My Vampire System Chapter 2077 The New Enemy (Part 1)

The sound of the alarm was the last call, the last call to give the vampires an opportunity to join the war.

According to Layla there had been a lot of word about on the species that they were going against. News of how more vampire scouting teams that were within the area that had been captured.

It seemed to line up, as other vampires were talking about how there were many around them that were missing after having gone out on one of the hunting and scouting groups.

Perhaps these words were true but in Quinn’s mind, after going to other worlds with other races, he still saw them as the invaders rather than them doing a righteous thing.

Still, it didn’t get in the way of him signing up and saying his goodbyes to his family, as he knew shortly after they would be leaving.

“Minny, you’ve grown a lot since coming here.” Quinn said. “Look after your little brother, and your mother as well, if there are any problems.”

Minny nodded her head, and Quinn wasn’t sure if he was imagining it or not, but while Galen was being held in Layla arms he seemed to turn his head at the comment.

‘Was he hurt by my words? No, he can’t really understand what I said right?’ Quinn thought.

Signing up, Quinn could see there were a lot of vampires. It seemed like at least half the settlement, that had been growing for a while now, were going on this mission.

When signing up though, there was no test. They had accepted everyone and already had the vampire’s current position on file.

After that, the new recruits would then enter a small travelling ship which was somewhat like a large bus, only a spaceship version, that would shuttle them to the large crusade ships, the ones that had the word Marpo Cruise on them.

When inside, Quinn looked at everyone around him, they were vampires that he didn’t know. His circle was limited in the first place, but the travel ship was full of around fifty or so people.

Once the ship had landed on the crusade ship, there were vampires that were there waiting and giving everyone orders.

“Please wait until your name is called out, then follow the vampire with the silver badge, to your new location.” A vampire at the front with a golden badge ordered.

Quinn had seen these before, they were vampires that worked within the castle. It seemed like the leaders and the higher ranking vampires had already boarded on one of the cruise ships.

‘It makes me wonder, is Jim on this ship? If he was, it would be quite convenient if he disappeared while travelling back from the war or in the middle of the war.’ Quinn thought, somewhat smiling to himself.

Eventually, Quinn’s name was called out and along with fifteen other vampires they followed the silver badged vampire around the cruise ship.

The inside was just as large and extravagant as the Marpo Cruise that Quinn had been on before. Only this time a lot of the areas seemed to have been repurposed.

There were large equipment holding rooms and training stations. Half of the ship also contained smaller battleships that were made for crash landing into an enemy planet.

Eventually, they were led to a metallic room, it was spacious inside but there was nothing much in it apart from a TV screen at the back and other vampires that were spread out.

“Quinn you’re here!” Ronkin shouted, as he quickly went over to his side and slapped him on the back.

“I thought you might have changed your mind or something, but it looks like you really did join.”

Quinn looked around the room and inside there were a few faces he recognised. A lot of those in the room were guards that belonged to the 9th family and that had the same position as him.

Other than that though, the others were unrecognisable.

‘Why have they put all the guards in the same room together?’ Quinn thought.

“Is Nell here?” Quinn asked.

“Nah, everyone who is here is from the ninth family, it seems that they’re splitting groups up into separate families.” Ronkin explained. “Hey Yip, come over here!”

Soon a young looking vampire ran over and as he did, he saluted Quinn. The vampire had a straight haircut that just about reached his eyebrows, and he had a nervous look about him. If he was a human, Quinn would have guessed he had just turned 18.]

“Hey, there’s no need to be so formal.” Ronkin said. “He’s the same rank as us, he’s a guard as well.”

“Really?” Yip replied, taking a closer look. “But he looks so old, so I thought he would have been on the scouting team and he has this feeling to him.”

“Old?” Quinn replied.

It was the first time such words had ever been used to describe him, but he guessed based on his looks now he would be in his late twenties and to a young vampire like this, one might think he was old.

“It’s kids, I’m telling you. Once you have kids you start to age really quick. One second goes by, and suddenly they can do everything you could do but even better.” Ronkin said, seeing the worried look on Quinn’s face.

“Anyway, Yip is a fellow guard like us, but he covers our shifts on the days when we’re off, but I got to talk to him a couple of times.”

Quinn looked Yip up and down, and while doing so, once again Yip felt a little frightened. In his head, he still felt there was no way a person like this was just a simple guard.

“You have good senses.” Quinn said. “I have a question: is everyone in this room currently a guard or someone who did a different job, not related to fighting?”

Yip and Ronkin started to think about it, the two of them did talk to the others and asked what they did before. There were cooks, storage workers, builders but that was it. In a way, in terms of fighting power the highest position people in this room were guards.

“Wait, what does that mean?” Ronkin thought.

Quinn had an idea, but he didn’t want to say anything. For the longest time, the vampires of old, including the originals, didn’t really care for the weak.

If anything, they felt like the weak vampires were a shame, and they would just continue to pass on their weak genes.

‘In this fight, they will use most of the weak vampires as the bulk of the army. The settlement doesn’t care about the number of vampires lost, but rather the strength of those lost… but saying that to these guys who have put their trust in the settlement, how am I meant to?’ Quinn thought.

Entering the room through the same entrance was a vampire with a silver badge. He looked at all those that were in the room, who soon stood up and saluted, as the vampire had entered.

“My name is Jeouk and I will be leading this platoon of vampires.” The man stated, and Quinn could see it, the look in his eyes. He was afraid and knew the task of these vampires.

Jeouk walked through the vampires with his head down, he almost didn’t want to look at them, because he would be the one sending them off to their death.

‘I’ve always been involved in wars from a different position than this. I knew most of the people fighting by my side personally. I can’t imagine how he feels.’ Quinn thought.

Standing now at the front of the fifty or so vampires, Jeouk lifted his head.

“For all of you, this is a chance to prove yourself in this fight. Every single one will be supplied with tier four liquid, to strengthen you in this battle, and before I go into details about our targets and the plan, there is a special word from our hero, to inspire us.”

Clenching his fist, Quinn was starting to get angry because he knew the person that would be appearing on the screen was no hero.

The T.V turned on, and right in front of the screen looking at them all, was without a doubt Jim Eno.

“Vampires, we will win this fight because, fear not, I, Jim Eno, will be by your side.”


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