My Vampire System Chapter 2074 A Big Change (Part 2)

After dinner was over, Edvard got right to business, and he had recently told Quinn everything that Nell had said, or more so confirmed everything Nell was saying, about the Green Liquid, and the reason for all of the decisions made by the new vampire council. They were all implemented on Jim Eno’s orders.

“Jim Eno briefed the leaders on what is coming up in the next week or so, and it’s a lot to take in even for us leaders.” Edvard continued to explain. “There are shipments, batches of tier 4 Green blood, coming.

“Along with it, we are to recruit for the war. It will be a joint venture with Dalki, humans, and vampires but Jim wants the vampires to impress. Anyone can join the war, and in return, the four spiked and higher tiers of blood will be passed out.”

Honestly, when hearing that the Dalki, humans, and vampires would be taking part in the battle, Quinn was feeling worried for the enemy. At one point and time, Quinn had faced all of them, but to face all of them together…

“Why, and with who?” Quinn asked.

“I’m not too sure, myself.” Edvard replied. “From what was explained there was a race called the Namriks that attacked the Marpo Cruise Line. Jim claims that he wants to show the universe the power of Earth so another attack doesn’t happen.

“It might also just be a test for things to come as well. Not just me, but the other leaders have a feeling that this won’t be the only attack, and there might be more to come in the future.”

“This is crazy, does he and Jack want to take over the whole universe or something?” Quinn asked.

“Perhaps? As an original, I have seen this before. When one has power for a long time, and lives a long life, they can’t just be content with the things around them. They believe they have become the best, risen to the top, and they have to prove that. Maybe there is a crystal problem, or perhaps Jack or Jim are really hellbent on revenge, but either way, this is what’s happening.”

So far Quinn hadn’t gotten involved with things because they were peaceful, but now the peace was about to be broken because of Jim. Was it the time to act now? Was it the time to take JIm down?

If Earth started to expand as well, to cause trouble outside their own planet, Quinn was sure that the celestials would act.

“This war, although I do think lives will be lost, we are a strong race Quinn, so I doubt many lives will be lost.” Edvard explained. “But I feel like it will be an opportunity. When the war starts, Jim will call all the leaders by his side. We will be with him during the duration of the war, and that’s when me and Grenlet can do our research. We can find out how he changed people’s memories.

“I’m not telling you to act after that, but I would just suggest not doing anything until we have the answer, and I promise you, we will try our very best to give you an answer.”

After explaining everything Edvard left, and the family were left on their own at the dining table. He looked towards Layla who was just shaking her head, but eventually she spoke, breaking the silence.

“Quinn, I told you to wait, at least until our son was born. Galen is here now, and I feel like I can protect him and Minny. I know what’s happening has been hard, I know there were instances where you wished you could act out but didn’t because of my words, which is why I’m telling you now.

“Do what you think is right. I will protect us, and I know you will too, no matter what you do.”


The next couple of days, everything had soon come to light. Just as Edvard had stated, all of the vampires were informed of the upcoming war. A few more details were given, such as the fact that the Namriks had captured some of those working on the Marpo Cruise.

This included vampires, humans, as well as Dalki. They had asked for them to be returned but the other race wasn’t complying. Quinn didn’t know whether this was just a cover up story, to make the people believe it was righteous and worthy, or the truth, but either way it didn’t change the outcome.

When looking around in the square where the meeting was taking place, instead of fear for the loss of lives, or what was going to happen to them, they were looking forward to fighting. As Quinn was told many times, the vampires were born to fight, it was almost in their nature to do so.

Maybe it had something to do with stemming from Immortui, the wish to bring death on others. Perhaps they were following his will without realising it, but he knew, if the war was one sided and went the other way, that the vampires could experience fear as well.

“Those of you who wish to sign up will be rewarded heavily, if you are to pass on in battle your families will be looked after greatly for the rest of their lives!” A recruiter shouted. “In a week, we will head into battle.”

The message was over and many vampires went to sign up for battle almost immediately, while others were left to think about it for a while.

The good thing was, the vampires weren’t forced to join the army that would go into battle; it was a choice. Which meant even Quinn didn’t need to join in, and he decided it was perhaps best for him not to.]


Later on he found himself at the usual spot, with Ronkin and Nell. They were all quite quiet that day, until Ronkin slammed his hand on the table again.

“I’ve decided, I’m joining the war.” Ronkin said.

“What? But, what about your family?” Quinn asked.

“I know, I have thought about this for a long time, but I decided. The money will go to my family either way, if I survive or not, they will be looked after, and every time I think about the vampires that are captive, what if that was our family? Someone has to fight to free them, and I want to be a part of it. I would want others to act if it was my family as well.

“If they have done this once, they will do it again! On top of that, it’s a chance to prove myself. I see next to no downside to this.”

“Downside?” Quinn repeated. “What about dying? I think that’s a pretty big downside to me. I know you’re strong, vampires are strong but there are other races out there that we know nothing about that could be far stronger than us.”

When thinking about this, Quinn was thinking about the Amra race. The large beings that were nearly made out of rock and had four arms. They were stronger and faster than a normal vampire, and their elites would easily be able to deal with the leaders.

It was when Quinn realised how small their world was, and the vast amount of others that were out there.

“Dying is a downside, but we will all die one day.” Nell added. “I would rather be in control of my own death. Going to die on my own terms sounds a lot better and that’s if we die in the first place.”

From the sounds of it, it appeared that Nell had made his decision to go into battle as well, and that’s when the two of them looked towards Quinn.

“Look, just because we are joining, doesn’t mean you have to join. You have a newborn kid, we understand if you’re scared of losing your life.” Ronkin stated.

Quinn wasn’t scared, he was sure that Jim or Jack wouldn’t start a fight that they didn’t think they could win, although in the past Jack had done that once, but there was no reason for him to fight for another’s cause, especially one who he wanted to stop.

That was until now, because now he had two reasons to join the war.

“Fine, I’ll join. Someone needs to protect you two in the first place. I can’t have you both nearly dying again.”

“Again?” Ronkin replied confused.


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