My Vampire System Chapter 2091: Bring Out Jim (part 1)

The original vampire leaders had dealt with the cities in quick fashion. The attacking forces were quickly being annihilated and at the same time with no word of what to do, or back up from the main capital, the Namriks were losing the will to fight.

After seeing that it was mostly a losing battle, many of them had decided to give up. By the time support came from the ship to help out the original vampires, the whole city, with populations of tens of thousands of Namriks, were dealt with.

The word had spread, and even the Namriks who had yet to see any invaders, or were still putting up a fight against the original wave that had been sent out, had given up because they knew it was the end of it all.

More ships were being sent from one of the Marpo Cruise ships but it was mainly small black ships, with pointed wings at the end, and a streak of red down the centre. This was the trademark of the ships belonging to the vampires.

This was because Jim was giving out orders. As the one who took the biggest part and the main person who took over the planet, he was taking the helm and he had made an order that the Dalki, as well as the humans, were to return back to one of the Marpo Cruise ships and head back.

Ships were flying in between the two Marpo Cruise ships as well as back and forth from the planet. The humans and Dalki were leaving, having shown next to none of their powers and abilities, but the vampires did demonstrate one thing, it was their force and powers.

When all of the humans and Dalki had returned to one of the Marpo Cruise ships, Logan looked down at the planet.

‘I thought this might happen.’ Logan thought. ‘But I thought that Jack might have put up more of a fight for the planet, but it seems like he wishes to avoid confrontation with Jim as much as possible. I guess the two of them are still quite close partners.

‘Still, I hope that the vampire is able to pass on my message to him.’

For now, the new vampires that had arrived on the planet were told to look over the Namriks. To gather them in one place, and use projecting crystals to show them the state of the situation. Right now, what was being shown were scenes of the inside of the government office.

The Namriks could see that nearly all of their governors had been killed, and the main place taken over. The people were worried, worried about what was going to happen to them. In war, it was unlikely that they would all be slaughtered.

After all, lives had many uses, but with what they had seen so far, and with how cruel the scene looked in the governors’ office they were afraid it would come to it. If that was the case, perhaps they should try fighting back with everything they had.

In the end though, the scenes had stopped and an order from Jim was made for the vampire leaders to come and gather in the governors’ office, to head to the main capital. The vampires did as they asked, and the scene that was being projected all over the Namrik’s planet started to change.

It looked like they were now in a new room, one that had been untouched. From far away the city looked to hardly be damaged at all. That was because Jim had gone straight to the governors’ office, rather than eliminating the place, after all this planet was going to be his, destroying it would just make things worse.

On the screen though, they could see the vampire known as Jim standing there, and next to him an older white skinned Namrik, which had a soft fluffy beard that went down to the bottom of his neck.

The screen soon panned around and all of the vampire originals could be seen. For the Namriks, many now knew their faces well, as these were the ones that had blasted through their forces with ease.

“I am Jim Eno!” Jim declared to them all. “And, I was in charge of the attack on your city. You see, your governors here were once supporters of the Marpo Cruise line. They helped fund the technology and the crystals needed to build these devices.

“And yet, when we got bigger than they thought we ever would be, they thought it was unfair and demanded more. Demanded more than what was originally agreed upon.”

The broadcast wasn’t just being seen by the Namriks, but the vampires that were stationed in all of the different places as well, including Jeouk’s team, that had just entered the living area where they were heading to.

Things had happened so fast, in such a short time, even the Dalki and humans that were travelling with them had already returned.

“I see.” Ronkin said. “It must mean they attacked the Marpo Cruise line that is owned by Jim and Jack, as a type of revenge. Then they kidnapped our people as well and refused to give them back.”

On the screen, it looked like the governor wanted to say something, but was too afraid to.

“An agreement has been made!” Jim stated with a big smile on his face. “So fear not, the Namriks will live. It is not fair to punish an entire race due to the foolish actions of the one at the top, but it was you who chose the foolish one at the top in the first place.

“90 percent of the crystals that are gathered by the Namriks shall be handed to us. Your governor here will set up a system and we will be here to oversee it. Your technology advancements and information will be shared with us, and of course, future productions such as weapons and equipment and so on and on… Bases will be set up for vampires to come and go from, in each city.

“In simple words, from now on, if the Namriks work for us, your lives will be spared.”

It was safe to say that the people were quite shocked along with the vampires as well, but they wondered what to do. In the first place, there was always a good chance of the Namriks seeking revenge, so they needed to keep an eye on them and put them in their place, but the Namriks now sounded like slaves.<.com></.com>

“Who am I to question what the Hero Jim is thinking. He has saved us from multiple disasters before, and he is just stopping another one again. We need to stop these other races from looking down on us!” A vampire said, as he shouted at the Namrik people who were on their knees.

Many of the vampires were agreeing with this statement, but not all, but let it slide because it was coming from the Hero Jim.


The video feed had ended there and the soldiers were told to continue keeping the Namriks in check for now. The citizens were allowed to go home, but the soldiers that were still alive were being watched at all times.

For Jeouk and his group, he was in the strange maze-like housing area, and in one of the open circles once again, they had gathered the 50 or so Namrik soldiers that were still alive and placed them in the centre.

There was now a force of around 200 vampires to look over them, and vampires that were far stronger than their first group were currently there. They had been there for a while now, and hadn’t really had the time to look for where Quinn was or where he was going, that was until one of the vampires spotted something.

“Over there!” A vampire called out.

Walking through one of the many entrances to the circle they were in, there was a vampire. They were alert at first, but soon let their guard down when they could see it was a vampire and quite a few people recognised who it was straight away.

“Quinn!” Ronkin called out, and the other vampires that were part of his group were happy to see that he was here, but Ronkin’s happiness soon faded, as he could tell there was a certain look to Quinn, one he hadn’t seen before.

In his hands, Quinn was holding something, it was a body, and he continued to walk past the other vampires, who seemingly ignored him as he went over to his group, and soon Ronkin could see who it was that was being held in his hands.

“NO… no! This can’t be.” Ronkin started to tear up, and ran over to where Quinn was. “How… how the hell could you die you B*stard! How could you die in this war, when an idiot like me is still alive!”

Ronkin, held onto Nell’s hand, it was cold, very cold. It seemed like he had been dead for a while. He looked at Quinn, wanting to point his anger at someone, even point his anger at Quinn not being there, but his face said it all, that Quinn was just as upset as he was at all of this.

“Why….” Ronkin said, as he fell to his knees still holding onto his hand, and soon Quinn knelt down, giving the body over to Ronkin.

“Nell, was a good man. He didn’t just look out for you but was someone who looked out for me as well, and you need to look after his body to give him a proper send off.” Quinn said as he stood up.

“Quinn… why are you speaking like that..” Ronkin paid attention to his words because he had used the word ‘You’ instead of ‘We’.

“There was no need for this war, and I’m going to put a stop to it, so nothing like this happens again.” Quinn said as he walked forward.

“Quinn, wait!” Jeouk called out, wanting to stop him.

“Jeouk.” Quinn turned around to look at him, and all of the group. “No, all of you. Listen to my words well. Don’t volunteer for any more fights, don’t risk your lives to fight for another vampire that doesn’t even care for you.

“That man has done nothing to deserve the loyalty you have given him. Go home to your families, look after them. So I’m telling you now, it’s best if you don’t get involved with what’s about to happen, whatever you see, stay out of it.”

Quinn left there, leaving all of the vampires he had met on his journey, leaving Ronkin with no more words, as he headed to the main capital city.


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