My Vampire System Chapter 2090 A Vile Being

Jeouk and the entire group were making their way toward the living area that was close by, and it was also the area where they assumed Quinn had gone. It didn’t take them long to make a decision, and they should have been right behind him, but no matter how much they travelled through the desert, they were unable to see him in sight.

“Ronkin.” Jeouk called, and both him, as well as Yip who was staying by his side, had come over. “Who is your friend? He’s a bit too strong. Is he secretly a vampire knight for one of the families, or something else?”

“That’s what I want to know as well.” Ronkin replied. “Because, as far as I know, he’s just a simple guard, with great fighting skills. A good family man, and a father to two kids.”

For some reason, hearing Ronkin talk that way about the strange vampire, he wanted to drop all questions. He had his new life that he was living, whatever way he lived it, for whatever reason that was up to him.

Just then the group could see the area in sight. They were getting ready to face off against anything that came their way, but before reaching the area, there was an order that was coming in from above.

“All those on the ground are to hold their positions for now.” The order stated. “Once the energy field has been dismantled, there will be a full force attack on all cities on the planet. Those on the ground are to travel to the closest city, and make sure that no Namriks escape.”

The leaders looked at each other, as each of them wondered just what was going on, and before they knew it, they could see the Marpo Cruise ship was approaching the planet, but not the one they had come from.

Soon, four large devices were stuck out from the Marpo Cruise ship, they were the same size as the pods the others had arrived in, but were different. There was no clear glass on the outside and these looked a lot more like an actual missile.

As they moved through space powered by the energy of crystals, they split off into different directions. The next step, was them reaching the energy barrier. Although split off in different directions, all of the missiles had hit the barrier at the same time, and a pulse of crystal energy once again exploded on the barrier.

Ripples and sparks could be seen on the outside of the force field, and that small burst of power, whatever it was, allowed for the missiles to continue going forward. They weren’t heading to the cities or living areas, but instead they were headed towards large facilities that had large structures that were pointed toward the top.

The missiles had reached their location, and Logan, who was overseeing his special missiles and invention, activated the third phase. Before they even reached the ground, one of the special crystals that was embedded into it started to react in a particular way that would cause a huge explosion.

Each of them blew up at the same time, destroying all of the structures in the area, and the land beneath it. It was one of the largest explosions seen that had been created by, not an ability or a beast weapon, but a crystal in its raw form.

‘As time goes on, the universe will continue to find new ways to use these crystals, and seeing the Namriks, I knew that I couldn’t fall behind them. We are not so far behind you when it comes to beast technology.’ Logan thought.

The energy barrier was down, and what this meant was, normal ships could finally land on the planet, and coming out of the Marpo Cruise ship at a fast rate, as if they didn’t for a second believe Logan’s plan would fail, was a fleet of ships, a fleet with the strongest vampires there were.

The original vampires had split up, each of them heading off to a different city. When landing, they didn’t waste time getting to business.

Hikel had landed and the Narmiks surrounded him. The first thing he did was avoid all the laser shots coming towards him as he moved at a fast speed, and held one of them up, chucking their body towards them.

What the Namriks hadn’t quite experienced so far, was a strong set of abilities, because Hikel wasn’t just strong, fast, and had good blood control, but had a devastating ability. As the fallen Namrik came towards them, they soon noticed that he was covered in blood, but it wasn’t his own.

The next second, and a large explosion went off, breaking the very building they were standing on.

“The order was to take care of the city as quickly as possible, and I guess they meant for us to use this.” Hikel thought, as he looked at the flask that had a VIII, carved out on one side. Before landing he had drunk the drink, but not just him, all of the original leaders in the other areas, as well as their strong men that would usually guard the towers and their knights that would stand by their side.

The Namriks were lost and confused, asking for support from the other cities. Each city believed that the full force of the attack, or the strongest vampires that they were facing were in their city, unaware what every single one of them were going through.

The 30 governors who would usually meet up on a separate island had returned to the main capital. It had yet to be touched, unlike the other cities, but they were getting countless reports.

“What do we do… we can’t fight them off like this, do we surrender, maybe then at least the lives of our people will be spared.”

“We don’t even know what they want!” Another shouted. “These are monsters that are attacking our home planet, not just with a little bit of force, but they have sent an almighty force. I think even the Namriks in each of the cities are starting to give up.”

“No!” Another declared. “We can’t give up, we still have the prophet. We can ask him for help, and he can guide us on what to do, he has never failed us before.”

That was when, one of the men, pulled out a glass jar from underneath. It was quite large and inside there looked to be a piece of skin, or fur. It was greyed out, and fell in the tube.

“This is the golden skin the prophet has given us. Now that you see it has this colour, I’m sure you all know what this means.”

A lot of the governors still had the will to fight back, but after finding out about such a thing, it was hard for them to think anymore, and in that moment, the doors to the room blew wide open.

“Hello everyone, thank you for keeping my seats warm for me!” Jim said with his hands raised. “Now it’s time to say goodbye to you all.”

Throwing out his hands, two blood swipes curved like a moon crescent had come out and they were growing large. Before the Namriks in the room could even act, they had gone through their necks, slicing each one of their heads off, until it left just a single governor left alive.

“It looks like you hit the jackpot, you are going to tell me everything I need, and with this. I think it’s become pretty clear that this war, if you can even call it that since it was more of a one sided massacre, has come to an end.” Jim continued to walk forward as someone followed him from behind.

“You…” the Namrik said, shaking as it looked at its fellow governors no longer with their heads on their bodies. “Are the most vile being I have ever met.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”


In one of the cities, Edvard had been sent as well, and just like everyone else, with his strength and powers, the people and power of the Green blood, there was next to no resistance after taking care of the bulk of the army, and right now he was ordering the vampires to hold the people captive rather than outright kill them.

The cities, unlike the first living areas that had been attacked, had normal Namriks living among them, not soldiers. It was easy to tell who was who apart, because only the soldiers had infused their bodies partly with technology and became cyborgs.

While Edvard was standing on top of one of the buildings, the skyscrapers looking at the city, he noticed something on the ground coming toward him, and it looked like a spider. Soon, from its back, a projector started to play, and on the screen was Logan.

“I am sorry I am unable to see you in person, but due to this matter involving Quinn Talen. I believe it is important that we make sure Jim Eno doesn’t find out about anything that I’m about to tell you, and ask of you.”

Edvard had been awake for a while, and he had learned about Logan Green, as he at times had to send reports back to earth, or discuss troubling matters when it came to vampires wishing to move, or vampires causing problems on earth, but never did he expect this person to contact him about Quinn.

‘What… is he going to ask me to do?’ Edvard, more worryingly thought. Perhaps, the big moment, when Quinn needed all of their help, wasn’t going to happen at the vampire settlement, but instead was going to happen here.


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