My Vampire System Chapter 2083 Do You Still Remember Me? (Part 1)

The vampires had somewhat reconstructed the buildings around them to build some type of shelter. They were creating walls and such, and began to relax a little. It became clear that there were no longer any Namriks in the current living area they were in.

Still, just in case, vampires were told to head to the top of the buildings and look out across the land, to see if there were any reinforcements that would be sent. After all, it seemed like Jim and Jack, the two who were orchestrating this attack, didn’t know what the enemy was going to do.

However, it was unlikely because the attacks were still going on in other places, and once in a while, in the distance, loud explosions were heard and more. Yet, the group was not to go and support the other groups and were told just to stay put.

“I’m worried.” Ronkin said, sitting on the floor, with his back against the wall of one of the buildings.

“What are you worried about, aren’t we pretty safe here?” Yip asked.

“Not us, I’m worried about the rest of the vampires. I have a friend that’s in this war, another guard. He’s strong, for a guard, but these Namriks are stronger than I thought they would be. What do you think Quinn, how do you think Nell is doing?” Ronkin asked, but realised that there was no one by his side.

He twisted and turned, looking for Quinn among the vampires, but he seemed to be nowhere.

“Where did that guy go?”

Yip shrugged his shoulders, because he hadn’t seen anything.

Since, the support from the humans and Dalki were set to appear at some point. Quinn had decided to go off and do his own thing. He had walked through the many different buildings, and had entered one of them.

He was quite a way from the other vampires, and made sure that no one would see him as he walked toward the centre.

‘Jeouk said that they won’t send backup until they confirm that the enemy isn’t planning to send any reinforcements here. We’re not in a pivotal spot to attack any of their major cities so we should be okay.’ Quinn thought.

Taking another glance around and making sure no one was there, Quinn eventually opened up his shadow, and entered his own shadow space, because there were a few that were waiting for him.

Inside the shadow space, there were a couple of Namriks who were startled, they had been locked away in almost complete darkness, and were firing away at the walls, the ground below and striking at them, yet, no matter what they did, they could never get out of this place.

“That won’t work.” Quinn answered. “And don’t even think about -“

Midsentance, one of the Namriks, fired its blaster right at Quinn. A beam of energy went straight towards him which Quinn had grabbed with his bare hand and crushed on the spot.

“Let’s start again, I am the creator of this space, and if you want to stop this war. Then I’m telling you now that I’m your best bet.” Quinn stated.

The Namriks both looked at each other. They had seen how quickly Quinn had killed their allies, they had seen this one’s power, but they were unsure about his words, how much truth they held.

“Now you are listening, I want to know your side of the story. Why are the vampires attacking your people?” Quinn asked.

The story that had been told was that the Marpo Cruise had been attacked first by these people and they had held vampire, human and Dalki hostages. The way the media were portraying it, or Jim to the vampires, was that they were jealous of how well their people were doing and wanted to bring them down.

Yet for Quinn that seemed far fetched. If he could avoid it, he wanted to end this war without annihilating a whole race, especially if he didn’t know the reason why. However, at the end of the day, the Namriks did see them as enemies and were attempting to eliminate them.

If Quinn didn’t get rid of them quickly, at least in the town, then it meant many vampires would die, and he didn’t want his own people, who had helped him during difficult times, that Quinn had pleaded to when trying to close the celestial hole, to suffer, even if they were the attackers.

“We don’t know!” One of the Namriks shouted. “Our prophet was the one that told us that you would come and attack, and that is exactly what happened.”

Quinn was inclined to believe that they didn’t know much, because it was the case with a lot of things. Soldiers were told just to act, and even in the vampire’s case, they would only know what they were told to believe, at least at the ground level.]

“This prophet, is he your leader, and where is he based? Is it in one of the cities?” When asking the question this time, Quinn’s eyes were glowing red as he used the influence skill. Against a different race, he wasn’t too sure how well his skill would work.

“The prophet is not our leader. He is someone that is treated as even more valuable than the leader, a special person, who is located in a town called Marbuk.” the Namrik answered.

Now, Quinn knew he would get his answer, and perhaps the real reason why Jim Eno had started this war against this race.

Not getting any more information out from them, Quinn had exited his shadow space, without needing their lives. Their attacks weren’t strong enough to break out of the space, so all was well for now.

‘I should head back to the others.’ Quinn thought as he left the building and entered the walkway, but he noticed something slightly strange. He could see the large ships, the cruise ships had changed position slightly, and the sound, there was something going on.

Rushing back, Quinn started to make his way through, and his nose could smell something clear, two scents that were distinctive that he would never forget.

‘I wasn’t gone for long, so how? The Dalki and the humans, they have already arrived.’

The strangeness he felt, was the fact that some of the buildings had been destroyed by more pods, there was a slight burning smell in the air that was more pungent than before from their landings.

When Quinn had finally returned, he would see that not only was it fuller than before due to the humans and Dalki that were around, but a load of supplies had been brought with them as well. Yet his attention wasn’t focused on any of this, instead he was focused on the crowd that had been made in the centre.

“What is going on?” Quinn thought as he went closer, and started to push through the groups of people. That’s when he saw it, he could see Jeouk lying on the ground, his arm was completely broken. He had marks on his face and body, while hovering over him, was a four spiked Dalki.

“You think because you use our blood to get stronger, that you can really order us around, and are better than us?” The Dalki said.

Quinn could only guess what had occurred, and the fact that Jeouk was on the floor with a broken arm, and the Dalki there, he could guess who had delivered the injuries as well. Passing through the crowd, Quinn started to walk over, and pulled out a flask, one of the green liquid flasks he had been given which he hadn’t used.

“Quinn!” Jeouk called out. “What are you doing, stay back, and let me solve this.”

Quinn ignored his captain’s words, and opened the blood, handing it over to him to drink.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t even know what’s going on, but what I do know is you’re injured and if you drink this you’ll get better.”

“You vampires even need each other to help you. You guys are pathetic.” The four spiked Dalki said. “I guess it’s decided then, since I fairly beat the vampire in charge, I will be leading the whole platoon from now on.”

“Wait!” Ronkin shouted. “You can’t just decide that cause you beat up our leader out of the blue, if you want to lead us, then you’ll have to fight me.”

Quinn really had no idea what was going on, as he took Jeouk to the side, he thought he could get some answers. Meanwhile, Ronkin had entered the circle ready to take on the Dalki.


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