My Vampire System Chapter 2097 System Collide (Part 2)

The appearance wasn’t quite what Quinn had seen before, and it was the same with the armour the person was wearing. He recognised none of it, but the fluctuations in one’s voice and the voice itself was something that Quinn could never forget.

A long time ago, on Blade island, Quinn had heard the tablet speak out to him, and the voice that was heard then, was the same voice he had heard now. Even then for a small while, this person had travelled a bit inside his head, yet here he was, in a human-like form and was as strong as ever.

‘Ray…Talen, my long lost ancestor.’ Quinn took a step back for a second, not too sure if he was ready for a fight or not.

For one, the quest screen that hadn’t appeared in a long time had appeared and the quest itself was for him to simply survive. Which meant even with how strong Quinn had gotten, it was evaluating the one that was in front of him as several levels above Quinn himself.

‘If I remember correctly, Ray said he was once a Red Dragon, a beast that roamed Earth that even Bliss had to deal with. He had so much power that the abilities that the humans used today, had derived from him.’ Quinn thought. ‘If you were so strong, then how did your memory get changed as well?’

Right now, although there was no way to confirm it, Quinn had assumed that Ray had managed to get back most of his strength. Whether or not that included the abilities he once had it was hard to say.

Still, Quinn would have assumed someone so powerful would have had a way to stop such a thing from happening.

‘The only thing I can think of is if the memory wiping ability is really a god slayer ability, but just what memories did they change to have him working under Jim.’

It was then that Quinn thought of something.

“You are not the type of person to work under someone else. Aren’t you a free spirit? Why are you doing someone else’s dirty work?” Quinn asked.

Ray smiled when he heard this question.

“Do you know me? Based on your question it seems you do, but I can’t remember you so why do I have to answer your questions.”

Lifting his hand in the air, Quinn was expecting an attack any second, but instead, the armour lit up slightly red and with a swing of his fist, it looked like he had hit a wall. There were almost cracks that appeared in the air, and the whole area was shaking.

The blood blades that were keeping all of the Original leaders busy had shattered breaking into red particles that fell to the ground.

‘What was that… he just got rid of all my blood baldes like it was nothing. There was no Qi infused in that, but the blood is an evolved version of what the other vampires could use. What powers does he have?’

“You should have more than that up your sleeve, otherwise, I will be very very disappointed.” Ray said, walking forward.

Quinn lifted his hand in the air, and started to form the large blood drill, this time infusing his Qi into it, and spinning it with his blood control. It was the same attack that was used on Edvard only, this time it was an attack that was meant to hit.

“I guess if I told you that you were an ancestor of mine, you wouldn’t believe me, right?” Quinn stated.

“Nope!” Ray replied, getting into a fighting stance as he saw the large blood drill being made.

“That’s fine, the two of us didn’t really have much of a connection with each other in the first place!” Quinn shouted, as he ran forward and shoved the giant blood drill right towards Ray.

The vampire originals were planning to get involved in the fight, but unlike with the attack with Edvard, when the drill was thrusted forward, the evolved vampire aura was oozing out towards them, even with their green liquid they were finding it hard to move and decided it was best if they stay out of this fight and stay by the side.

When the drill was close to hitting Ray right in the heart, with both of his hands, he clapped hard, hitting it a little up from its tip and stopping the tip from hitting his armour.

The drill was still spinning, designed to rip apart anything that it touched but Ray’s hands, they weren’t burning up or disappearing, it was nothing of the sort. A few moments later, using the power of his shoulders as well he crushed the drill shattering it into particles once more.

‘He did it again, the blood aura… it seems to be useless against him! But I somewhat expected that!’ Quinn stated as he mixed in with the blood drill a large amount of the third stage of Qi.

So far Qi had been one of the most versatile skills he had, allowing him to increase the strength of his shadow, his blood, and attacks in hidden ways as well as slow down the healing. In some ways when nothing else worked, Qi was the answer to Quinn’s problems.

Right after shattering the blood drill, Ray took the palm of both of his hands, and started to move them as if he was taking in some invisible force, and soon that force was becoming very visible as yellow strands of energy could be seen combining into a ball.

“You have a lot of Qi, you are quite powerful. You say you’re my ancestor and you try to use Qi against me. That was not a good idea.” Ray with the ball in his hand hurled it towards Quinn.

He had no choice but to use more Qi and blood aura to stop the ball and as the two forces coldied the whole area shook, the buildings nearby and the ground beneath. Large gusts of wind blew out from the attack from both of them.

“This is not what I expected at all, this is boring!” Ray stated, as he rushed forward, there was power charging up in his fist. Quinn could feel it, it felt like if that fist was to hit the ground the whole planet would be destroyed.

It didn’t look like a power or a skill but simply just raw energy. Which left Quinn no choice, as the shadow came out from his back and came from under his arm, forming a shield.

Ray threw out his fist and it was stopped. There were no vibrations of any sort, yet even though the attack was stopped, Quinn could still feel the energy slightly, almost seeping through the skin.

“This shadow… Now I know why you felt so familiar. I took out this power once, and I can take it out again!” Ray stated as the armour on his body started to light up, and Ray had unleashed even more power.

Although the shadow was meant to stop all attacks and Quinn could use his shadow without worry, there was something about this attack, so more shadow was added.

One fist hit the wall doing nothing, another fist pounded the shadow wall and it still hadn’t gotten through and then the third was thrown. When it was, it had hit the shadow, and an opening had been made.

The first thing Quinn could see was Ray’s fist and a smile on his face, as he rushed through the gap of the shadow.

“I got you now!” Ray shouted.

The shadow was covering Quinn’s body and the armour had changed on his body, and when Ray threw out his fist. A burst of energy came out the other end, the entire ground was destroyed as the attack continued and went into the sky, continuing further, breaking apart the clouds, and eventually it looked like it was warping space.

“I missed?” Ray said.

Behind him, Quinn now had both his duel guns out.

[Nitro Accelerate activated]

“This fight is not going to be as easy as you think it’ll be.”


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