My Vampire System Chapter 2076 A Gift For A Gift (Part 2)

Edvard, being a leader of one of the families, was in charge of quite a few of the scouting teams, including those that would hunt outside their current planet. So it was relatively easy for him to get a ship for Quinn, and for him to leave without the others knowing.

Especially since most of the ships and scouting teams were in the middle of being called back. Many of them weren’t in use, but Edvard was slightly worried whether or not Quinn would be able to make it back in time before the war was to begin.

‘That boy is a bit rash, but I must be crazy to worry about him. This is a person who fought against the last demon tier beast in the forest, I’m sure I’m worrying for no reason.’ Edvard thought.

Travelling via ships was fast, it was faster than before. Quinn hadn’t noticed it, because he hardly left the settlement, but the ship’s design and speed were one of the things that had improved by leaps and bounds.

This was due to the high amount of crystals that were now being gathered on their planets as well as the others surrounding them. They were able to consume large amounts of crystals to produce large amounts of power because the crystals were becoming plentiful for everyone.

After a short ride, Quinn was already at the destination he wanted to be at. The planet was full of large fields that were practically nothing but grass. It didn’t look like the type of planet that would have dangerous beasts on it, but according to the information he had received from Edvard, it was full of dangerous creatures and there was more than one demon tier beast on the planet.

‘At least on here, I don’t have to worry so much about not being able to use my powers.’

With his full speed, Quinn started to search, and on top of that, he started to spread his shadow out. Ever since the shadow had upgraded, Quinn was able to use his shadow freely without having to worry about the MC points.

Although there was still a maximum output limit, Quinn could still use the shadow as much as he liked without having to worry about it. Which was why he was spreading it far and thin while he searched and his own shadow searched for the demon tier, and it didn’t take him long to come across it.

Suddenly changing direction, now Quinn was heading towards it, he continued to run onto the grass fields almost without seeing anything. There were just a few beasts that felt to be around, and those were off to the side.

There were some standing there eating the grass but most of them weren’t paying attention at all.

‘My shadow, I’m sure it located it right he-“

One of the large boulders that was on top of the grass started to move. It was as big as one of the vampire’s manors. Then, on the boulder itself, a pair of large eyes started to open up, and lastly, legs had sprouted out from them, long and dangling, like a spider’s and as thick as a tree’s trunk.

Now, the demon tier creature, with a rock body and spider-like legs was nearly as big as a mountain towering over him.

‘For once, it feels like everything is going my way, and there have been no problems at all. I found the demon tier beast a lot faster than I thought as well.’

Lifting his hand up, Quinn soon started to summon a shadow over his head, because he wasn’t planning to fight himself. That was never his intention, he still needed to see what something could do.

Out from the shadow, another demon tier beast fell out, a large almost gigantic two headed antler beast with a club in its hand. Its eyes were dark and blood shot, and parts of its fur on its body looked like it was falling off, but there was a trail of black shadow coming off of it from certain parts.

“A demon tier against another demon tier, now let’s see how you do!” Quinn said, as he started to walk back and would enjoy the fight that would soon unfold.f𝘳𝐞𝑒𝚠𝑒𝚋no𝘃eƖ.co𝘮

Of course, Quinn knew there were different levels and tiers of demon tiers, but the ones that he found on the vampire planet, he also knew that they were all above your average demon tier. On top of that, the system stated that those infected by the shadow would be stronger, and it looked like Quinn could see that already.

During the fight, the other demon tier would shoot strange materials and other things out from its long leg-like limbs towards the antler beast, but by using its powers it would block them all. On top of that, a large whack from the club on its leg nearly took the whole thing out.

The demon tier beast that was now infected by the shadow, was faster, stronger and at times it seemed like it had slight protection from the shadow itself, and this was all without Quinn’s help. Eventually the other demon tier was beaten, as its legs were crushed and the club was swung down on top of its head finishing it off.

The demon tier beast had been hit a few times, but with its strange powers it was able to heal from all the damage it took.

“You did a good job two-head.” Quinn called it and placed it back in his shadow, and as easy as that, he now had another demon tier crystal.

‘Having a demon tier beast able to do my bidding, this power is a lot stronger than I thought, and I already have three under my control. There honestly doesn’t seem to be a limit either.’]

If Quinn was ever like Jim, or one of his enemies with this power, he felt like it could be misused incredibly easily, and for a second he understood why the Celestials felt like the godslayer powers were really dangerous.

After getting the one crystal, Quinn wasted no time, getting back on the ship, and heading back to the settlement. He still had a lot of time left and hunting a demon tier beast had only taken him a day at most.

What he was concerned about, was actually making a weapon, and using the upgrade crystal, but he had one of the best forgers in the world to guide him.

Upon returning, another favour was asked, and luckily Grenlet owned one of the best forging rooms the vampires had. Of course, Grenlet wasn’t going to object to Quinn using it at all, and that’s what he did.

At first, Quinn thought he might have to follow Alex’s instructions with the hammer and other things, but due to the strange blood tentacles that he could use coming out of the weapon, Alex could pretty much do everything himself, and all Quinn needed to do was walk to certain places.

Still a demon tier item took a long time, and an upgrade crystal would too. After spending several days in the forgery working all day and night, the item was finally done and using the inspect skill Quinn could tell that it was true.

‘Crap, that took a lot more days than I thought it would, and that was a lot of hard work.’ Quinn said.

‘Did you think I was slacking all the time when I made those weapons? I still did nearly all the work, all you were doing was watching.’ Alex complained.

Although Quinn was watching, he was doing so with intent, and tried to remember as much of the process as he could. Realising it must have been a few days and close to the big day, Quinn grabbed the item and placed it in a special box.

It was time for him to head home, and give the gift to Minny, which was exactly what he had done.

“What is this, can I open it!” Minny asked excitedly.

“Not quite.” Quinn replied. “You see, this is a special gift that I want you to put away in your shadow. If it’s an emergency I want you to open that box and use whatever is inside okay?” Quinn explained.

Minny folded her arms, clearly upset.

“Why… Why is everything ‘in case of an emergency’? Can’t you give me something I can use now! I can’t do anything.” Minny complained.

Quinn was wondering of a way of comforting her, but before he could there was a loud alarm. It was deep, and was in one continuous long tone, after that it sounded again.

“It’s starting.” Layla said, looking at Quinn.

Opening the door, Quinn went to look out side, he could guess what Layla meant when she said it was starting, and he could see it as well, because outside the vampire planet, in space he could see two very, very, large crusade ships that had the words Marpo Cruise written on the side.


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