My Vampire System Chapter 2078 The New Enemy (Part 2)

Looking at the screen, Quinn could see clear as day that it was Jim Eno. He remembered his face well for a number of reasons, one of them being when he was on Blade island. Right now, through the screen it looked like he hadn’t aged a single day.

Yip, who was standing next to Ronkin, peeked around the corner, and could see Quinn’s scrunched up face.

‘Why is he making a face like that toward the Hero? Do the two know each other?’ Yip thought. ‘No, that’s impossible, how would a guard know someone like him.’

“If you were to ask me, the vampire settlement is currently going through its greatest period that it has ever been in.” Jim Eno continued to speak through the screen. It was unclear if this was a live message that was being broadcasted to them all, or if it was a prerecorded message.

“With the Green blood, vampires have experienced a rapid growth in strength, and even those that didn’t have power before are able to fight. With the Green blood, every vampire will be a vicious soldier in this fight.”

“As I said before, life is going well for us vampires, and if we wish to keep it that way, then we need to protect ourselves. As we have grown stronger and gathered more resources, there will be those that will wish to steal what we have.”

“This is only the beginning and we have to put a stop to it before it escalates. We have seen this happen before, and in the past I have put a stop to it… with the Dalki and with the Celestials as well. This time, I am with you again, but I am asking for your help, because as vampires, since our proud blood runs through our veins, we are not the type to rely on a single hope.”

“We will fight for ourselves and our future.”

The video ended there, and at the same time the entire room erupted into a large roar.

“The Hero is by our side, he will protect us, there is no need for us to worry!”

“We are strong, the strongest there is in the entire universe, let’s show what happens when they mess with us!”

Nearly everyone was pumped up, and once again Yip went to look at Quinn, who was shaking, and looking on the ground.

‘I don’t care about you taking claim for what I have done, but you using my accomplishments to convince others to fight, that is really dirty.’ Quinn thought.

The door opened once again, and one of the vampire workers in staff uniform came in with a giant metal crate. As soon as he moved his hand, they could all see that it was full of tier 4 flasks for them all to use.

“Everyone one in here is to take two flasks with them. You are free to use them how you wish. There will be bases set up on the planet, after we land, and there will be a chance to restock up on the green blood.

“For those of you here, you might have noticed, our platoon is not filled with experienced fighters. So I will say this with caution, this Green Blood could very well be your lifeline, don’t use it so willy nilly.” Jeouk explained.

The TV screen soon changed once again, and this time the word Namriks could be seen above, it was the name that had been given to the race that they were going up against.

“I want you all to look at our enemy, and I will discuss what we know so far about them.” Jeouk said. “The creatures, as you can see, are white skinned and are around the same size as humans, although in terms of muscle mass, they are two times greater in thickness.

“The Namriks also seem to have integrated technology into their bodies, at least the soldiers have done so. They have a blaster on their right hand that uses crystal energy and is just as dangerous as our own.

“In fact, the Namriks seem to have a higher amount of high grade crystals so their blasters can be quite deadly. On top of that, their planet is filled with different types of crystals such as exploding crystals and more.

“If you think the enemy is only good at fighting at far range because of this, then you would be wrong. On their left hand, they can solidify it and it seems to be able, to some degree, transform into whatever they wish.”

“They can form it into a sword, a shield or whatever to be used at will. The hand is incredibly hard and I doubt, unless you are one of our leaders, you could rip through it with your bare hand.

“Still, the rest of their body is relatively soft, so there is only one area to avoid. Of course, I don’t have to warn you all, that this is all the information we have. There could be other things they have as weapons and perhaps there are stronger Namriks out there as well.”]

The race seemed to be quite advanced from the equipment they had, which made Quinn wonder why they would attack the Marpo Cruise in the first place. If he could do some investigating into what actually happened, it would be nice.

“There are two more things that you need to know. We will be a part of the front line, the planet is large and there will be several attack groups spread out all over the place. Which means, there is a good chance that if we do run into something dangerous, we won’t get support for a while.

“If you make contact with something that is too tough, something that hasn’t been reported before, then run and report back. I know it sounds cowardly for us vampires, but doing so will save a lot of other vampires’ lives.”

Quinn liked the way this Jeouk spoke. He seemed to care about the vampires, at least a lot more than Jim did, and from the way he spoke, he had to have been in a battle before.

“The second is a message from the leaders, our group will also be meeting up with those from Earth, as in humans, as well as the Dalki. We will be fighting side by side, and the leaders want us to show that the vampires are far superior.”


Jim Eno wasn’t on board the cruise ship that Quinn was currently on, he was onboard another that also had all of the leaders present. Right now, he was sitting with all of them, discussing what the plans were, going through it with them all, and essentially saying the same thing the others were saying.

“If the Namrik are strong, won’t we lose a lot of vampires this way?” Edvard asked. “Why not just use a strong force that can cover each other’s backs?”

“Now this is a surprise, I thought Originals didn’t care about the vampires?” Jim replied. “Worry not though, that is what the Green liquid is for. The plan is to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

“They attack, then what do you think the Namriks will do? They will defend, of course, by sending out their army to all the towns and cities they have. Then that leaves their main base open, for us to come in and take them out in one go.

“The vampires need to be the ones that are successful in this goal. I have to show Jack that we are more capable and stronger than he thinks.”

“Jack?” Hikel replied. “Aren’t you two friends, aren’t we working together?”

“Of course we are!” Jim repeated back. “But, you should know as well as I do, that if there is a shift in the power balance, it is very easy for one to stab you in the back. Jack is very confident with the Dalki with abilities by his side, especially since he has H. We just have to show that we too are confident!”

Edvard was a little annoyed, as it seemed like Jack and Jim were just using this attack as a competition between the two, to flex, to see who had the most power. He was sure that the other leaders were thinking this too, but decided not to speak up.

“If you have any problems you can talk to me, and if I’m not around, feel free to talk to my dear Nephew, Vincent.” Jim smiled.


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