My Vampire System Chapter 2081 Namrick’s Defend (Part 1)

The training the group were receiving had done well, to calm the vampire’s nerves down, but reality was starting to hit in, as they got a notice of what was about to happen next. Jeouk could see the look on all of their faces, but there was one in the room that didn’t look too worried.

‘I’m glad you are here.’ Jeouk thought, looking at Quinn. ‘If the captain of this platoon is nervous then it will only make everyone else more so as well.’

“I will now remind you of all of your tasks.” Jeouk shouted to the whole room, and there wasn’t a whisper from the others as they listened carefully.

“We will be attacking the small living areas of the Namriks the furthest away from their cities. Depending on the size of the living area, there will be a few platoons that have been sent to a certain location, or we might be the only platoon there.

“Our task is to clear out the area, and set up base, as we report the actions taken by the cities nearby. No doubt the enemy is waiting for us, and no doubt they are aware we are coming.”

Turning on the screen behind him, there was now what looked like a giant missile. When walking through the place, Quinn had seen quite a few of them.

“The Namriks have an energy barrier that will destroy the cruise ships if we get too close. They are simply too large and a surge of energy pinpoints the target that it is touching. However, with these pods, we are able to break through the energy shield and land safely on the other side.

“Each pod can only hold one person. They had to be made this way, this size to not activate the defensive feature of the shield. Don’t worry though, you won’t be on your own. All of us will be fired off toward the same location one after the other. Try to find the others, and lastly good luck to you all.”

Everyone waited patiently, and it seemed like everything was automatic, the only ones that would receive information about what was going on, or what to do next were the silver badge holders. It made Quinn wonder, if Jeouk perished then what, did they just want the vampires to stay put and attack the enemy. It wasn’t how Quinn would be running things anyway.

“Hey, Quinn, Yip. When we land, let’s look for each other straight away. We need to stick together.” Ronkin said. “I don’t want you two dying straight away, you’re going to need your big brother to look after you all.”

“Big brother?” Yip replied. “Don’t you mean more like dad?”

“I’m not that old, and you keep calling me daddy when I kick your ar-” Ronkin paused for a second. “That all sounded a lot better in my head.”

Finally it was time, as Jeouk led the platoon with him, and headed straight for the pods. Here they could see the other vampire groups as well, and Quinn could tell just from a glance that the other groups, the first ones going out, were all like them. Inexperienced and considered weak among the vampire settlement.

The vampires got in their respective pods one by one. The door was sealed shut and there was a clicking mechanism, they couldn’t hear any noise from the outside now, and the vision through the glass was relatively blurry.

‘I can’t imagine what the others are thinking inside here, even I’m feeling a bit tense.’ Quinn thought.

Before he knew it, he was shot out, and a heavy weight was felt all over his body, mainly it could be felt in his stomach. This was a feeling that Quinn had grown used to, because it was similar to when he used nitro accelerate.

Looking out his pod window, he could see the planet and then, the pod stopped for a few seconds in the air, as it hit an invisible barrier. A wave of energy was going through the whole pod, but soon many of the other pods were hitting the energy as well, and crashed through it as they went further through the air.

Now they were all heading to their different locations at the same time, several pods flying in the same direction Quinn was going to. While in the air though, they were defenceless and it looked like the Namriks knew that as well.

Several green energy blasts were being shot out towards the pods, as it hit the outside, the whole thing shook violently, and it changed course slightly. The green energy blasts were hitting the pods one after the other, and from the side, Quinn heard a loud explosion as one had been hit too many times.

‘A vampire has died before we’ve even reached the ground?’ Quinn was getting nervous, because in the situation he was in, he wasn’t sure if he could help Ronkin, never mind that, he didn’t even know which pod Ronkin was in.

Quinn didn’t have time to worry about the others, as he soon found his own ship being hit a couple more times.

‘If I keep getting hit like this, my own ship is going to blow up, and we’re all going to veer of course.’

Trying to think fast, and barely being able to see through the screen, Quinn had an idea. He placed his hand on the edge of the glass, and soon the shadow started to spread from his hands, out of the pod.

It grew blocking the hits near him, but Quinn didn’t stop there as he continued to spread the shadow further and further, stopping any of the blasts from hitting the pods outside.

“What is this, why has it suddenly gone dark, I can’t see anything!” Ronkin thought. “Am I dead! Please don’t say I’m dead!”

The pod then crashed into the ground and the whole thing shook, the same feeling as before was felt all over Ronkin’s body, and as soon as it touched the ground, the pod door had opened.

The first thing Ronkin saw was the Namrik creature in front of him. Just as they were described, white skin in colour with thick muscle mass, and had integrated their body with machinery.

Ronkin could see that the Namrik had formed its hand into a type of sword and swung it right for his face.

Quickly ducking, Ronkin jumped out from his pod, and when turning around he used a blood slash hitting the creature right in the back. A cut was made but due to the alien’s muscles it was unable to go very deep.

When it turned around, it used its bionic legs to catch up to Ronkin’s speed.

‘With their mechanical legs… they’re just as fast as us. Are they powered by crystals?’ Ronkin thought.

The transformed hand came right down from above at Ronkin, and before it could, he dashed in and hit the elbow with the palm of his hand, using red aura at the same time. The entire Namrik’s arm was thrown up.

“I did it…I can do this!” Ronkin thought.

Although one hand had been knocked up, the other one with the blaster, was now pointing right at Ronkin, and it looked like he was unable to react in time.

‘No… I got too ahead of myself!’ Ronkin thought.

Jumping on the back of the Namrik’s head, a small red dagger was stabbed from the top, and the Namrik fell to the floor.

“I thought… you said you were the one that was going to be protecting me.” Yip said, out of breath.

“Yip!” Ronkin said, as he ran over and hugged the young guard. “Thank you… I thought I could see my whole life flash before my eyes.”

Yip was looking around the place. The buildings were square shaped, and they seemed to be built on top of each other. It made it incredibly hard to see the entire town, as there were only pathways and three story square buildings all over, but at least it looked like there weren’t any other Namriks around, at least not this area.

Loud crashes could be heard, going off in different directions, and explosions through buildings and more. Part of the building next to them started to fall close to them, and soon they saw a vampire lying in rubble on the ground.

The war had truly started.

“We… need to find Quinn. We said we would meet up with him, but where is he?” Ronkin asked.


Similar to Ronkin, when Quinn had landed, the pod lid of his had popped open, and when it did there was a Namrik ready to greet him, but before it could even attempt to strike him, a blood bullet went right through its head, causing it to fall to the floor.

Placing his hand on the edge of the pod, he pulled himself out, and could see around him.

“I see there are quite a few of you to greet me.” Quinn said, as he was surrounded by Namriks on top of buildings, through the streets and more. Unaware, but due to the trick that they saw him pull with the strange shadow power, many had gone to his location.

“This is fine… it’s better this way.” Quinn said, as small balls of blood surrounded him, and the next second, they split apart going off in all different directions, killing all of the Namriks in the area on the spot.


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