My Vampire System Chapter 2096 System Collide

When Quinn had finally unleashed his power, allowing it to flow out of him, every being on the planet could feel it, no matter where they were. Whether they were on top of a mountain, or deep in the sea.

Although the red aura didn’t spread that far, Quinn’s energy levels had grown to the point where it would affect the universe itself. After all, it was part of the reason why the celestials, who saw themselves as warriors of the Universe, wished to eliminate these threats known as god slayers.

It was safe to say that the energy had also reached the government tower. There was no special material that would block certain types of energy, and Jim had felt it at that moment while in his office.

“What on Earth is going on!” Jim shouted, whether it was in anger or fear it was hard to know. This feeling, it was something he had never felt before, a power that was unmatched, no not quite unmatched, but a power he never felt so powerful, coming from a vampire at least.

“I need to see what’s happening, I need to see who is causing this mess?” Jim said as he started to head to the door.

“If you do that you will die.” A voice from behind said to him. “I know you are strong, and you have grown quite a bit stronger as well, but trust me. This is not an opponent for you unless you want to be killed.”

Jim hadn’t turned around, as there was a vein popping out on his forehead. After already having experienced real death once, and now living in a cloned body, his mind was the closest to what it once was. He had focused on using everything he had. His knowledge, the powers around him, and the powers of others, in order to make him stronger.

It was safe to say that Jim believed that even if he was to go against the original vampires, he wouldn’t lose. However, there was a fact that he had to accept, something that he had witnessed, there were simply those that were destined for power. Those that were so strong that Jim felt like even in a 100 vampire lifetimes he would never be able to achieve that level, and if this person said he wasn’t strong enough, then it would certainly be the case.

“I see.” Jim said replying. “If he has gone this far, then I guess he is after my life. We have to stop him.”

The man jumped from where he was, breaking a hole right through the roof as he stayed on the ceiling. As soon as he was gone, the expression on Jim’s face had changed. From one looking dreadfully worried, to annoyance.

“Who would dare do such a thing!” Jim said, going back to his seat and kicking the Namrik governor on his side, causing him to fall to the ground. “Bring me a report now of what us going on out there.”

It didn’t take long, as a projection was being shown of exactly what was going on. The broadcast had ended, it looked like the energy that was being produced had disrupted the ships flying and the cameras, causing them to break, but Jim was able to watch the footage that appeared before that moment.

When the camera clearly showed who was on the screen, all of the muscles in Jim’s body started to tense up.

“HIM!!!! QUINN TALEN!!!” Jim shouted, while gritting his teeth, but his anger, the tension in his body soon left it, as he started to laugh. “HAHAH! No, this is perfect.

“I knew that this day would come. The day that you would come and try stop me. Look at that face! Look at it. How does it feel, tell me how does it feel, that everyone you loved, everyone you cared about, and everyone you fought for, doesn’t even know you.

“You ruined my plans, working with Richard, and working side by side with Vincent! What were you doing all this time, why did it take you so long!”

After speaking non stop, Jim had to take a breath. He was so riled up, and was breathing quite heavily in and out. He soon wiped the strand of black hair that was over one of his eyes away from his face and tucked it behind his ear.

“It doesn’t matter, you will be dealt with now.” Jim smiled. “Because there is no chance that you can beat him.”


Outside, Edvard was walking towards the building, but he had yet to see a certain individual act, but that’s when a large blood spear shot over his head. At just the right angle, Edvard could see that the figure was holding the condensed blood in his hand.

If a normal person, not even a normal vampire, was to hold such a thing it would have disintegrated their skin, but it didn’t for this man, who lifted the spear up and hurled it back right toward Quinn.

Moments later, the man was seen jumping from the building and was now in the air, heading right towards the direction of where the fight was taking place.

‘He finally left that man’s side.’ Edvard thought. ‘This is it, this is the only chance that we will have to get rid of Jim. Quinn, you don’t have to win the fight against that monster. I’m not counting on it, but I just need you to buy enough time for me to get rid of Jim.’

As Edvard rushed forward, running toward the building, he had a horrible thought, because there was something he had kept from Quinn, and he was wondering if he should have told him about it. It wouldn’t have changed anything but he wished he had informed the other.

‘I’m sorry, Quinn I never knew it would come to this. If I did, I would have never offered it to him. I would have never offered him my armour.’ Edvard thought.

Thinking back to the day, the day Edvard had woken up, he had done so, wearing a dark red armour. It looked similar to the blood armour that vampires wore, but it was anything but blood armour. The thing was, when Edvard woke up, the man, who always stood by Jim’s side, had recognised it.

Not only that, but Edvard could feel it, he could feel the armour that was with him reacting to the man by his side. The armour that Edvard used was something that did him well, during a past war and was something that allowed him to excel above the other originals.

But, he thought that it deserved to be with its rightful owner, which is why he had handed it to the man by Jim’s side. From a glance, Edvard could tell that this person was already incredibly strong, but it seemed like the armour was the missing piece he needed before he was complete, and right there and then, he felt like he was possibly staring at the strongest being in the entire universe.

‘That is the type of person you are going up against… but I know you are strong as well. Based on what you told me, you have an ability inside you Quinn, an ability to overcome, to learn and adapt to any situation you are put in!’ Edvard clenched his teeth.


Through the sky, the small dot soon landed right in front of the original leaders, breaking the ground beneath him. He soon stood up, and unlike the originals, he wasn’t affected by the aura that was floating around all over the place.

The man started to walk to the person in front of him, as he played with the gauntlets of the amour around his arms. Small dragon scale like designs could be seen on the armour as one looked at the gauntlets closely.

“There is something about you that reminds me of someone.” The man said. “Something that I really don’t like, but I’m a bit happy to see you at the same time. I don’t know why. Either way, I’m hoping you are someone who won’t disappoint me, I haven’t had a decent fight in a long time.” The man said, as he brushed his hand through his red hair.

“Why…” Quinn was left with his mouth open, as he was shocked to see who the person was, the one who was always by Jim’s side, an opponent he wished he never would have to face.

For the first time in a long time, Quinn had heard a ding.

[New quest has been received]

[Quest: Survive]


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