My Vampire System Chapter 2092 Bring Out Jim (Part 2)

Quinn could travel in many ways, move at a fast speed so all the vampires could see was a blur, or use his shadow travel to go through buildings and obstacles so he could take a more direct path to the city, but right now, he wasn’t so much as taking his time, but as he headed to the main capital, that was quite a distance away from where they were, he was thinking about his course of action.

Before heading out, just after joining the war, Quinn had one last conversation with Edvard back at the vampire settlement, and he was remembering it now off all times.


Quinn had been asked to come directly to the ninth castle. It was before Edvard was to leave and join the Marpo Cruise with the rest of the leaders. The two of them were in his grand room once again.

“Now that Jim… is close to being here, there is something we need to talk about.” Edvard stated. “I’ve told you before, about the man that is by his side all the time, the one that even the Originals seem to fear, and there is a good reason for it.

“I know you are strong, and I have probably not even witnessed you using half of your full power, but I promise you, that even that might not be enough.”

Edvard sighed as he struggled to say the rest, but in Quinn’s head it didn’t make any sense. If there really was someone so strong, then wouldn’t Quinn know about him, even more so, wouldn’t the celestials know about him?

There was a chance though, that somehow maybe Jim had happened upon a god slayer of some sort while on his travels on the Marpo Cruise, if he could control minds, maybe now this dangerous figure worked for him.

The Marpo Cruise, after all, was a large ship that hopped multiple planets, and the universe was vast. To think there was no one stronger out there than him, it would be quite vain of a thought, so Quinn decided to take the others’ words quite seriously.

“There might be a time where you decide to get rid of Jim Eno, before finding out how he changes our memories. If that is the case, either way we need to get rid of the person by his side. On top of that there are the leaders as well, so I have a suggestion for you.

“When you attack, become a threat so large that all of those by Jim’s side need to be summoned. Become such a large threat that even the one by his side needs to be called. If I’m right about this person, a sneak attack, or entering in your shadow won’t work.

“That’s how powerful this person is, but draw him away, and I will finish Jim off. He won’t know I’m not on his side. This element of surprise will be a guarantee for success.” Edvard explained.

Quinn still wasn’t so sure. Either way, there was a chance that he could end up fighting the person by Jim’s side anyway, especially if he wanted to restore all of their memories, but he went on to hear the rest of Edvard’s plan.


“I never thought that I would be thinking about that conversation so much right now.” Quinn said to himself, as he could see that the city was in sight, it was only a little bit away. He soon got out from his shadow travel and began to slowly walk over.

“Although I have made my decision on what to do. I should still choose the best option, and for now I will play it safe, as the most important thing is getting rid of Jim Eno, and one way or another today I will get rid of him.”


Vampires were already being stationed outside of the main capital. It was just in case they saw any loose Namriks trying to attack the capital, or if perhaps those from inside tried to run away. From the dead bodies that were outside and just left there to rot, it looked like there were quite a few.

The Namrik’s cities were surrounded by walls, but did have a single entrance and exit that worked like a road, with a barrier. Here the vampires stood and could see a single vampire walking down it toward them.

“Halt!” The vampire shouted. “State your name, unit and reason for coming here!”

They were a group of guards. Their numbers seemed to total around ten or so, but they were quite strong, in vampire terms at least.

“Why am I here?” Quinn said. “I’m here to see Jim Eno. So either call him here, or get out of my way.”

The guards started to laugh as they looked at this mad vampire.

“What is his big deal, he came all the way to meet the hero, is he some type of super fan or something?”

“No, I don’t think that’s it, look at his face. He must have lost someone close to him in this war, and wants to blame someone. No vampire was forced to come on this expedition, this is not Jim Eno’s fault, go back to your unit!”

However, the vampire didn’t listen to their words and continued to walk forward. When he got close enough, one of the vampires went to put his hand on his shoulder, but Quinn quickly grabbed it there and then, and lifted the vampire in the air slamming him on the floor.

“I said move.” Quinn stated once again.

The other vampires quickly went to take him out, but moving his hands, faster than they could react, they all seemed to fall onto the floor as they got close to him. At that point, Quinn continued to move forward down the road and was starting to enter the city.

The first vampire that had been slammed and hurt, wasn’t killed, and the other vampires were the same, they were just injured, their threat struck at them with an unbelievable strength.

“I have a report to make, a vampire who hasn’t declared himself has just entered the city. Stop him.” The vampire said through his receiver.

When Quinn entered, the city was like a city that would be on Earth. There were streets and large buildings as such, but in the centre there was a large block like building with a blob on top. It was most likely the governors’ place, the area where he needed to go.

Walking down the street, Quinn did so heading to that location, and as he did, there was a large park off to the side. It had a large open square where a group of vampires were holding a group of the Namriks hostage.

“Hold it!” The vampire shouted. “Are you the intruder, what unit are you from!”

News had spread fast, and even above, there were spaceships that were hovering about, having a look at the situation.

“Hey… isn’t that, that guard? The parent that made a fuss about his daughter!” One of the police recognised the vampire, but continued to do as he was told, as he started to record what was going on, and projected it to the other vampire units.

At the same time, it was also projected to the units over the planet, as an order was given out.

“All vampire groups, captains and leaders. Please identify the current vampire in question.”

Where Jeouk and the others were based, through the projection they could see Quinn on the screen.

Ronkin almost started to choke on the air, and many of the others in the platoon recognised him as well.

“What the hell is Quinn doing there, why is he in the main city, and why is he on the screen!” Ronkin asked.

“Wait, how did he even get there so fast?” Yip asked.

On the screen, the vampires soon started to approach Quinn as he said nothing. They could see one of the vampires moving closer and closer to Quinn asking him to identify himself.

“Answer, what unit are you from, and why are you here?” The vampire asked again, and this time he had red aura emitting from his hand, ready to strike Quinn.

Then he got in range, that’s when Quinn was the first one to act, as he threw out a punch, landing straight in the vampire’s face, it lifted the vampire’s whole body and the way Quinn moved his hand, the fist landed right on top of the vampire’s face as his body hit the ground, knocking him out in a single hit.

“I’m here to see Jim Eno, bring him the f*ck out here.”

It was at that moment, that Jeouk remembered Quinn’s words, to not get involved in what he was about to do.


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