand on his chin as he came up with an answer.

“There are those that have a similar power to ours but are not quite the same… My guess is he is a being not from this world. A while ago, I tried to stop the beings known as celestials from unleashing these demons into our world, but there is a chance that one of them escaped and now is after me for revenge.”

It was the story that all of the others knew, and one of the stories that classified Jim as a hero to the others. Now, Edvard was about five metres away from where Jim was, with enough speed, it was a chance to take out even an original leader from this distance.

One attack might not be enough and he would have to follow up with another, but this was the original ninth leader and the luck of the Fortuna family was on his side.

“I see, is that the case?” Edvard stated. “Then can you answer me this, why does he have the Punisher’s power, the ability of the shadow.”

The question had stumped Jim quite clearly, as he didn’t have an answer for it and he was a little startled.

‘Now, this is my chance!’ Edvard rushed forward taking a strong step off the ground, his nails were hardened and sharpened and it was a single sidse strike aiming right for the neck.

‘It’s perfect! My luck has served me once again, I don’t care what happens after this, let my attack go through!’

With his careful eyesight Edvard could tell, Jim was too slow to react, even though he was pulling back. Jim never expected one of the originals to attack him, not without showing displeasure first.

In this case he was double stunned by the question and actions, but suddenly, Edvard’s hand had missed the throat, as Jim moved back. At the same time Edvard’s hand continued but it was grabbed right by the wrist.

‘I can’t move my hand!’ Edvard thought. ‘I’m not using any blood aura, but I still have the strength of a vampire lord, an original, and the VIII green liquid. How has my hand been stopped so easily, and how did Jim avoid that attack.’

When looking at who had grabbed his wrist, he could see it was one of the masked men in the room. One of the larger muscular ones, and on top of that, it was another masked person that had pulled Jim by the back of his shirt out of the way.

“You tried to betray me, an original, why would you dare betray me!” Jim shouted, but he soon had figured it out. “I see now, you and that person are in cahoots.

“He must have brainwashed you, or fed you with lies, but it doesn’t matter, we can get rid of them.”

Edvard knew what these words meant. When the originals were awoken their memories weren’t altered so much, but they were told what the truth was, but now they would alter his memories so he would fight for Jim. If that was the case, then Edvard would rather die, then be used as a tool!

He attempted to pull his arm away but the masked man still held onto it firmly in place.

“What was your plan, to get rid of my precious guard so you could get me on my own?” Jim asked. “Did you really think I would only rely on a single person? Did you think that I would allow the same thing to happen to me again?

“Chris! You can let him go, Peter, thanks for helping me out there.” Jim said.

These names meant nothing to Edvard. However, he soon realised that the two of them didn’t smell like human’s and they were both scents he had smelled before. For one, it was the smell of an undead, then the other.

‘How… can that be… I thought they were all gone. No wonder he has such strength, what is a werewolf doing here?’ Edvard thought.

‘I made a mistake. I thought that the other one was the only one that we had to worry about… but to take down Jim, with these people by his side, we will need a lot more power!’

The man named Chris had let go of Edvard, but the other one named Peter was already behind the door not allowing him to escape.

“Don’t worry I will deal with you myself!” Jim said as he brought a flask out from his side. “You have to save the best for yourself, after all.”

On the side of the flask there was an X marking.


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