My Vampire System Chapter 2082 Namrick’s Defend (Part 2)

It had been around 30 minutes since the initial pods had landed all over the village and already there were a few unexpected things that had occured for Jeouk and his group. For one, not only were the Namriks prepared but they had an attack measure as well.

As the pods came down, they did their best to fire them out of the sky, luckily for some reason only three pods had been destroyed in total, allowing for most of the vampires to land where they needed to be.

However, the difficulties continued from there for multiple reasons. Due to the initial attacks, the vampires were more spit up than planned. The vampires were landing further away from each other than originally planned, making it hard for them to group up and fight together.

Part of the reason for this problem was the layouts of their living areas. They lived in giant square buildings on top of square buildings, but there seemed to be no order to where the buildings were placed.

It made for cramped routes that went on in zigzag patterns. In a lot of cases it was hard to even know if they were in a different place or not since all of the buildings looked the same.

Right now, Jeouk had managed to find five vampires, and the initial fighting that started right off the bat had calmed down a little, and Jeouk could only guess why.

“We need to be careful.” Jeouk said to his fellow vampires, and one of them had an injury on his arm, it had been cut, and wasn’t healing even with their supernatural powers. The green liquid would heal but most of the vampires had already used one vial of the green liquid after landing, allowing them to beat the Namriks.

“The Namriks must have never expected us to be able to hold our own, yet that’s exactly what we are doing, so now instead of fighting us head on, they are resorting to tactics. Remember, we are on their turf.”

The group continued to walk through the string streets with the warning in mind, turning their heads left and right. Some had beast weapons out, while others had their hands steady on their flasks.

After fighting the Namriks once, they weren’t so sure if they could take them on a second time without the green liquid.

“Can you smell that?” One of the vampires asked.

Sniffing the air, Jeouk was getting used to this smell, it was the smell of blood, but not of their own or human blood, this was the smell of the Namrik’s blood. As they followed the trail, they soon reached one of the doors to one of the buildings.

A vampire took a peek through the window, but Jeouk quickly pulled him out.

“What are you doing, if there was a Namrik behind that wall your head would have been sliced off.” Jeouk complained.

“But sir… they’re all dead.” The vampire answered.

He had only seen for a second but he could see it as clear as day. Slowly, Jeouk and the other vampires entered one of the buildings and it was nothing like he imagined.

The Namriks were on the ground dead from the windows, and there was only one wound on them, a small little mark on their head like it had been made by a bullet.

In the whole building there were six, positioned in a way that it looked like they were ready to ambush anyone who walked through the street, but they had all been killed the same way.

“What is this sir?” One of the vampires asked.

“I… have no idea but let’s just hope that it’s on our side.” Jeouk commented.

The group continued to walk, and each time they smelt blood, they went on to investigate and it was the same scene wherever they went, just in a different location.

Sometimes they would be in the middle of the street, in the buildings or even on the rooftops. There were dead bodies everywhere, but there were hardly any dead vampires.

Once in a while, there would be a dead vampire, and a Namrik that looked to have been killed a different way, but that certainly wasn’t the norm.

“Is someone taking them all out for us?” A vampire asked.

“Maybe it’s someone from the human or Dalki group.” Another guessed.

“That might be the case, but we were meant to be the first ones to attack.”Jeouk replied.

Eventually though, the group could hear the sound of fighting, and buildings being torn apart. Quickly, the group of vampires ran over to where the sound was coming from, and they could see two vampires having a tough time fighting against three Namriks.

“That’s… Quinn’s friends.” Jeouk said, recognising them, but only remembering Quinn’s name out of all of them.]

“Crap!” Ronkin screamed, as his body wasn’t listening to him, his thighs were shaking because he had used so much energy and all the adrenaline that had been running through his body was starting to come to an end.

“We already used our green blood to get this far… what do we do?” Yip asked.

Both of them looked completely worn out, they could hardly manage to conjure any more blood aura, but for the Namriks who used biomechanical body parts, they weren’t tired at all.

Jeouk and the others were ready to rush in, unsure if they would make it in time, but they didn’t need to. From behind, one of the Namrik’s had an arm shoved right through its chest killing it on the spot.

When the other turned around to the sound of its groans, its large body was thrown on top of it.

The last Narmik tried to fire with its laser gun, but before it could, it was lifted by a hand, and the laser was pointed at the Namrik on the ground. It fired out hitting its own ally, killing it on the spot.

With its other hand, it had transformed into a blade, attempting to cut at the vampire, who soon knocked it away with one hand. With great speed, the vampire then grabbed the head, and twisted it until it cracked, killing it on the spot.

When the final Namrik dropped down, they could see who had saved them.

“Quinn!” Ronkin said. “You got here just in time, man me and my big mouth saying I would save everyone and here I am being saved by you two.”

Jeouk and the others soon arrived at the scene, and as they all expected, if anyone could take them out like so, it would be Quinn.

“Everyone, we can’t celebrate, we need to find the others, there are likely still to be Namrik in this place.” Jeouk said.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Quinn stated. “There weren’t any Namrick, around, I was checking the entire area. The vampires have formed groups and are trying to meet each other. These were the only ones I could find.”

Of course, Quinn was only making a report of what he had seen, but he wondered how Quinn was so sure of that. There could certainly be a Namrik hiding, and how did he get around the whole area of the place so quickly?

‘The Namriks we saw before, it couldn’t be him. He’s a good fighter but that was the sign of something else.’

“We will search the area and make sure, while gathering the rest of the vampires. After that we will set up camp here and make contact.” Jeouk ordered.

The vampires did as they were asked and while going around, they could see the same site as before, several Namrik killed in the same fashion. They had also joined up with the other vampires and after mapping out the whole area on their digital device, they realised they had lost a quarter of their total platoon so far.

In the centre of the town, there was an open circle that had several pathways that led to the zigzagging roads of square houses. The vampires decided to rest up here for now.

“What are we doing, just standing around?” Quinn asked.

“We are waiting for supplies from above.” Jeouk replied. “They probably never expected us to complete the task so fast, but to set up a base, we need to wait for the others to come down with the supplies.”

“Others?” Quinn asked.

“The Dalki, and the human’s, I said they would be joining this fight.”


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