My Vampire System Chapter 2093 Bring Out Jim (Part 3)

The first attack had been produced by Quinn, and the vampires that were in the capital were all at least at the permanent guard level. To see one of their fellow vampires get taken out in a single hit, by a vampire at that, was quite confusing for them all.

However, it was clear that this vampire, for some reason, wasn’t following orders. Three of the other vampires that were keeping the Namriks in place, rushed over to where Quinn was and they quickly got in formation surrounding him.

The ship from above was still displaying everything as it repeated the message, to state if anyone knew who this vampire was, and what squad he was in. Yet, all of those with Jeouk, who were watching, not a single one of them had made a report.

The first vampire rushed forward with a blade, and quickly Quinn moved his head to the side, as he hit the vampire on the neck. Another appeared behind him, and Quinn dodged another blow grabbing the back of his head, and throwing him into the third attacker, knocking him over.

The three vampires had quickly been dealt with, and all without the use of blood powers, but just skills and strength.

Seeing this, the other vampires rushed forward in anger, almost forgetting about the Namriks that they were guarding. The first one that arrived, Quinn delivered a large kick into the stomach and the vampire skidded across the floor until he realised that he was no longer able to fight.

An elbow from Quinn was delivered to another right in the face, before raising his arm as he blocked a punch from the side, and delivered one right in the stomach sending the vampire up in the air a few metres, before he fell on his face.

A large slash of red aura was now coming right at Quinn, but with a swing of his arm, he had smashed it apart. It looked like he hadn’t used any aura of his own and had just used his physical hand, that was because that was the case.

With the second stage of Qi, a strike from vampires as weak as this would never harm Quinn’s skin.

“There’s the vampire, over there, we have to put a stop to him!”

Vampires, who were stationed in different areas of the city, were soon coming over to where Quinn was in order to deal with him. One of them using the power of string had wrapped it around Quinn’s hand, it was coated in red blood.

He pulled, planning to slice his hand off but it didn’t work, and instead, Quinn lifted his hand, and swung the vampire into the others. Jumping from his position, Quinn had landed right in front of the other vampires. When landing a pulse of red aura had rushed out and hit all of the vampires in the nearby area.

The vampire aura was so overwhelming for them, overwhelming for their bodies and minds, that they collapsed, knocked out on the floor. It was strange for the vampires, and honestly Quinn wasn’t too sure what had happened himself, but he carried on walking forward because he wasn’t thinking of that at all.

“What is happening?” One of the Namriks said. They were all held up in the park square, but now all of the vampires that were keeping them in place, they were no longer able to fight.

“That person, they look like them. Is there infighting going on?” Another one asked.

“It looks like it, but why, why would they be fighting against each other.”

“I want to know more, what did they do to upset such a powerful vampire.”

The Namriks seeing this weren’t the only ones wanting to know exactly what Quinn’s plan was, as Ronkin and Jeouk continued to stare at the screen.

“What an idiot!” One of the vampires said. “What is he trying to do, is he just trying to show off. He’s in the capital, all of the original leaders are there, knights and more.”

“Shut up!” Ronkin said.

“What? Are you sticking up for the attacker, do you know him, then?” One of the vampires asked, with wandering hands getting ready to report at any second.

“We don’t.” Jeouk interrupted. “It’s just a bit inspiring, we have had losses on our side, maybe you won’t understand that because you arrived after, but people in our squad have died. So please pay him no attention.”

As the two of them continued to watch, they were filled with worry because it was only a matter of time.

Quinn was now back walking down the street, and there was a direct path to the large building in front of him, but multiple vampires were starting to appear with the Namriks following them as their prisoners, while a few ships were now floating above and in his way as well.

Despite seeing all of this in front of him, Quinn continued to walk.

“I understood the Dalki fighting because they just wished to live longer. I understood the Celestials fighting for balance, but the fight today, and the reason why Nell lost his life, I don’t understand at all, and it’s why I need to act.” Quinn said to himself.

Multiple red aura strikes came towards him, some of them were sending a flurry of blood swipes, others were using weapons powering up their aura, and it looked like a wave of vampire aura was coming right towards Quinn.

Seeing this, Quinn waved his hand, unleashing the Qi that he had in his body, using the third stage he had created a wall, crashing with the attacks and stopping every single one of them in their tracks.

There was no need for Quinn to use his blood aura, or combine it with the Qi, just his high level of Qi he had obtained was enough to stop this.

One of the space ships started to fly toward Quinn and was firing blasts of beast energy at him. Quinn moved slightly, avoiding each of the strikes, before jumping in the air, and landing on top of the ship. Throwing his hand out, he broke through the thick glass, and grabbed onto the vampire pilot.

Jumping off, Quinn kicked the ship with his strength causing it to crash into one of the buildings at the side, and threw the vampire to the floor before he landed. The other vampires that had gathered were below him, and with each one, he delivered a single blow knocking them all out.

Another he hooked with his foot and lifted the vampire’s body in the air, flinging him into the others. A few punches, here and there, as he weaved and moved through all of them one by one. All of the vampires were dropping down.

“How is he able to do such a thing.” Yip said out loud in amazement. He had seen Quinn fight, and not tire, but that was against a bunch of guards and nobody vampires, and yet again they were somewhat witnessing the same thing. Quinn going through the vampires, one by one, without using any blood aura and only using fighting techniques.

Only these weren’t just simple guards, they were some of the best vampires he was going against.

“I don’t know… I’m starting to think he’s some master fighter, or a spirit possessed him.” Jeouk commented, as there was no explanation as to who this person was, no memory of someone so great.

A few moments later all of the vampires that had come towards Quinn in the city had been dealt with. They were lying on the floor, passed out, or with broken bones. A little bit of Qi was shocked into their heads, giving them pain, and included in the attacks so their wounds wouldn’t heal so easily.

The camera was now showing something that no one would believe if they hadn’t seen it, as a vampire stood there in the street with several others on the ground around him. The Namriks that were prisoners hadn’t come out, and were waiting between their homes, and around the edges looking out.

Was this some type of miracle? For whatever reason this vampire was getting rid of his allies, their enemy, and they weren’t going to stop him.

Quinn took another step forward continuing down the path, but soon stopped.

“It looks like you finally decided to turn up.” Quinn said, clenching his fist.

In front of him, now, standing there in a row, were all nine of the remaining original vampire leaders.


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