My Vampire System Chapter 2080 Can I Have A Go

The room Quinn and the others in was fairly large, and there was plenty of room for them to roam around in. The trip to the planet in question would take a while for them to reach.

In the first place, it wasn’t any of the locations that were well known to the humans, as the Graylash planets and the beast planets were, it was much further. Further than the civilization of the humans would ever live, but it was a place the Marpo Cruise would pass by once in a while.

The rooms were large for a particular reason and that was because they were to be doubled up as training rooms.

“Our travel will take around five days!” Jeouk explained to the others. “I’ll be honest, there won’t be much improvement from you in five days, but I know there are some in this group who have never fought before, or at least fought with the intent to kill.

“This is important, in war it is killed or be killed. When we land, the enemy won’t hesitate at killing you, and you need to do the same. I want you to prepare yourselves and train with your fellow vampires.”

The room was pretty resilient, so if the vampires used their blood aura and it hit the metal walls, it would leave a faint mark at most, but they were unable to break them.

“Should we try to improve our blood aura as well?” Ronkin wondered as he looked at his hand.

“That would be useless.” Quinn replied. “Blood aura is not something so simple that it can be improved in five days. Not without any type of external help anyway.”

If Quinn were to use his blood aura, he was also sure that it would cut through the metal walls unlike the others’ attacks.

“What should we do then?” Ronkin asked.

“Combat skills. We should continue to hone our combat skills. Get used to protecting your vitals at all costs.” Quinn answered.

Ronkin didn’t know if that was the case or not, but through the training the two of them had together, Ronkin had seen a large level of improvement, so he was inclined to trust Quinn’s judgement. In the meantime, since Yip seemed to get on with Ronkin the most out of everyone, he decided to watch for the time being.

The two went through their normal combat routine as they would do on the roof. Ronkin was striking with his elbows, with his knees, and fists as well, but he wasn’t just using the strength of his supernatural body.

At each point when he struck, he would bring out a burst of red aura, the attacks were strong and aggressive, and soon the others in the room started to watch since they were the only two that were sparing like so.

So far all Quinn was doing was blocking, but once in a while he would strike back, and slow down his attack just in time for Ronkin to block it.

“When you attack, that’s when you’re at your most vulnerable as well. Remember that.” Quinn said.

Ronkin continued, and the fighting skills he was using was a bit of Muay Baron, something that Quinn had been teaching him bit by bit.

Eventually, the training looked so intense, that the others wanted to try it as well. They could see the sweat and the determination coming from Ronkin. They soon partnered up and started to train in a similar style.

This strange phenomenon that was spreading had also caught the attention of the silver badge vampire Jeouk.

“Those two are pretty skilled, are they really just guards?” Jeouk said to himself. “But, the one that is really impressive is the one doing the blocking.”

The others watching thought the two fighters were on the same level, but it was quite clear to the Jeouk that there was one that was superior out of the two.

‘To block each attack like that, and then strike at a specific time. This isn’t a sparring session between the two, one of them is clearly teaching the other.’

In the end, Ronkin was huffing and panting too much and was unable to continue, he had been using his vampire aura and the full strength of his attacks in the fight.

“This is good as well. In a war, you don’t get to choose when you rest. So stamina is an important part of it as well that you will need to increase.” Quinn explained.

“Quinn, if you’re not too tired, can I have a go?” Yip asked, raising his hand like he was in school.

“Sure.” Quinn replied. “Just try your best to hit me, and don’t pull back. If your attacks aren’t working then I want you to try something different. Don’t just keep trying the same thing over and over again.”

Now that there was someone else going up against Quinn, those that were fighting had decided to stop, and watch. They wanted to watch closely more to what Quinn was doing, and try to imitate him, because from the looks of it, he wasn’t using any vampire aura at all.

The fight started out, and Yip started to throw fists one after the other, he did so in quick succession, but they were all being blocked and avoided. As they watched this match, the people around started to notice it wasn’t as impressive as before.

Yet, Jeouk’s eyes widened.

‘It can’t be, is he matching his speed and strength to who he is fighting?’

The amount of skill that would need, and to top it all off, to still be the superior fighter, but that was exactly what Quinn was doing. If he just outpowered them, moved faster than them, then the vampires would learn nothing.]

But with Yip, he would be able to sense this person isn’t faster than me, this person isn’t stronger than me, so then why am I losing? With these thoughts, it would encourage thinking outside of the box, and improving on one’s movements to try and defeat the one in front of them.

If the enemy felt impossible, then they would just give up.

After a while, Yip was also out of breath and done for, he was lying on his back, thinking about the fight.

“Why couldn’t I touch him?” Yip asked.

“I told you, Quinn is a strange person. Even with his skills, all he wants to do is be a guard all day. I bet with his strength he could even be a permanent guard!” Ronkin proudly said, as if he was bragging about himself.

Just as Quinn was ready to sit down and have a rest, another vampire in the room stood in front of him. It was a large vampire, nearly as big as a Dalki in size.

“My name is Dazi! Please, could you spar with me as well!” the large vampire said, bowing down.

“Your appearance really doesn’t suit your manners, but I like that. Of course I can spar with you.” Quinn replied.

Just like before, Quinn would match the strength, even that of the large vampire, who was stronger than Ronkin, or Yip when it came to just power, but he was seriously lacking in stamina and skills.

Yet Jeouk had noticed once again that he had matched the opponent in front of him, and something else was happening as well. After Quinn was done with one person, another person would volunteer, wishing to fight them.

Not a single hit was delivered on Quinn, and everyone fought until they were completely exhausted, yet Quinn continued, one after the other.

There was fight after fight, and Ronkin was looking at all the worn out people around.

“I think your friend is a lot stronger than a permanent guard, I think he could make it on the scout team.” Yip commented.

Ronkin didn’t say anything, as his mouth was left wide open. Over half the room, 25 vampires, Quinn had trained with and without breaking a single sweat as he went against them.

‘Showing them this much is fine, and besides, if it allows them just a little more chance to survive, then I don’t mind doing this little.’ Quinn inwardly smiled.

“Do you mind if I have a spar?” Jeouk asked.

Turning around, Quinn smiled once again.


The match was on, and just like before, Quinn matched even the silver badge vampire speed, and strength and only used his skill to out class him and outmatch him. Jeouk had years of training, being part of the red vampires and he felt like he had never come across anyone that was so skilled in terms of hand to hand combat before.

“You are a good soldier.” Jeouk said. “I hate to say it, but I might rely on you to help out this platoon.”

“Of course.” Quinn answered, he liked this type of person, didn’t ask any questions and knew who to be polite to and when, and through fighting, Quinn felt like he had gained a bond with nearly all of them.

The special sparring sessions continued each day with them doing the same thing, and Quinn taking them all on, but the sessions were longer as the vampires continued to increase in stamina and had improved greatly.

Then it was the day, the final day, they had arrived, at the Namriks’ home planet.


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