My Vampire System Chapter 2088 A Reason

The Namriks had a government-like system that consisted of a group of people that ran the planet. There was not an absolute leader of the Namriks but instead 30 high profile individuals. These individuals also weren’t selected due to strength but a number of things.

In a way, they were the people that had achieved the most in a certain field that allowed them to become one of the top thirty. Whether that be in technology, combat, food, economics and more. Just like most habitable planets, there was water that surrounded large pieces of land, and on a piece of land where only the high profile officials were able to gather, they had done so.

All of them were in a rectangle shaped room sitting across from each other, and all of them had white skin.

“I don’t see the point in this meeting, there is nothing for us to worry about.”

“The towns have been attacked, and the enemy is proving far greater than we imagined. They seem to have an army that consists of more than just one intelligent race. I believe that we should put measures up if they are able to reach the city.”

There was laughter from quite a few of those in the room.

“You really think that will occur? Our prophet himself has gone out to the front line. He will stop them from reaching this place. No one has ever been able to get past the prophet.”

“Doesn’t that make you think though?” One of them asked. “Why, after all of this time, has the prophet decided to make such a large move himself? This has to mean that the enemy is dangerous.”

There was silence among the thirty for a moment, as that comment had allowed for a slight amount of fear to creep in.


The second Marpo Cruise ship had yet to act. The first one had been very active sending vampires, humans and more, while the second ship, although the others weren’t aware of it, was where all the elite forces were based. All of the vampire leaders, the Dalki with a higher number of spikes as well as Jim, Logan and more.

It was also where all the reports were going to and where the ground orders themselves were being generated from.

Walking through the cruise ship, with a heavy step, Vincent was hurrying, as he had learnt some serious news that was heavy on his mind, and he needed to report it as soon as possible.

Soon he stood in front of a large single metal door, and he took a deep breath, as he let himself into the room.

“Oh, Vincent, what a lovely surprise to see you here, I will be with you in a second.” Logan replied, as he told the others around him to carry on evaluating the situation and if there was anything urgent, they were to call him.

When walking over to Vincent, there was a certain look the two gave each other, and Vincent soon responded with a nod. Seeing this was the case, dropping out from Logan’s hand were a few spiders that were spread out around the area.

The two of them quickly went away, and eventually they returned to Vincent’s lab which was devoid and empty of people. This still wasn’t enough, as the two of them both activated a silencing orb, which allowed the two of them to talk to each other without any of the sound getting out.

“It seems you have something important to speak about.” Logan asked. “But of all places and all times, I didn’t think it would happen now.”

“It didn’t quite happen like you predicted.” Vincent replied. “The person who approached me didn’t look like me. One of the vampire originals came forward claiming they knew someone who looked like me.”

Logan was interested in the tale, as Vincent went into the details of everything that had been asked of him.

“That is very interesting, so it seems the name that appeared on the list, is perhaps him after all. It made me wonder why he would pick Quinn Balen. If it was me, Buinn Talen would have been a better alias.” Logan stated.

Vincent didn’t want to comment on that one, because he thought both of the names were ridiculous.

“What do you think the next step should be, if he is out on the field, it will be hard for us to reach him.” Vincent suggested. “I also don’t have free reign to go where I wish and please.”

“It have a solution.” Logan pulled out a small device, it was a nano stick, the size of a thumbnail. “The problem isn’t just how to get this to him, but what he will do once he gets this information. Based on what I know, he will act, and it could very well ruin our peaceful times.”

“The peaceful times are coming to an end.” Vincent claimed. “This first war is only a start. There has been trouble between the two.”

“I see.” Logan sighed. “Then, let’s invite Edvard to come see me. I will hand the stick over to him to give to Quinn. We will just have to leave everything up to him, like we have done in the past.”

At that moment, Logan got an alert, a device that was practically embedded in his arm.

“Sir, we need you here as soon as possible, Jim is here and he wants to act.”


Rushing back, Logan had returned to the tactical room on his own and he could see that Jim was present with a person by his side.

“Ah Logan, I wonder where you went off to at such an important time?” Jim asked.

“I was just testing a few devices. I believe we can eliminate the energy shield with them, allowing us to send more of our forces through.” Logan explained.

“Ah that’s great, I did get your report about that.” Jim said, smiling. “Then, I plan to send the originals down to the ground. After evaluating the Namrik’s strength and their numbers. I believe we can send a team, a core team, and we can move on from this planet.”

An unexpected chance had appeared.

“Very well.” Logan replied.


The Marpo Cruise was incredibly large, and in another location, there was another influential figure that was in the place. Sitting at a desk, Jack was getting information about the situation and exactly what Jim was planning to do.

“Is there a reason behind him trying to finish this whole thing quickly?” The large figure that was by his side asked.

“Hmm, I have known Jim for a while, and he is a strange one. There has always been this underlying deal with him. He is always afraid that what he has now, can be taken away at any moment. So he wishes to grow his strength, to become a force where no one is able to take anything away from him.

“I have no idea what happened to him in his past.”

“Sounds a bit like you.” The figure replied by his side. The two of you are awfully similar, and both of you are afraid of being stabbed by each other in the back. So you go ahead, attack a planet for what. To show who has the stronger forces by their side. To tell the other one not to betray you.”

Jack started to laugh.

“Then why did you choose to stay by my side, and not his?”

“Haha, your side or his. I am on my own side. I just owe you a little that is all.”

Jack started to laugh out loud at this.

“H, you are my strongest ally, and I have no doubt that you are stronger than the one that stays by Jim’s side all of the time. Don’t worry, I will keep my promise to you, but I should let you know, I’m not as weak as you think. I was once known as one of the big four.”

“The big four, that was nothing to me?” H replied.

There was silence from Jim after that, these were memories from long ago, and it was time to clear the slate.


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