My Vampire System Chapter 2085: The Prophet

There was a lot of confidence coming form Ronkin as he declared a fight, and at the same time, there was next to no reaction from Redback. As he looked at the other Dalki and just smiled toward them.

“You, want to fight me?” Redback said. “You must either be incredibly brave, or stupid. I just beat your leader. Did you guys even realize that in your group, all there is right now is a bunch of nobodies. The only person who was worth fighting in your entire group, is your silver badged leader. So I already know the rest of you are nothing, but if you really want me to give you a beating, until all of you in this area comply, then go ahead.”

It seemed that the Dalki were aware of a lot more than the vampires had been informed. It was only then, after rehearing the Dalki’s words that the others had realized. That there was no one of significance in their group.

They were starting to become slightly disheartened as it felt like their group was sent out to die, but by some miracle they had managed to survive.

After talking the talk, Ronkin, of course had to walk the walk, and he did as he entered the centre of the ring to face his opponent. He smiled on the outside, while his whole head was screaming to him what a stupid decision this was.

‘Wait, wait, Quinn was there right? I thought he might have said something. Why didn’t anyone stop me, why didn’t somone else volunteer to fight?’ Ronkin asked as he looked over at Quinn, who gave him a little thumbs up.

Bringing his fists out, Ronkin got into a fighting position, they were on the same side, so at least he knew the Dalki wouldn’t kill him, at least not on purpose.

When the Redback looked ready to fight, Ronkin was the one that went in to attack, or at least he made it look like he was striking first. When he got within range from the large Dalki, he then threw out a blood slash instead.

The Dalki, moved to the side, stepping and avoiding it, then spun its body as it whipped out its tail, attempting to whack the vampire with it. Leaning back, Ronkin managed to just avoid it. The Dalki was incredibly fast.

‘This is a four spike I’m going up against. One hit from this guy and I’m dead.’ Ronkin thought.

Soon, Quinn was getting in position for the fight, he moved from his place, and was still in the crowd, but now directly behind Ronkin, so he could set up what he needed to do.

The Dalki rushed forward once more, and a blood swipe was thrown out from Ronkin in a panic. It stepped to the side avoiding the strike and then leapt toward Ronkin with a fist right by its head ready to deliver a one punch KO.

‘All I can do is block this attack!’ Ronkin thought, lifting both hands in a cross like guard, to his side. ‘I’ll use my blood aura, and try to reinforce my guard.’

Although Ronkin was thinking this, he was already imagining his bones breaking, regardless of the hit.

“Hit the arm away, and hit him in the stomach.” A soft voice was heard among the crowd.

It was a voice that Ronkin heard often, and it was a way Quinn would speak when they were in their training. However, this time the instructions seemed impossible, a vampire like him hitting the hand away of a Dalki.

‘I’ll put my trust in you!’ Ronkin thought, as he used his forearm to hit the Dalki’s hand away instead.

Redback wasn’t afraid, he knew his strength as a four spike, but when the two made contact, there was a far larger force than he imagined, that suddenly moved his entire arm away. With the momentum of the Dalki’s body still coming toward him, Ronkin moved onto the next instruction.

‘I don’t know how I was able to block that hit… his arm felt so light. Am I really so strong?’ Ronkin thought. ‘Yeah I’m strong, I must have gotten much stronger from the training!’

Ronkin threw a punch right in the stomach activating his aura, and the same feeling happened again. Redback could feel a large force hitting him, but it wasn’t from where the punch had made contact, it was a few centimetres to the side.

The hit was so strong and deep, that the whole air was chucked out of the Dalki and he fell to his knees, blood came out of his mouth. Lastly, there was one more thing that the crowd could see, and that was the blood swipe that had missed from before.

It was still in the fighting area. It remained still and now moved, stopping just shy of the Dalki’s neck.

‘Wait… I didn’t do that? Just… what is going on.’ Ronkin thought.

“Wow… he’s amazing, he must have a crazy amount of blood control to do that. Why is he a guard?” Some of the vampires asked.

“Who cares about that, it’s clear that Ronkin is the winner. Let’s cheer him on!”

The vampires were soon celebrating, and as for Redback, he was slightly worried as to what had happened, and in the end had no choice.

“I admit my defeat… the vampires can lead the fight.” Redback answered, still completely confused by everything that happened, but during the fight, he had this feeling, in the back of his spikes as they were shaking, that those strikes at any point and time could have finished him off.</>

The vampires soon went over to Ronkin, and started to lift him up in the air, as they were cheering him on. From the other Dalki’s faces, they weren’t happy by the result, but if Redback was unable to beat him, then how could the others?

As for Jeouk, he didn’t go on and cheer with the others, instead he was looking at Quinn. He stared at him, and had done so nearly the whole time. Due to the words he said, stating he was going to make sure Ronkin won, he kept an eye on him during that fight, and could see very small hand movements from Quinn.

It seemed impossible, but somehow, Quinn was making Ronkin’s strikes stronger, and the blood trick at the end, with the blood swipe, he guessed was him as well.

‘Just…who are you?’ Jeouk thought, and was guessing more and more, that the one that had dealt with the Namriks was him as well.

During the fight, Quinn was using the third stage of Qi. Something that not many could do, and it was completely invisible to the naked eye. Throwing it out at the right time, the Dalki would just think he was getting hit by a strange force that he had to think was coming from Ronkin. The blood trick at the end, was to end the fight, because the one trait of the Dalki was they got stronger the more injured they were, and Quinn didn’t want to directly get involved.

With the little match over, Jeouk was taking charge of the entire team. Redback seemed to be more compliant now compared to before, but not a lot changed, as they were still to wait for orders. Would they go to attack another city, or would they be free to do as they wish.

While waiting, eventually a report came into the group.

“Party D!” The voice came in. “Due to your recent achievements, the tacticians have decided that you have free reign to do as you wish, and have given you a few options.”

The leaders were all getting the same message, and thought this was certainly a strange thing to be said to them all.

“You are to stay where you are, and be on the lookout to see if any more reinforcements are sent from the cities. You may attempt to attack the cities, if it’s troublesome, retreat and give a report of the reinforcements. Or you can support party E.

“A couple of the parties that had been sent out have been completely eliminated. Others were successful like yourself, but there is one group that is still fighting in the living settlement. It’s not too far from where you are from, east from where you are. You are to decide what you wish to do.”

Quinn had overheard the messages, and he remembered some more information he had gotten out of the Namriks. East of them, there was a small town like this, and that was where the apparent prophet that had predicted the attack currently was at.


Group E, the original vampires that had landed, had been split up quite far apart, due to the blasts they had received, but their group was slightly larger compared to the others, due to the town they were attacking was slightly larger.

However, they soon realised that their forces were next to nothing compared to the Namriks. They were losing their men fast, and in the end, the vampires knew they were unable to win the battle.

Inside one of the buildings, a group of four or so vampires were taking shelter.

“Did you see that Namrik?” One of the vampires asked.

“Yeah, the one with the single eye, he was twice as big as the others as well. That didn’t look like a normal Namrik?” Another added.

“I think they were calling him, their god, or prophet or something. It seemed he was able to see where we were going to land, and where we were hiding.”

“That means, we should move from this place as soon as possible, right now the best thing we can do, is just survive, until we get help.” Nell said. “I don’t want to die, so let’s keep moving.”



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