My Vampire System Chapter 2094 Bring Out Jim (Part 4)

The spaceship above was roaming around slowly, it was hovering in the air, almost silent. Being powered by beast crystals was even more efficient and quieter than electric, so it would mostly go unnoticed, but what it did do was give everyone a clear view of what was going on, and they could see that not just one leader had come out because of this person, but all of the leaders of the vampire families.

“Crap!” Ronkin said, as he saw this on the screen, his whole fist was shaking and as he opened his mouth to say more, Yip and Jeouk quickly covered his mouth, pulling him away from the screen.

“You need to stop giving it away that we know Quinn!” Yip whispered into Ronkin’s ear, and removed his hand after Ronkin had calmed down a little.

“Do you think this matters, the leaders have come out. Maybe we can do something, maybe if we just go to them and explain that he’s a little annoyed because one of our friends died, they would understand!” Ronkin explained.

“I don’t think that will help.” Jeouk stated. “I think… this might be what Quinn wanted.”


The leaders had gathered. Unlike the rest of the city, they weren’t really watching the report that was going on, but instead every vampire from nearly every family had asked for assistance, and due to the situation they had decided to go inspect it themselves.

Some thought it might be the Namrik’s trump card acting up, something that they hadn’t told anyone about yet. After all, taking over the city had been far easier than any of them had expected, but now they could see that wasn’t the case at all.

“It’s you.” Hikel said as he stood in the centre. “Your name, it was Quinn, correct?”

The leaders were looking at the mess he had created, all of the vampires that were on the ground.

‘Did he do all of this, on his own? He is not an ordinary vampire that’s for sure.’ Hikel thought.

“Of course you were no ordinary vampire.” Magnus said with a sinister look. If stares could kill, this was surely one of them. “He must have been hiding his abilities the entire time. No wonder his daughter was so skilled. We should have looked into it more.”

The other leaders thought the same, each one of them had seen him that day that they stood outside of his house, and yet the vampire was unfazed by them, free to speak his mouth, as if he had nothing to fear.

“Why are you here, why don’t you listen to the other vampire’s orders and return back!” Hikel asked. “If you give a reasonable explanation for why you have done all of this, then we can lighten your punishment, at the end of the day, we are both vampires and we shouldn’t be fighting against each other.”

Hikel was always calm minded, he had the qualities of a leader but never took the position, giving it to the other originals or voting for others. His calm minded approach often worked, but Edvard knew it wouldn’t work in this situation.

“I’m here to get rid of Jim Eno. You can either bring him out, or move out of the way.” Quinn stated.

There was anger in his voice, his eyes were glowing red and it was clear as day what he wanted to do to Jim Eno.

“He just threatened the hero!” Magnus shouted. “Why are you giving him a chance, he should be killed on the spot and it will be my pleasure!”

When Magnus went to move forward, Hikel moved his arm up, blocking Magnus from making a move.

“I said explain yourself, why would you want to get rid of Jim Eno?” Hikel asked once more.

The last time he had seen this man, he seemed happy. Before Hikel had left, he could see the large smile on his face as he was left alone with his wife and daughter. So why now of all times, during the war, would one act this way?

“His name was Nell Holland. A vampire guard that worked for the ninth family, and I’m sure there were many more, many more that died in this war for a pointless reason.” Quinn explained gritting his teeth. “People who died, believing they were doing a good thing, heeding a good man, but Jim Eno is not a good man, he is nothing but a fraud!” Quinn swung his arm out, with such power and speed, the wind in the air had even reached the leaders on the other side who were at least fifty metres away.

They were quite shocked by this, because it was an insight into the vampire’s strength.

“Who are you?” Edvard asked, stepping up. “Tell us who you are really.”

Looking at all of them, the screen still on all of them, Quinn opened his mouth.

“My name is Quinn Talen. I am the seventh vampire king of the vampire settlement and the last!” Quinn declared. “None of you will know or remember my name because Jim Eno has removed it from all of your memories, but I am here to do my duty.

“As King, I will make sure the vampire settlement is a safe place for all and get rid of Jim Eno!”

The original leaders were stunned at what they were hearing. A king, everyone forgetting their memories that seemed impossible, and the reaction was pretty much the same everywhere else.

Those watching on their screens bursted into laughter.

“A crazy delusional vampire.”

“Give one a bit of power and it all goes towards their heads. If he is king, then I’m a dog.”

“Quinn…” Ronkin let out a last breath, because he felt like all of it was an act of desperation from Quinn at that moment.


“Now you see, we have to get rid of him.” Magnus said.

This time, Hikel had no argument, this vampire was dangerous for the settlement, they had to get rid of him.

“I will take him out!” Edvard said as he walked forward. “There is no need for all of us to take on just one vampire. It would be an embarrassment if the other vampires were to see us all ganging up on him.”

Although they knew the vampire in front of them was strong, none of them had seen Quinn use a large amount of blood aura, or felt his energy first hand. Correction, there were two there that had felt a fraction of Quinn’s power.

“He is part of the ninth family, so it is only right that his leader should deal with him.” Edvard said, as he stood in front of the others.

Since the leader’s couldn’t really disagree with this, they allowed him to continue. Edvard’s eyes started to glow red, and the aura was covering his body. It soon wrapped around his two fists, glowing bright red, and the next second, he leapt from his position crushing the ground beneath him.

He went towards Quinn at a fast speed, and red aura was gathering on his entire arm, there were streams of it flowing through the air. It was always amazing to see the originals use blood powers, to use it in a certain way and with them having better blood control than anyone else, they were able to do some amazing things.

At that moment though, Quinn lifted his hand, and in a speed that was incomparable to them, blood aura had gathered around his hand. It was a large amount constantly wrapping around in one place, soon taking the shape of a drill.

The blood aura then started to spin, at such a speed, all of it through Quinn’s blood control. When Edvard approached Quinn, he threw out the blood drill and when it touched Edvard’s fist, it had broken all of his blood aura ripping it to shreds.

‘This is going to hurt… but I need to do this!’ Edvard reached with his hand forward, and the attack hit him sending his entire body back flying through the air, and he went right past the leaders, tumbling on the ground and was nowhere to be seen.

All of the leader’s eyes widened in that moment, as one of their own had been dealt with, in a single hit.

“That b*stard, so you say you’re a king, well you’re not the only one that was once a king!” Magnus shouted, but his voice soon trailed off as he looked at what was in front of him, because they couldn’t explain what they were seeing.

“Not a single one of you will be able to get close to me.”

The red aura was seeping out of Quinn’s body in waves, as it hit the leaders where they were. They could feel it, an intense blood aura, that was heavy. It felt different compared to any other blood aura they had felt before, as Quinn had unleashed all of his energy, no longer suppressing it, no longer holding it back, for every single life form on the planet to feel.

HIs blood aura was erupting, spiralling all over the place, and those closest to him, just like Quinn said, were unable to move.


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