My Vampire System Chapter 2087 Familiar Energy

The options had been laid out for the entire group, and now all of them were deliberating over what the best thing to do would be, and of course it was proving difficult for them to agree on something together.

“I think the best option would be for us to stay put for now.” Sid suggested. “We don’t know what is going to happen. If the Namriks send out more people to attack us, then we will receive a report. Even if they decide to do nothing, I think that more people will be sent.

“The original task was to finish off what- I mean support the vampires in taking care of the Namriks.”

It was quite clear that the humans didn’t want to risk their lives, even though they hadn’t fought against the enemy yet, and the small hiccup he had made, there was a need to cover it up. Jeouk had guessed that their support from the humans and Dalki would only come when they had already weakened the Namriks to a certain degree, or if their whole group were eliminated.

“Sit here and do nothing?” Redback complained. “That makes no sense. We joined this war because we are to take part in it. The Dalki have a lot to prove. I say we should go to the city. If it proves too difficult, we can retreat, but we will have done a lot to help the others.”

With the decision being split, among the Dalki and humans, they were now looking for the vampires to decide. On top of that, due to a certain duel, they had also just been made the leader of the entire group.

“Let me discuss this with some of my people.” Jeouk replied. Right now, only the three leaders were talking about the options among themselves. In war, it wasn’t so much a democracy when making decisions, but the one with the most experience, or the one simply put in charge.

It had proven to be the better option in most cases that following one person’s way, rather than trying to please everyone, yielded better results in tense situations. However, Jeouk had good reason to talk to his fellow vampires.

“We know the Namrik’s strength best, and many of the vampires had just fought. It would be best to ask them if they are up for doing any such task in the first place.”

While walking back to the vampires, Jeouk had called out one name and one name only.

“Quinn! Can I speak with you?”

Redback and Sid, who was watching everything, found it a little confusing. They thought, if anyone, they would ask the strong vampire warrior who had bested Redback in battle, but they did remember Quinn coming to the captain’s side when he was badly hurt, so perhaps the two just had a close relationship.

“I’m sorry to put you in this situation, but I don’t know what to do.” Jeouk explained. “I want to ask, if you were in my situation, what would you do?”

Quinn thought about what to say for a moment, and he decided to be honest in the end.

“If you are asking what I would do, and what I’m going to do, they are perhaps two different answers. I will be going to the nearby living settlement. I was about to inform you myself. I think there could be something important there.

“Then, if you are asking what I would do, then of course, I would also go to the nearby living settlement. One option, there is a chance of us losing more vampire lives, another option is the chance of us saving more vampire lives. I think the answer is obvious.

“Of course we can just sit and wait, but when we go back to the settlement, and we see the crying faces, the anger, the pain on our fellow vampires’ faces, we will feel hurt ourselves. Because we would have known that we could have done something. It’s a feeling I hate, when you start thinking about the ifs and buts.”

Jeouk was happy with the answer, and it allowed him to clear his head a little as he walked back to the others.

“I think we should go to the nearby living area. There are those in trouble that we need to help. We are the closest to them as well. From there, we can decide if we can head to the city, or what to do next if we still haven’t been given any more orders.”

The answer looked displeasing for both, but it was also down the middle, but as the decision was made, they could hear the sound of a couple of disgruntled Dalki.

“What are you doing, you can’t just leave the area?” One of the Dalki said, as he looked at a vampire, and the others soon noticed that it was Quinn.

“I’m sorry, but I’m in a bit of a rush, so move.” Quinn said.

“Move? You are some cocky brat!” One of the Dalki, lifted his hand planning to give Quinn a little tap. When swinging it out, it had hit nothing but the air, and it almost looked like Quinn had phased through the two of them.

When the two Dalki turned around, they couldn’t even see a vampire there anymore.]

“What… is Quinn doing?” Ronkin thought.

“Yep.” Yip said. “I definitely think that guy is way stronger than we think he is. Heck, he might have even been the reason you won your fight.”

Ronkin had almost forgotten due to the amount of praise he was getting from others, that the whole fight from before certainly did feel strange.

“I feel like something like this has happened before.” Ronkin scratched his head.


Ahead of the others, Quinn was running as fast as he could. In between the living areas, there seemed to be a lot of sand. The good thing was it made it easy to spot the living areas, and the cities that were off in the distance.

Hearing the word “Prophet” had given Quinn a bad feeling, which was why he wasn’t going to be waiting around, and was running across the desert as fast as he could. The others would catch up, and even if it wasn’t a big deal, then he would help fewer people get hurt in the end.

Eventually, the living area was in sight, and a large amount of energy could be felt. It was around twice the size of the one that Quinn had just come from. Jumping up, Quinn used his shadow power to phase through the wall, and soon he was in his zig zag process like before, and there were things he could see straight away.

There were far more dead vampires that were on the ground and it wasn’t just vampires. There were humans as well. Quinn tried to follow the trail, the trail of dead, Namriks, and others around, so he could see where the fighting was progressing and eventually he saw a Dalki that was dead as well.

‘It looks like support really was sent to this place after all. Yet, it still wasn’t enough. The Namriks I’m seeing though, appear to be the same as the ones we faced.’

Quinn continued to run around, and the sound of explosions were in his ear. There was an intense fight going on, but the explosions had soon come to a stop. One of the buildings, there was a big chunk missing out of it, almost like a large bite mark had been taken out.

When walking up to the building, lying in the middle of the ground was a Dalki. Not just any Dalki, but it was a four spiked one.

‘It… was strong enough to take out a four spike?’ Quinn was now on guard, and he could sense it coming from his right. He quickly jumped back and bursting through the wall of the other buildings, nearly as large as one of the full size houses, was a golden figure.

It burst through the walls, throwing large chunks in all different directions. The golden figure looked like a Namrik, apart from its skin being different.

‘This energy… if I’m not wrong, I’ve felt it many times before. This is what I was worried about. The prophet they were talking about… is a celestial.’ Quinn thought.

As the golden figure entered the scene, it had a large smile on its face as it looked at its own sharp finger. It had pierced right through the entire body of what looked like a vampire. Quinn could see the face of the vampire clear as day.

“NELL!” Quinn shouted out.


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