My Vampire System Chapter 2079 Memory Changing Device

Jim Eno hadn’t said much to the leaders, in fact he had hardly met with them, and now after all this time, he was leaving them just like that, and in his place he was using someone else. It left the originals feeling like they had been chucked to the side.

While walking away though, the person who was always by Jim Eno’s side had turned around, giving them a glance. They could sense the aura that was coming off from the individual and it quickly made them shut up.

Since Jim had already left, the leaders quickly turned their attention to this Vincent person instead.

“We have yet to be given the units we are in charge of, but we have relied on orders that were forwarded to us that you have given to our groups.” Grenlet said. “I understand Jim’s plan, but does this mean we won’t be mingling with the others?”

It was an honest question that had been asked by Grenlet, but the others were more wondering who this person was. He was wearing a thick black mask, like many of the vampires that seemed to work for Jim.

Whenever they entered one of his ships or Jim would visit them, these vampires with masks would always be with him, that and the guard that was always by his side as well.

“We need to get a grasp on the entire situation at first.” Vincent answered. “We will see how the enemy reacts to the first wave of attacks from the vampires, see how strong their forces are and we can play it from there.

“If we can end this quickly, we will, if not, then we will have to revise our plans on the go.”

The leaders understood, and they also understood that it was useless for them to ask any more questions and they might as well head off and do their own thing while the ship travelled to the right location.

However, there were two vampires there that had a strange feeling when hearing Vincent speak. Grenlet in particular could feel goose bumps going up and down his arm.

Meanwhile, Edvard couldn’t help but say something.

“Have we met before, your voice, it’s familiar?”

“We might have met a long time ago in the past, but recently… I doubt that would be the case.” Vincent explained. “I have been working at the main lab, researching the green blood. There is a reason why higher tiers of green blood have become available.”

The more he heard the voice the more familiar it sounded to him, yet at the same time it didn’t sound the same at all. Edvard couldn’t put his finger on it.

The other leaders, seeing there being no use for them to stay there, started to walk off and split apart, and it looked like Vincent was about to do the same.

“Wait!” Edvard said. “You said you worked in the lab, correct? Do you mind if I look at some of the work you have done, I am quite interested in these things myself, and who knows, maybe you could use my knowledge to help.”

There was a pause and even Grenlet was wondering what Edvard was doing, but if he thought about it a bit more it was quite clear. Getting any sort of information from Jim himself would be hard, but there would be those that knew more about him.

If he trusted this vampire to take over the matters of the lab and the current fighting situation, then it meant he trusted him enough to give him valuable information, maybe something from the lab department.

“It’s nice to meet someone else that takes interest in this stuff!” Vincent sounded more upbeat, but his mask was hiding his expression. “There is a lab on this ship where I am still doing some research. I also brought along some items with me that you might be able to use in battle.”

It certainly seemed like that one was excited, and Edvard had his in, as the two were walking off together.

“Grenlet, if anything happens or there is a problem, come find me.” Edvard said. “If the others are looking for Vincent as well, you know where we will be.”


A short while later and the two of them were in a huge lab with all sorts of equipment spread out around the place. The thing was, there wasn’t another person in the lab. It seemed like it was Vincent’s own personal lab where he could tinker with whatever he wished.

The most shocking thing that caught Edvard’s eye altogether though was the large glass container that was filled with green liquid, and inside there was a four spiked Dalki.

“Even though we are on a mission, it’s still important to carry on one’s research.” Vincent said. “Right now, the settlement and the vampires rely on the blood. So I need to make it as efficient as possible, to avoid as many deaths as possible.”

These were unexpected words, just from seeing the lab alone, Edvard could guess that Vincent was a hard worker, but it didn’t seem like it was for his sake, he was someone who cared about the settlement.

In the end, the two of them continued to explore the lab, and Edvard was showing genuine interest in the inventions that had been created. Barriers that could be created out of crystal energy.

Weapons, automation, recording devices and more. Edvard was having so much fun that he had almost forgotten the reason why he had even started to speak to Vincent, but he soon forced himself to stay on track.]

“You have all these devices, I was wondering. Have you ever created a memory changing device?” Edvard asked. “I just imagined, if one was able to create something like that, it would be pretty useful.”

Vincent didn’t say anything for a few seconds which worried him a bit, and wondered if he was going to make a move, if he did, then he would have to stop him before he reached Jim.

“That would be difficult.” Vincent replied. “a memory moving device perhaps, but to change one’s memories, every single part of it that was linked with that person. It would be troublesome.

“And to even have that be of use, you couldn’t just change one person’s memories, you would have to change all those around them as well.”

“Exactly!” Edvard excitedly said. “For something at that level, there is currently no technological advancement that could do such a thing?”

“Not that I know of.” Vincent replied. “What you would be talking about, would be closer to an ability. The problem is an ability of that level would also have a drawback.

I haven’t studied abilities in a great detail but I do know a lot about them.

“Strong abilities, and ones such as that, usually have a condition that need to be met. A touch, a routine or something else. If it doesn’t have a condition then usually it is a pretty weak ability.

“The universe works in mysterious ways, and I beleive it works this way so one thing can’t overpower another. If someone did have the power to change memories, and wished to do so on this ship, I find it hard to believe that they would be able to do so all at once.”

Edvard was now the one stuck thinking, because from Quinn’s story it had hit the whole vampire settlement which was larger than the cruise ship, and all those of Earth. There was no way a single individual had touched every single person.

“So there’s no way to change everyone’s memories at once? In the entire ship?” Edvard pushed further.

Vincent clicked his fingers as he thought of something.

“There was something that me and Logan from Earth recently created. It’s an ability enhancer, although from the name don’t be fooled, it doesn’t enhance your ability, but more so spreads it around.

“The invention worked as intended, but even in your scenario it still couldn’t be used. You see, when tested, it allowed the person’s powers to spread out, but the more of a power spread, the more MC cells were used.

“Even a level 8 wind user was only able to use its powers in a range as big as a facility, because the power is spread so much in all different directions.”

Placing his finger on his chin, Edvard was left no better than he was. He wished he could just outright ask Vincent if he knew anyone with such powers but that would give him away, if his questions hadn’t already given him away.

“Do you wish to change everyone’s memories?” Vincent joked. “I am sorry for ruining your dream.”

“It’s okay, you have done your best. It was nice to meet you Vincent.” Edvard said as he put his hand out.

“It would be rude if you didn’t see my face.” Vincent said, as he went to remove his mask before shaking Edvard’s hand, but as he did, everything hit Edvard. The eyebrows, the nose position, the soft tender lips, and the voice.

“Quinn?” Edvard asked.


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