My Vampire System Chapter 2089 A Turning Point

During his questioning with the Namriks, his worries that he had before didn’t have a lot of meaning to the entirely new race. Quinn had always presumed that there very well could be a celestial that was looking over the current planet.

Just like the celestial that was looking over the Memerial race, and Athos who was looking over the Amra. In some ways, Earth had Sera and Bliss looking over them. Depending on how big of a population there was, it seemed that there could be many celestials looking over it.

This was why, just in case, when Quinn was travelling he had put on the mask that Minny had given him, hiding his face. If a celestial saw who he was, they could enter the celestial space, and inform Mundus that Quinn had escaped.

The more Quinn saw as he travelled through the living area, the more he was worried that it was indeed true. The Namriks didn’t seem to have a special power, other than the transformation of a single arm and the technology and use of beast crystals they had.

Quinn couldn’t imagine them being much stronger than the ones he faced, perhaps only by a small margin in the city. So when seeing a dead four spiked Dalki, he had an idea of the cause, and unfortunately he was right.

“Oh, what’s this, there was one more? That’s strange.” The golden skinned Namrik said. Nell, who was on the end of his sharp finger, was attempting to grab onto it and push himself off, but he was moving incredibly slow, weak and a lot of his blood was dripping down, almost evaporating as it touched the golden skin.

“Why… didn’t I notice you… even when you’re in front of me I can’t really feel you, yet at the same time, your power, right now, it’s nearly overlapping in this whole area. Could it be…”

Before the golden Namrik could even figure it out, Quinn had already moved, and leapt up in the air toward Nell. A section of the golden Namrik’s skin started to shine bright, and soon, a beam of energy shot out from the pores of his skin, going directly toward Quinn.

The bright light of attack though, was soon met with a shadow, as it grew large and almost encased it all, stopping the attack completely and blocking the golden Namrik’s field of view. He was unable to see anything, and when the strange shadow had disappeared, he could see that the vampire with a mask on was holding the one that was on his finger just moments ago.

‘He stopped my attack, but that had celestial energy as well. No normal person could stop that type of attack. All of the others didn’t even put up a fight, who is this person, and what is that power. Is he the leader of the attackers?” The celestial thought.

Looking into his eyes, Nell was clinging on to all the energy he could. Quinn holding on to him, could feel he was weakening by the second. In his shadow space, Quinn attempted to give some of the green blood to Nell, but even when inside him it was doing nothing, so he attempted to pass on some of his Qi energy as well, yet that was doing nothing as well.

“It’s a lost cause right?” Nell asked, to the vampire. “I can feel that you’re desperately trying to save me, but I also can feel that it isn’t going to work.”

While Nell was talking to Quinn, the giant Namrik lifted his hand transforming it into a type of sword, and then began to swing it down immediately trying to slice the two of them in half. A shadow started to appear from Quinn’s back, and it soon formed a large hand grabbing onto the bladed part of the weapon. It held it there in place, and the Namrik was unable to even budge it an inch.

“You are the cause of this, so don’t interfere!” Quinn shouted, and red blood aura swirled around him fiercely, trailing around from the bottom of his legs, and was chucked out, right towards the Namrik.

The aura slammed into the Namrik’s stomach and his feet were lifted in the air, as his body moved back and he stumbled into the building behind him. Part of the building started to fall to the floor, not able to take the weight of the Namrik.

‘I was pushed back… that didn’t even look like an attack? What even was that, was that just his energy, but celestials aren’t meant to easily be hurt by normal attacks… Was my guess right? Is this a godslayer?’

“Those eyes, those fierce eyes, I’ve seen them before.” Nell said, his voice quieter and weaker than before. “It’s you right… Quinn. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve seen those eyes before. They give me hope… for the vampires, for my friends, for my family.

“I don’t know why your strong eyes give me hope. Knowing this, I know, you will do well to protect the vampires… you will do well… and look after Ronkin. He’s an idiot, but that guy has a heart of go…go… gold.”

Nell finished his last words there, no longer was there any life in his eyes. Quinn had already attempted everything he could, and in the past he might have tried inputting his celestial energy into Nell as well. That wasn’t an option for him now though.

It was the first time in a long time, that Quinn felt like he had experienced a loss, especially one where he was directly there, to see the last words of someone. Placing him on the ground, he looked up, and could see the Namrik recovering.

“I… could have done more.” Quinn said, as the shadow covered his hands, and soon guns started to appear.

“So what if you are a god slayer!” The golden Narmik said, as his arm started to split, turning into what looked like a hundred small tentacles, and they were now all going towards Quinn. “I am not a weak celestial. I have taken down the troubles of the Namrik, and those that have attempted to make trouble for us. I have always been able to freeze any large disasters that come my way. If I didn’t foresee you, then it simply means… you are not a problem.”

Out from Quinn’s back, the shadow that would move as if it was going with the wind, started to split at the ends. It was splitting itself just as many times as the transformed arm of the Namrik. As Quinn moved forward, the shadow did as well stopping each one of the individual tentacles.

While walking forward, Quinn would use his gun to blast at the transformed limbs. In the brief they had been given, it was stated their transformed arms were nearly indestructible, but it seemed like Quinn’s blood bullets could do the trick, setting it so his aura, and the size of the bullet would just be large enough to cover the whole of the strange tentacles. Each time a bullet was let off, it was ripping apart the whole tentacle, dropping the other half of them to the ground.

By the time the golden Namrik was able to realise something was going on, he could no longer see where Quinn was, but could feel a sensation directly above his head, as Quinn was in the air, hovering using his shadow to create a pair of wings.

“I could have done more. I could have stopped this war from happening. I could have made it so no one had to die, but because I wanted a peaceful life… he had to die. This is not what I wanted.”

Quinn, no longer had the gun in his hand, and instead was condensing his blood aura while twirling it around, and threw it down. The blood aura started to extend into that of a small tornado. It covered the whole of the celestial like a vortex. It was pure blood aura, and dangerous at that, as the vortex was getting smaller and smaller, the blood aura was constantly hitting the Namrik’s body.

With the guns back in his hand, Quinn started to fire into the vortex, large blasts after blasts.

“I should have stopped him, I should have stopped Jim.”

The vortex of blood started to disappear, and Quinn fell to the floor, when the vortex completely vanished it looked like, there was nothing else either, the golden Namrik’s body had completely disappeared.

Lifting his hand, Quinn took off the mask, and placed it in his shadow.

“I… won’t let this continue anymore and just stand by… Jim, I’m coming after you, now.”


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