My Vampire System Chapter 2075 A Gift For A Gift (Part 1)

The decision had been made, but honestly, Quinn wasn’t too sure what he had signed up for and was just going with the flow for now. It felt strange leaving things in the hands of others, but he just had to trust that Edvard and Grenlet would obtain the information he needed.

In the meantime, he would do something that he could do, and that was protecting the lives of the new friends he had found and perhaps trying to help out a few other vampires that would have perhaps lost their lives in a useless war.

“You did what!” Layla said, nearly dropping a dirty dish on the floor, but Galen had caught it quickly before it had crashed, and jumped up on the table placing it down gently. After he had gotten back in his child seat that was raised up, he looked at his mother and father intently.

For a second, both Quinn and Layla wanted to praise the amazing feat that Galen had just done, but they were more focused on the conversation they had a second ago.

“I don’t think it’s too much of a problem. If anything, Jim Eno will be away with us, so there is less likely to be any issue here at all.” Quinn replied.

Layla sat down for a second while she gathered her thoughts.

“I know I said that you could do what you wanted, but I thought maybe you would hunt some beasts or something, not go and join the army for war. Have you really thought about this?”

Quinn had somewhat expected this, although Layla said he could do whatever he wanted, she was still surprised by what he was doing. He didn’t know if it was hard for him to understand women, or it was just Layla in this sense.

“Ronkin and Nell are joining. When I heard that, I felt like I had to go. The vampires, they don’t even have a reason to fight, a reason to risk their lives.” Quinn explained.

Now Layla understood, Quinn was the same as always, as soon as it was a matter involving someone else, he would always volunteer.

“But, from what we know this is a completely different race. They’re not humans right? Didn’t you tell me that the celestials came from all sorts of different races. If they are a large race, then isn’t there bound to be a celestial among them?

“At the moment, they still think you’re trapped in that space right, and since you’re no longer a celestial, they can’t sense that you’ve come out.” Layla half guessed as she only knew as much as Quinn had told her during their time together.

“I’m not sure. There is a chance there could be a celestial, but it seemed like they could sense godslayers back then as well. Either, they are just ignoring earth completely because of our deal, or honestly they already know about me, but you are right. If a celestial was to see me, they could report it back to the others and that Mundus guy could trap me all over again.”

Although… Quinn was wondering, perhaps he could no longer trap him now that he was a godslayer, but in some ways that was worse, because then they would just try to outright kill him.

“Then it will be okay if daddy just covers up his face, right?” Minny said, as she was listening to the conversation between the two, even though she was in the living room playing on her tablet device.

Soon, Minny started to gather her hands together and the shadow power had activated shortly after. She had taken out the red oni mask, and handed it over to her father.

“This?” Quinn said as he touched it and some memories were coming back to him.

“You gave me the mask to hide myself, but I don’t need to do that anymore, and now dad’s the one that needs to hide himself, so it would make sense right?” Minny stated.

Quinn used to wear masks all the time to hide himself, but just like Minny, everyone had forgotten about him, but he doubted the powers were so far reaching or the celestials could forget about him.

In fact if they did, then they would just see him as another godslayer that they had to get rid off.

“Thank you Minny, now I have something that I can remember you by. I’ll be gone a short while, but don’t worry about me.”

“Gone?” Layla replied.

“Didn’t they say the fighting wouldn’t start till next week or so?” Layla asked.

“It’s true but there is something else I need to do first.”

Leaving the house, Quinn was making his way to a certain place. After Minny had given him that mask, he was reminded of something. Something that he had to do, and during his whole time here he had been putting it off.

Eventually, he ended up at a place he had come to visit far more often then he should. As he crept out of his shadow Quinn was on the top floor of the ninth castle.

“Quinn, you know, there is no need for you to come to me, I can always come to you.” Edvard said with a smile, but he was quite happy to see him for a change unlike the times before.

“I will be joining the war, so during that time, please do your best to find out Jim’s secrets, but I also would say don’t put your own life in danger.” Quinn said with a polite smile.

“Please, there is no need for you to worry about me.” Edvard replied. “You know, I’m one of the lucky ones, and do you think I’m scared of death? I went into eternal slumber, expecting it to be eternal.

“You haven’t lived for long, and I understand why you try so hard now because you have a family, but when you live long enough you begin to understand something. The world just moves in cycles.

“The same things, the same problems, happen over and over again, over the 1000 years. So, no matter how hard you try and prevent things, something will always come up. What I would suggest is you just do what you believe is your part for the world.

“I have already done my part for the vampires a long time ago. I feel like I don’t owe them anything. I am just wishing to help out a fellow vampire that is a part of someone who helped me out long ago.”

Quinn did understand what he was saying, but Jim Eno, the Dalki, he felt like this was still partly his mess, and while his friends, such as Sil, Logan, and the others were still alive out there, he still felt like he was in the current cycle.

Even now, he had only just started a family, and felt like he was having a life.

“Anyway, I’m sure that you didn’t just come here to inform me that you would be joining the war, there must be something else?” Edvard asked.

“Do you have any demon tier crystals in your possession? Or any you can get a hold of?” Quinn asked, getting straight to the point.

Edvard pulled a face, because he knew his answer was going to upset the other.

“All demon tier crystals that are found, even by the scouting team, are to be handed to Jim. So I’m afraid it goes past our hands, and a demon tier is often something a large group of people, or a leader, needs to try and get.

“It would be hard for me to sneak the crystal out.”

Quinn had somewhat expected this answer, so he had another suggestion.

“Could you sneak me a ship to one of the nearby planets that might have a demon tier. I will be back before the war starts, I just need a crystal.”

It didn’t seem too hard of a request, so Edvard nodded.

“Of course.”

Hearing this, there was someone who had been travelling with Quinn this entire time that was excited.

‘So you finally going to listen to me. You’re going to get a demon tier crystal, and use that upgrade crystal to give Minny a godslayer item before you leave, right?’ Alex guessed.

‘It’s only right that I get her something for the gift she gave me back.’ Quinn replied.


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