My Vampire System Chapter 2095 Bring Out Jim (Part 5)

Far in the distance from the other leaders, the bottom half of a building had been crushed. The rubble started to move, and coughing sounds were heard as Edvard had emerged.

“Damn it, that really hurt a lot more than I thought it would.” Edvard said, still kneeling over, but there were no serious wounds on his body. In fact, for the large attack that had hit, he looked nearly completely fine.

“I guess Quinn didn’t forget too much about the plan then.” Edvard smiled to himself.

During their meeting, as to how they would deal with Jim Eno, there was a plan that had been put in place, and that was for Edvard to be struck and knocked out of the fight, towards the beginning. This was why he had decided to attack first.

The only thing was, when Edvard saw the large blood drill, its power and how fast it was spinning, he wasn’t too sure if Quinn had remembered or not, because he could imagine his entire body being ripped to shreds with no hope of healing after taking on something like that.

In the end, Quinn had something even Edvard couldn’t comprehend, it was like an invisible force. An incredibly strong force had pushed him, meanwhile the blood aura was controlled so well that it covered Edvard’s entire body blocking him, yet not a single part of it had touched him.

The reason why Edvard was hurt was due to the invisible force attack. Standing, Edvard needed to recover fast, because there was still a big part of his job that needed to be completed. Taking a step or two. Edvard was ready to head to the large building, until a wave of energy had hit him.

He turned his head, and outside, it had changed.

‘What… is going on? Am I imagining things?’

Edvard wasn’t so sure, as he rubbed his eyes, but the air, it looked like it had a tint of red, but not only that. There was energy running rampant, it was heavy and it almost felt like it was pressing him down. The energy almost had a will, and Edvard was finding it hard to move.

‘It’s Quinn… he’s unleashed his energy.’ Edvard thought. ‘I… never knew he had such power. I knew I perhaps underestimated him, but even when I consider my underestimations, this is far more powerful then I imagined.

‘It’s stronger than any original, and that’s just the energy I feel from this far away. Still, will it be enough? At least, this should be enough to get his attention.’ Edvard thought as he looked at the government building.

The thing was, Edvard wasn’t the only one that could feel the energy. While watching what was going on through the screen, no one could believe it, because it occurred at the same time the red aura was unleashed from Quinn’s body.

A heavy feeling was felt in the air, and many of the vampires had fallen to their knees, due to the pressure of the energy.

“What is this?” Yip asked, as he was one of the ones that fell to his knees.

Ronkin, was doing his best as the muscles in his neck tensed up, to stand up pushing through.

“Can’t you tell, even though you’re watching it for yourself. That energy is from Quinn. He was never the type to lie, but was always the type to hide things about himself!”

“You’re right.” Jeouk commented, sweat running down the side of his face. “If this is the type of power he has, then it’s unlikely he was lying about being the king… but then why. Why can’t we remember?”

It was a question in many heads, some were coming up with their own conclusions, that maybe this vampire was another original that was unheard of that the others kept in secret. Maybe one that had been kicked out of the settlement and had been building up power for an incredibly long time.

The problem was with their memories, people were inclined to trust their own heads. They could remember the feeling, the moment and the time something happened. It was hard to go against them, which was why most of the vampires were still unconvinced as to who Quinn was.


At the scene itself, the red waves of aura going through the air were incredibly thick, and they were all pointed towards the original leaders. The red waves were furious as they came out of Quinn’s body and was something the leaders had never experienced.

“Why… can’t we move, it’s not the influence skill!” Magnus said, as he went to take a step forward but then the aura just pushed him back. Just with his strength alone he was unable to do anything. So he tried to cover his body in blood aura, and sharpen it to cut through the aura.

He rushed forward but the same thing happened again. It was a similar feeling to one trying to fight against a waterfall, and they were unable to get to the source of that waterfall of blood aura energy. Out of all the original leaders though, there was one that was being affected the most.

“I didn’t do anything… I didn’t do anything, please forgive me.” Grenlet was on the ground, his head was on the floor, and it almost looked like he was begging. It was a strange reaction to say the least and when the other leaders saw this, it was clear he was out of the fight, and unreliable.

The vampires could move, but they were unable to get close to Quinn, and seeing this, Hikel was the first to act, as he went ahead and pulled out the Green flask with VIII on the side. He drank it immediately, and soon his whole body was energised, with a great power, he was three times as strong as he usually would be, and it gave him the will to push through.

“You shouldn’t underestimate us originals!” Hikel stated, as he cut his hand slightly, and was ready to attack.

The other leaders, seeing what Hikel had done, soon did the same as each one of them pulled the high tier flask’s and started to drink the blood. They too were now ready to move, but Hikel was still at the front as he swung out his arm, and the blood droplets went through the air, heading straight toward Quinn.

“I told you before… I was the king of the vampires, but not only that, I was the last king, and there is a reason for that. Absolute blood control. Although I might not be a celestial anymore, my body evolved beyond that of the vampire lord, and that is still the case now.” Quinn stated, as he swung his hand and the blood that was in the air, it moved right back at Hikel and lit up as a large explosion went off, hitting him back to where he was.

From the side, Magnus had appeared, and with a bloody claw, he was about to take a swipe at Quinn, until a red blood sword struck down hitting Magnus’ hand away. The sword was floating through the air, and continued to hit Magnus again and again.

‘This blood aura… how is it so strong, I can feel it. It isn’t the same as ours, and just with blood aura alone he is able to suppress us, even after taking the Green Liquid, none of this makes sense, even if he was king!’ Magnus thought.

Soon, one sword had become many, as Quinn had them all over behind his back, and several swords were fighting against the original leaders. They were doing their best to just survive against blood swords.

‘After taking the blood from those demons from the other world, my blood aura improved, more so than I thought. I have been fighting strong enemies after strong enemies… that I guess I just didn’t realise how much stronger I had become.’

Right now, Quinn didn’t have to lift a finger, there was no need to use his guns, his soul weapon, or his shadow, and he could still suppress every one of the original leaders in front of him.

“That person still hasn’t come out. Well, I know exactly what to do then.” Quinn said.

The blood swords on their own, weren’t enough to kill the leaders, but it allowed Quinn to do something else he wanted. Gathering aura, gathering the blood that had been spilt in the city, including that of the Namriks, Quinn was forming it into a weapon.

A long range weapon he gradually came to enjoy the use of. The blood formed into that of a spear. The blood was condensed down, and the spear was pulsating with energy. It wasn’t a complete red as the Namriks’ blood was mixed in, but just like Quinn, aura was emitting from the weapon flowing everywhere.

“This should get your attention!” Quinn shouted as he hurled the spear, throwing it with all his strength through the air.

Several sound barriers were broken as bang after bang was heard from the weapon. Sparks of red lighting were coming out of the weapon, and it was dead on target. Before it reached it though, it looked like the weapon had stopped midair somehow. A small little black dot could be seen.

‘Is that a person?’ Quinn thought as he tried to focus, but before he knew it, the spear was coming right towards him. Moving to the side, Quinn had caught it but the strength and speed of the weapon caused him to skid across the ground. He needed to dig his feet into the concrete to slow himself down when the spear had eventually stopped.

‘They… threw my blood spear back? Who… who would have the strength to do that?’ Quinn thought.


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